How to Download iCloud Backup to PC for Free in 3 Ways?

iCloud backup could contain the content you need to use on computer. Follow this passage to know what’s in it and how to download iCloud backup to PC for free.


By Dylan / Updated on May 23, 2023

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Want to view iCloud backup?

----I have backed up my iPhone with iCloud but I want to see what’s in my backup, so anyone could tell me how to download iCloud backup to PC for free?

Question from Apple User

Why need to download iCloud backup to PC?

Protecting your iPhone is a good habit because any errors could happen to software and so does iOS. Some users reported that they lost photos after upgrading iPhone to iOS 13/14/15/16. It could be so sad to lose precious photos when you follow the official instruction.

iCloud is a common software on Apple products. You could upload files to the cloud and then sync them to another device or you could backup the full iPhone with it and use the backup to sign in your new iPhone. Therefore, you’d better know how to backup iPhone with iCloud and what iCloud backup includes.

iCloud doesn’t allow you to view your backup on iPhone, but you could get the data from iCloud backup to PC in other ways, viewing them online or save full iCloud cloud backup on computer.

How to download iCloud backup to PC for free in 3 ways?

Next, we provide 3 ways to download iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch backup from iCloud to PC.

Section 1. Download iCloud photos to PC from the Web

If you have enabled iCloud backup in iPhone Settings, you could view some of them on the page of iCloud. Sign in iCloud and you could find what could be viewed, including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Notes, Reminders, etc. You could click any icon to view and select the files you want to download. It also allows you to edit your backup like adding or deleting files.

To download iPhone contacts from iCloud, you need to click the gear icon in the lower-left corner to export contacts. To download photos, you could select the photos and click the cloud icon in the upper-right corner.

You could see iCloud Drive among them. It allows you to upload any files into it.

iCloud Site

Section 2. Easily save mass iCloud photos to PC via iCloud client

If you would like to frequently use iCloud, it’s inconvenient to sign in the site every time. You’d better get an iCloud client to your computer to easily download, upload, and view pictures. It's the best way to sync iCloud to PC. It allows you to sync Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Bookmarks to the computer by one click. It would also be very convenient to use iCloud Drive with it. Download iCloud for Windows on your computer, sign in with your Apple ID and then you could quickly access iCloud. You should check the features you need.

When you check Photos, you could select whether to enable Download photos, Upload photos, or Create new folders in Options. To download photos, you have 2 ways.

Method 1. Right-click the icon of iCloud in the taskbar on desktop and select Download photos.
Method 2. Press Windows Key + E to enter Windows File Explorer. Click the icon of iCloud Photos and then click Download Pictures and Videos in the upper-left corner.

The client would import the mails, contacts, calendars, and tasks from iCloud to Outlook. Every time you modify files on another device, you should use the client to sync data.

Your bookmarks could be imported to the browser on your PC. If you enabled iCloud Drive, right-click the icon in the taskbar to enter the folder and conveniently modify the files.

iCloud Photos

Conveniently view your backup for free (Internet Not Required)

If you use iCloud to backup your iPhone, every time you use it, including uploading and viewing files and restoring your device, the Internet is needed. To simplify the operation, you could backup iPhone to computer with FoneTool.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

It is a free professional iPhone backup software, allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, messages, and contacts to a computer. It would be a safe restoration with FoneTool because it would do nothing with the existing data on your device (restoration with iTunes or iCloud would erase all the existing data).

You don’t have to download your backup anymore for your backup copy is always on your PC and you could view them anytime by one click.

FoneTool provides you with more options. You could preview and select files on your iPhone to decide to backup what you care about. It supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to iPhone 14 and the latest iOS 16/15/14 would be perfectly supported. iPad and iPod Touch are also supported.

Click Start Backup


You could download iCloud backup to PC for free via the site of iCloud or iCloud client for Windows. You could also scan and view iCloud backup for free and pay for exporting iCloud backup to PC with third-party software. If you would like to view your backup via an easy way, you could use FoneTool to backup iPhone to PC, and then you don’t have to download backup anymore. If you like this passage, would you please share it to help more people?

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