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How to backup WhatsApp on iPhone

{I wanted to backup my WhatsApp messages on iPhone. So I use iCloud to backup, but the process stuck at 99. Is there another way to backup my WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud?

- Question from An iPhone user

Why need to backup WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been one of the most popular social apps in this world. People send all kinds of data to each other and conversations in WhatsApp. Usually, people want a way to backup WhatsApp due to the following 2 reasons.

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To void data:  WhatsApp may contain important chats, contacts, photos, and other data. But sometimes, your iPhone may encounter an issue leading to data loss. If you have a WhatsApp backup, you can easily recover your WhatsApp data when a data disaster occurs.
•  Keep using WhatsApp on a new iPhone: If you have a new iPhone, restoring WhatsApp backup to a new iPhone is an effective way to quickly setup WhatsApp and transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone.

In the following part, we will give you some effective ways to back up WhatsApp conversations and attachments. Then you can retrieve the data anytime f something unforeseen happened.

Way 1. Easily backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC without cellular data (Wi-Fi)

If you don't have a good Internet environment, you can back up WhatsApp messages to a PC with FoneTool. This is professional yet easy-to-use WhatsApp backup software. With several steps, you can easily save backup WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business conversions, photos, videos, links, stickers, and other attachments to a Windows computer. 

It owns several outstanding advantages and features to meet different demands, such as

• Fast backup speed. FoneTool can save your WhatsApp messages with a fast speed.
Restore to a different iPhone/iPad. FoneTool supports universal restore that enables you to restore your WhatsApp backup to another iPhone/iPad.
Backup without cellular data: FoneTool doesn't need your cellular data or WiFi to perform a backup.
• Export backup files to PC: Once the backup is completed, you can export WhatsApp chat to PC.

Just hit the download button to install FoneTool on your PC, and we would like to show you how it works.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer. Run FoneTool.

Step 2. Choose "WhatsApp" or "WA Business" according to your need. Here we choose "WhatsApp". And click the "Get Started" button.

backup WhatsApp

1. WA Business is short for WhatsApp Business.
2. If you are directly transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, you can choose "Transfer WhatsApp".

Step 3. In this window, you can enable Backup Encryption for safety. Then click "Backup Storage Path" to set a location to save the backup files. Click "Start Backup" to backup WhatsApp on iPhone.

start backup WhatsApp

Then just wait for the process to get finished. When it is completed, you can go to the Backup History to manage the backup files. You can click "View" to check the files and click the restore icon to restore the WhatsApp backup to your device.

WhatsApp restore

Way 2. Backup WhatsApp chat history to PC via iTunes 

iTunes will make a full backup of your iPhone and the WhatsApp conversation can be saved in that iPhone backup. iTunes backup is a good solution to protect all the important data on iPhone and backup iPhone WhatsApp chat without iCloud, but sometimes the data of WhatsApp might not be exported by iTunes.

To simplify the task, if iTunes detects the app data has been saved in iCloud, it won’t create a duplicate of the data again. When you restore the backup of iPhone to another iPhone running higher iOS, the process will be smooth, but there might be error when the target iPhone runs the previous iOS.

Note: To know what files iTunes backs up, you can turn to this page: What Does iTunes Backup Include?

Follow the steps to backup iPhone with iTunes,

Step 1. Download the latest iTunes to compute. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Unlock the screen of iPhone 12 and tap Trust on it.

Step 2. Click the device icon of iPhone in the interface.

iTunes Device Icon

Step 3. Click Back Up Now and wait for iTunes creating the full iPhone 12 backup.

iTunes Backup


Way 3. Backup WhatsApp conversation to iCloud on iPhone

iCloud is an official cloud storage service provided by Apple. It gives each user 5GB of free storage space to backup iPhone data. If your iCloud have enough storage, it is a nice choice to save your WhatsApp conversation.

To backup WhatsApp to iCloud, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Run WhatsApp, and go to "Settings". 

Step 2. Tap "Chat" > "Chat Backup"

Step 3. Choose "Back Up Now". And you can setup a regular backup by tap "Auto Backup".

Whatsapp Backup

Besides, you can also to the iPhone settings to enable iCloud WhatsApp backup: Go to "Settings" on your iPhone > Tap Your Name banner > iCloud > You will see what apps are allowed to use iCloud. Toggle on the WhatsApp option.

Way 4. Backup WhatsApp on iPhone with iCloud backup

iCloud also provides users with a way to backup all iPhone content including WhatsApp messages. If you also want to backup the whole iPhone data via iCloud, follow the guide below.

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap Your Name banner.

Step 3. Tap "iCloud".

Step 4. Turn on the "iCloud Backup" option.

turn on icloud backup

Tip: If you have any problem when creating iCloud backup, you could refer to this guide iCloud Backup Stuck.


Way 5. Export WhatsApp chat and files with Email

Maybe you don’t want to backup the whole data in WhatsApp. There is a way to export WhatsApp chat or large files from WhatsApp by Email. If you have enough storage (15GB of free storage in total) in Gmail, you can even store many larger files to Gmail.

1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone 12, select the contacts.

2. Tap Export Chat. You can select whether to send the Attachment like media files along with it.

Email Whatsapp Messages

3. Enter your email and tap send.

Enter Email Whatsapp Messages


Your data on iPhone needs to be backed up. WhatsApp messages contain your stories and other important data, so you can backup WhatsApp on iPhone to protect the information. According to this passage, you can get 5 ways to export WhatsApp conversations to iCloud, computer or the email. You can choose the way you like to save WhatsApp data.

By contrast, FoneTool is more suitable for most condition. It use a intuitive interface, and it doesn't need your cellular data. And as a professional  iPhone backup software,  FoneTool also helps you create a full iPhone backup on computer.


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