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How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone 14?

I have upgraded my iPhone 7 to iPhone 14, and I think I should transfer some useful data to my new iPhone. There is a lot of chat history in WhatsApp and I really need to do WhatsApp migration. Anybody can tell me some tricks?

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The launch of Apple's latest products iPhone 14 series has attracted millions of fans over the world. If you upgrade to iPhone 14, don't forget to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone. WhatsApp is one of the most-used apps for communication on your old iPhone. Transferring WhatsApp to new iPhone 14 helps you easily start to use the new device and it will be easy to accomplish that with this guide. Get ready for the 4 ways to copy WhatsApp conversation from old iPhone to new iPhone 14.

#1. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud backup

Do you have a copy of iPhone in iCloud? It could be used to move your WhatsApp chat history to another iPhone.

By the way, keeping a recent backup of your old iPhone is always wise. It could be used to restore iPhone, transfer data to a new device, or recover lost data. FoneTool is the best free iPhone backup software. It really deserves your try.

Your iCloud backup contains most of the app data and settings on iPhone. It is perfect to transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone 14. However, you need to make sure that your WhatsApp data is in that backup, because if you have turned on iCloud backup in WhatsApp on your old iPhone, WhatsApp data won’t be exported by iTunes. Please refer to method 2 to get to learn how to turn on iCloud backup in WhatsApp.

1. Create the latest iPhone backup. Connect iPhone to the network and then go to Settings on the old iPhone > tap [your name] > select iCloud > select Backup > turn on iCloud backup > tap Back Up Now. It would take minutes to upload iPhone data depending on your Internet speed.

Backup iPhone on iCloud

2. Transfer WhatsApp data to new iPhone. Start your iPhone, sign in your Apple ID and select Restore from iCloud Backup.

restore iCloud backup

If you have set up iPhone, you can Erase All content and Settings on iPhone and then import WhatsApp data from iCloud Backup.

Tips: The iCloud backup is not able to be viewed from the server, but you can download iCloud backup to computer to check WhatsApp data.

#2. Sync WhatsApp messages on iPhone via iCloud

WhatsApp is so popular on iPhone, so iCloud is allowed to store the chat history. You can make an independent backup of WhatsApp data in iCloud and it would be convenient to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone for free. There are a lot of media files in WhatsApp, so the free storage of iCloud (5GB) might not be enough for it. If your iCloud storage is almost full, you can delete some unimportant data to leave space for it.

1. Upload WhatsApp messages on old iPhone. Open WhatsApp > go to Settings S> select Chat > select Chat Backup > tap Back Up Now.

2. Sync WhatsApp chat on iPhone . Sign in the new iPhone with the same iCloud account > log in WhatsApp with the same account > select Restore Chat History.

Whatsapp Backup

#3. Transfer WhatsApp messages to iPhone for free with iTunes

How to transfer WhatsApp messages without iCloud? The network conditions might affect the process of transferring WhatsApp data using iCloud. You can use iTunes to make a local iPhone backup on computer and then restore WhatsApp messages on new iPhone . Like iCloud backup, iTunes won’t save WhatsApp history if you have enabled Chat Backup in WhatsApp.

1. Download the latest iTunes to computer. Connect the old iPhone to PC with USB cable. Click the phone-shape icon.

Device Icon iTunes

2. Click Back Up Now in the window. Disconnect the old iPhone from computer.

iTunes Backup

3. Connect the new iPhone to computer. Click the device icon. Click Restore Backup.

#4. Use iPhone WhatsApp transfer tool to migrate WhatsApp chat

All the 3 methods above are free of charge. You could still use the paid tool to do professional WhatsApp chat migration. MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer is the professional iPhone WhatsApp transfer tool you need. One of its features is directly transferring WhatsApp messages between old iPhone and iPhone on computer.

1. Download MobileTrans Transfer to a computer. Connect your old iPhone and iPhone  to computer with USB cables.

2. Select WhatsApp Transfer and select Transfer WhatsApp Messages.

Mobiletrans WhatsApp Transfer

3. Make sure the direction is right and click Start.

Transfer WhatsApp


iPhone is brilliant but don't forget to transfer old data. You can easily transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone using the 4 methods in this guide. No matter you use the free or paid tool, all of your WhatsApp messages could be successfully copied to another device.

Apart from WhatsApp messages, photos, contacts, and other data could also be useful. You could use FoneTool to do iPhone transfer.

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