HEIC is a new image format released by Apple. After Apple’s iOS 11 is updated, it is stored as HEIC format by default when taking photos. Compared with JPG, it takes up less space and the image quality is more lossless. However, this format cannot be opened directly with the built-in viewing software in Windows, so it needs to be converted first.

To convert HEIC pictures

Step 1. Choose the "HEIC Converter" function in the Tools bar in AOMEI MBackupper Home interface.

Heic Converter

Step 2. Click the "Add Photos" button to select the HEIC format pictures you want to convert, or directly drag the pictures to the interface.

Add Photos

Step 3. Choose "Photo Format" and "Photo Quality".

Format And Quality

Supported format for conversion: ".JPG .JPEG .PNG"

Supported picture quality: Medium (50%), High (70%), Highest (100%)

Step 4. Choose "Conversion Speed". The faster the conversion speed is, the higher system resources will be occupied. Please choose reasonably according to your own needs.

Conversion Speed

Step 5. Choose "Storage Path", the converted image will be stored in that location.

Storage Path

Step 6. Click the "Start Converting" button to execute the conversion.

Start Converting