[Full Guide] How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

Want to keep WhatsApp chat history on your new iPhone ? You need to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone. Read this passage to get the ways to copy WhatsApp messages.


By Dylan / Updated on September 14, 2023

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How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone 15

I have upgraded my iPhone 7 to iPhone 15, and I think I should transfer some useful data to my new iPhone. There is a lot of chat history in WhatsApp and I really need to do WhatsApp migration. Anybody can tell me some tricks?

- Question from Apple Community

Instant messaging technology makes communication more vivid and effective. People don’t send just text messages via carrier or spend a long time downloading media files. Using instant messaging apps to communicate with others is faster and cheaper.

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When you upgrade to new iPhone 15/14/13, you will need to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone to keep your previous data, especially for the WhatsApp data, like Chat history and attachments. Transferring WhatsApp to new iPhone helps you easily start to use the new device and it will be easy to accomplish that with this guide. Get ready for the 4 ways to copy WhatsApp conversation from old iPhone to new iPhone 15/14/13.

#1. One-click to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without backup

The easiest way to transfer WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another is to use FoneTool. This is a powerful WhatsApp iPhone-to-iPhone transfer tool. With this tool, you can easily transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud / iTunes in one click. You don't need to take completed steps to backup and restore WhatsApp data.

You can check its main advantages below

►One-click to transfer WhatsApp data: FoneTool comes with an intuitive interface. And simplify the whole transfer process. Anyone can easily complete the process.

►Transfer all WhatsApp data to new iPhone: FoneTool helps you migrate WhatsApp data, including chat history, attachments (photos, videos, stickers), and contacts to new iPhone.

►Have stable and smooth transfer: You don't need a network or Wi-Fi to perform it. And you won't have a WhatsApp transfer stuck problem.

Transfer WhatsApp chats from one Apple ID to another: If you are using a different Apple ID on your new iPhone, FoneTool is the best choice for you.

Now download FoneTool to a computer. Connect two iPhones to computer with USB cables. Follow the steps below we will show you how to use this tool.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. On the left navigation bar, choose WhatsApp Transfer.

Step 2. Your source device and the targeted device will be listed in this window. Click Start Transfer button.

transfer now

Step 3. It will prompt an alert message. Read it, and click Confirm.


Step 4. If your iPhone is running with iOS 16 or a later version, you will be asked to enter the passcode. Enter your passcode and click OK.

passcode required

If you want to transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone, FoneTool can also help you. You can choose "Phone Transfer" > "iPhone to iPhone Transfer" to perform it.

iphone to iphone transfer

After transferring your data, FoneTool also helps you wipe all data on old iPhone to protect your data from leakage.

#2. How to Transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud

Do you have a copy of iPhone in iCloud? It could be used to move your WhatsApp chat history to another iPhone.

If your iCloud storage is enough, you can backup all your data on your old iPhone to iCloud. Then restore the backup to your new iPhone. Follow the steps below to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new iPhone using iCloud.

Step 1. Firstly, turn on iCloud Backup on your old device: Go to Settings > Tap Your Name banner > Select iCloud > Backup > Toggle on iCloud Backup > Tap Back Up Now.

Backup iPhone on iCloud

Step 2. Waiting for the backup process to get finished. Turn on your new iPhone, and choose your region and language to enter setup process.

Step 3. Follow the setup guide. And there will be data transfer screen asking you a way to transfer choose. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup> Sign in with your Apple ID > Choose the latest backup to restore WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone.

restore iCloud backup

►iCloud backup can't be viewed from the server, but you can download iCloud backup to computer to check WhatsApp data.
►Restoring has to be completed in setup process. If you have completed the setup. You can erase all content and setting and you can transfer data to new iPhone after setup.

#3. How to clone WhatsApp on iPhone via iCloud WhatsApp backup

Besides backup and restore iPhone, you can make an independent backup of WhatsApp data in iCloud and it would be convenient to transfer manually WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone for free. There are a lot of media files in WhatsApp, so the free storage of iCloud (5GB) might not be enough for it. If your iCloud storage is almost full, you can delete some unimportant data to leave space for it.

1. Upload WhatsApp messages on old iPhone. Open WhatsApp > go to Settings > select Chat > select Chat Backup > tap Back Up Now.

2. Sync WhatsApp chat on iPhone . Sign in the new iPhone with the same iCloud account > log in WhatsApp with the same account > select Restore Chat History.

Whatsapp Backup

#4. How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone for free using iTunes

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud? The network conditions might affect the process of transferring WhatsApp data using iCloud. You can use iTunes to make a local iPhone backup on computer and then restore WhatsApp messages (with other iPhone data) on new iPhone . Like iCloud backup, iTunes won’t save WhatsApp history if you have enabled Chat Backup in WhatsApp.

1. Download the latest iTunes to computer. Connect the old iPhone to PC with USB cable. Click the phone-shape icon.

Device Icon iTunes

2. Click Back Up Now in the window. Disconnect the old iPhone from computer.

iTunes Backup

3. Connect the new iPhone to computer. Click the device icon. Click Restore Backup to restore iTunes backup to new iPhone.

#5. How to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone with Email

If you want to selectively move your WhatsApp chats to new iPhone, Email can help you export and transfer your chats to another iPhone.

Step 1. Run your WhatsApp on your source iPhone, and choose "Chats".

Step 2. Find the chats you need. Swipe right to left across the conversation. Select "More".

Step 3. Tap "Export Chat".

Step 4. Choose if you want to send messages with or without media. And Choose Email.

Step 5. Type your Email and send. Sign in with your Email on your targeted iPhone and check the sent WhatsApp messages.

send whatsapp messages via email

FAQ about transferring WhatsApp to another iPhone

Here we would like to list some frequently asked questions about migrating WhatsApp data to help you deal with some different situations.

Question: How do I transfer my WhatsApp to new iPhone with the same number?

Answer: When you transfer WhatsApp messages with the methods in this post, it won't change your phone number. You can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone with the same number using FoneTool, iTunes, iCloud backup.

Question: Can I transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without SIM?

Answer: Yes. If you have an account on the current iPhone with a SIM card and want to use the account on the other iPhone without a SIM card. You can do it. Just install and log in and verify your WhatsApp account. Then you can transfer WhatsApp data to the targeted iPhone.

Question: What to do when WhatsApp chats are not restored from iCloud to new iPhone?

Answer: If your WhatsApp chat is not transferred to new iPhone from iCloud, make sure your network environment is good. Then you can check your iCloud storage and iCloud settings.

You can go to the Settings app and tap the Apple ID banner. Tap iCloud. Here you can check your iCloud storage. If the storage is full, you may need to free up some space on iCloud.

Then on the iCloud screen, make sure the iCloud option is enabled. If it is still not working, you can try other ways introduced in this post.


iPhone is brilliant but doesn't forget to transfer old data. You can easily transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone using the 4 methods in this guide. iCloud is the official method to perform WhatsApp data transfer. But if you encounter some issues, like WhatsApp backup stuck on iCloud, FoneTool can be the best choice.

And FoneTool is an amazing iPhone transfer software. It transfers WhatsApp data easily and quickly. And it is also able to transfer other data like photos, videos, contacts, and messages.

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