Ultimate Guide on Full iPhone Backup and Restore

If you want to create a full iPhone backup to PC/Mac/external hard drive, this passage shows you 3 easy ways, let's get it.


By Demi / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Can I backup my entire iPhone?

Your iPhone personal data may be at risk at any time. A small accident such as a failed iOS upgrade, an app crash, or even a stolen phone can result in the loss of all your photos, contacts, or chats. So, a full iPhone backup is very necessary.

The official iTunes and iCloud tools are common ways to make iPhone backups, but many users say that they can only keep a current backup of their iPhone, which is not the best choice. Don't worry, here we will show you smarter ways to create a complete iPhone backup.

How to full backup iPhone to PC or Mac

What does a full backup of iPhone include? iTunes and iCloud backups include app data such as photos, purchased music, books, and settings data such as wallpapers, contacts, etc.  If you want to back up more private data such as health, keychain, unpurchased music, etc., it is recommended to use a more advanced iPhone backup software.

iPhone full backup

No matter what your reason is you need to know how to backup iPhone to computer, the next three methods mentioned can fully meet your backup needs.

Way 1. Full iPhone backup and restore with FoneTool [Recommend]

When you can backup all your iPhone data with just one tap of a button, why use iTunes or iCloud for complicated tasks? We highly recommend that you choose an easier and more reliable alternative tool, such as the free and professional FoneTool, which allows novices to easily and fully backup iPhone to computer.

Best iPhone Backup Software
  • Flexible backup: iPhone full backup & selective backup
  • Quick transfer: One of the fastest iPhone backup tools.
  • True full backup: Back up all iPhone data completely.
  • Secure backup: No data and privacy will be leaked during transfer.
  • Easy to use: Backup and restore data on iPhone to PC in one click.
  • High compatibility: Supports all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Download FoneTool and backup iPhone data fully without iCloud and iTunes for free. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a computer, you may need to tap Trust on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup> Get to Full Backup and click Get Started. Select a storage path to save the backup >

Full Backup

Step 3. Enable Backup encryption to backup private data on iPhone. Select the storage path to save the iPhone backup to external hard drive, PC, etc. And then click Start Backup.

Start Backup


Create multiple full backups for free.

Reliable and fully backed up.

Integrate other features like iPhone data transfer, etc.


MacOS is not supported currently.

Way 2. Full backup iPhone with iCloud

Backing up your iPhone completely with iCloud can store your data in the cloud automatically. But iCloud only provides 5GB storage for free, and most users will fail to backup iPhone for not enough space in iCloud. This means that if you want to use iCloud to back up your entire iPhone, you need to pay for it.

You can follow these steps to backup iPhone with iCloud.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi. Go to Settings on your iPhone, and tap [your name].

Step 2. Tap iCloud and toggle iCloud Backup on. You can tap Back Up Now to manually backup your iPhone.

Backup Iphone To Icloud


No need to connect to a PC/Mac.

Quick start.


The storage space is limited, and the backed-up data will be overwritten by the new iPhone data.

Cannot decide which data to back up.

Slow backup speed.

Way 3. Backup iPhone fully with iTunes

iTunes is an official tool designed to manage purchased music and videos. It is also feasible to create an iPhone full backup, even if it is not perfect. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to backup iPhone via iTunes

Step 1. Connect iPhone to your computer using USB > Open iTunes on your computer > Click the phone-shape button.

Step 2. Click Summary in the sidebar > Select Encrypt iPhone backup if you want to encrypt it on the computer.

Step 3. Click Backup Now to start a iPhone full backup to PC.

Backup Using Itunes


MacOS Built-in tool with MacOS.

More secure than the iCloud transfer process


Partial data backup is not supported.

Only one backup per device.

How to restore iPhone full backup

If you have a complete iPhone backup, no matter what reason you lost your data (including you erase iPhone data completely), you can restore it to any device and regain your precious data.

#1. Restore iPhone backup with FoneTool 

Launch FoneTool, click on Backup History in the taskbar, select the backup version you want to restore, and top the Restore icon in the bottom right corner.

Restore iPhone full backup

#2. Restore iPhone backup with iCloud

Launch a brand new iPhone, on the Apps & Data screen to select Restore from iCloud backup.

Restore from iCloud backup

#3. Restore iPhone full backup with iTunes

Open your iTunes and click the phone-shape button. Go to Summary > Backups > Restore Backup. Click Restore in the pop-up window.

Restore backup from iTunes

FAQs in iPhone full backup and restore

#1. What to do when iPhone backup is full?

When your iPhone backup is full on iCloud or PC, you can do the following:

  • Delete old backups you no longer need.
  • Manage your iCloud storage by purchasing more space if needed.
  • Use iTunes to create backups on your computer instead of iCloud.
  • Enable iCloud backup for only essential data to reduce storage usage.

#2. How long does a full iPhone backup take?

The time it takes to complete a full iPhone backup depends on factors like the size of your data, the speed of your internet connection, and whether you're using iCloud or iTunes. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.


You can use the methods above to easily complete a full iPhone backup. If you feel that the limitations and complicated procedures of iCloud and iTunes bore you, you might as well try FoneTool.

In addition to its powerful backup capabilities, this professional iPhone backup tool can also help you complete more iPhone data management, such as transferring iPhone data to PC and vice versa.


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