When the data in the device is accidentally lost or deleted, the backup data can be restored to the device through Restore function. You can also restore the data of one device to another device.

To restore data to Apple devices

Step 1. Connect the device through a USB cable, start AOMEI MBackupper.

Step 2. Choose one backup version, click the "Advanced" button (three-line icon) and then choose "Restore" to enter the restore interface.


Step 3. In the restore interface, all backed up data is listed. You can choose the items you want to restore and click "Start Restore" to continue.

Start Restore


  • Restore the backed up data to the device will not overwrite or clear the original contents on the device. If you restore the same contents to the device more than once, it will result in duplicate contents on the device.

  • When the photos in the device are in synchronization state, please do not perform any restore operations of photos, which may cause restore failure.

  • When you restore the contents in Messages successfully, your Apple device will be restarted automatically, you’ll need to do some settings to enter into the system again.