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How to backup WhatsApp on iPhone 12?

I have installed WhatsApp on my iPhone 12 and there are a lot of text messages, photos, and videos in it. I think I need to save my conversation to computer or upload them to iCloud because someday I might need to get them back. Anybody could give me some advice?

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iPhone 12 has been released for some time. Users have stored much information on it. Some of them could be very important and need to be protected.

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WhatsApp has been very popular in the world. People send all kinds of data to each other and conversations in WhatsApp are free and effective. The messages in WhatsApp is precious. They are interesting stories and precious memory for you. Sometimes users lost WhatsApp data for some reason like iOS update. Some of them restore WhatsApp chat history from previous backups, but the others are not lucky because they have no backups.

Backing up conversations is the best way to protect your WhatsApp messages on iPhone 12. You can retrieve the data anytime f something unforeseen happened. This guide will give you the ways to backup WhatsApp from iPhone12 to PC or other places.

Section 1. Backup WhatsApp conversation to iCloud on iPhone 12

Although there were the scandals of iCloud leaks, iCloud is still the safest cloud storage for Apple users. After all, even FBI needs the help of Apple to get the information of the suspects.

You cannot backup WhatsApp to Google Drive on your iPhone 12. No matter you turn on iCloud WhatsApp in iPhone 12 Settings or enable Chat Backup in WhatsApp, your conversations will not be uploaded to the server of WhatsApp, but to iCloud. If you want to transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone, you need professional tool.

You have two ways to sync just WhatsApp with iCloud

Backup WhatsApp chat in the App: Upload WhatsApp messages on old iPhone. Open WhatsApp > go to settings > select Chat > select Chat Backup > tap Back Up Now.

Whatsapp Backup

Backup WhatsApp chat in iPhone Settings: Go to Settings on iPhone 12 > [your name] > iCloud > Backup > switch on WhatsApp.

Section 2. Backup WhatsApp data with iCloud backups

You have 5GB of free iCloud storage, so you could make a full backup of iPhone 12 including the WhatsApp data to iCloud. When you got another iPhone, you can directly restore WhatsApp data from iCloud backup when you set up iPhone.

To backup WhatsApp data to iCloud: Connect iPhone 12 to Wi-Fi and go to Settings on iPhone > [your name] > iCloud > Backup > turn on iCloud Backup > tap Back Up Now.

Backup iPhone on iCloud

Before you perform an iCloud backup, read the notes:
● To save the limited iCloud space, if you have used method 1 to backup WhatsApp on iPhone 12, you cannot save the same data again.
● Make sure you have told iCloud to backup WhatsApp data. Go to iCloud on iPhone 12 > select Manage Storage > tap your iPhone name > see whether WhatsApp has been turned on.

Check iCloud Backup Size

Tips: If you have any problem when creating iCloud backup, you could refer to this guide iCloud Backup Stuck.

Section 3. Backup WhatsApp chat history to iTunes on computer

iTunes will make a full backup of your iPhone 12 and the WhatsApp conversation can be saved in that iPhone backup. iTunes backup is a good solution to protect all the important data on iPhone 12 and backup iPhone WhatsApp chat without iCloud, but sometimes the data of WhatsApp might not be exported by iTunes.

To simplify the task, if iTunes detects the app data has been saved in iCloud, it won’t create a duplicate of the data again. When you restore the backup of iPhone 12 to another iPhone running higher iOS, the process will be smooth, but there might be error when the target iPhone runs the previous iOS.

Follow the steps to backup iPhone with iTunes,

1. Download the latest iTunes to compute. Connect iPhone 12 to computer with USB cable. Unlock the screen of iPhone 12 and tap Trust on it.

2. Click the device icon of iPhone in the interface.

iTunes Device Icon

3. Click Back Up Now and wait for iTunes creating the full iPhone 12 backup.

iTunes Backup

Tips: If you have any problem starting iTunes backup, refer to this guide iTunes backup session failed.

Section 4. Export WhatsApp chat and files with Email

Maybe you don’t want to backup the whole data in WhatsApp. There is a way to export WhatsApp chat or large files from WhatsApp by Email. If you have enough storage (15GB of free storage in total) in Gmail, you can even store many larger files to Gmail.

1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone 12, select the contacts.

2. Tap Export Chat. You can select whether to send the Attachment like media files along with it.

Email Whatsapp Messages

3. Enter your email and tap send.

Enter Email Whatsapp Messages


Your data on iPhone 12 needs to be backed up. WhatsApp messages contain your stories and other important data, so you can backup WhatsApp on iPhone 12 to protect the information. According to this passage, you can get 4 ways to export WhatsApp conversations to iCloud, computer or the email. You can choose the way you like to save WhatsApp data.

If you want to backup other data on iPhone, you can try the best iPhone backup software FoneTool to easily protect iPhone data.

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