iTunes Backup Session Failed? Fix It with 6 Proven Solutions

Have problem using iTunes to backup iPhone? You will get very detailed solutions to fix iTunes backup session failed issue.


By Dylan / Updated on June 6, 2023

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How can I get rid of the iTunes backup session failed?

{I Would like to backup my iPhone 13 to computer, but I was told that iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the backup session failed. Why does that happen? How can I fix it?

- Question from {Apple community

Now iOS 16 beta is here. Lots of people want to upgrade their iPhone to iOS 16. To avoid data loss, they will backup your iPhone before using the new OS. 

iTunes is a good way to perform this. You could create a full backup of your device simply by one click on “Back Up Now”. It is very convenient to backup iPhone data to avoid data loss. But sometimes, when you backup with iTunes., you get an error saying "iTunes could not back up/store the iPhone because the backup session failed" This could happen when you backup an iPhone or restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

iTunes Backup Session Failed

Why is the backup session failed on iTunes?
● If the iTunes backup failed when you are backing up iPhone, most likely it is caused by the system glitches or the incompatibility of the old backups.
● If you cannot sync or restore iPhone, it is possibly caused by the incompatibility between the present iOS and the old backups or the iPhone backup is corrupt.

The following content would show you how to fix the problem of iTunes backup failed in every way.

Before you try any method, you should restart both iPhone and computer. Sometimes you would find the problem has been solved by rebooting. Besides, you should make sure the connection is stable. It means you need to connect iPhone to computer with a USB cable of good quality and check the USB ports on PC are in good condition. The last thing, make sure you have enough space in C Drive or you would be bothered by another problem that your iPhone backup failed for not enough space on computer.

Solution 1: Update or Reinstall iTunes

Because the iTunes client on your computer is out of date, it might let iTunes backup session fail. iTunes might not be able to recognize the latest components on iPhone. You need to check update in iTunes.

● If you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store, usually iTunes would update itself if the new version is released. You could also go to Microsoft Store and click Downloads and updates to check when it was updated last time.

Microsoft Store Update

● If you downloaded iTunes from Apple's website, you should open iTunes > click Help in the toolbar > select Check for Updates.

iTunes Check For Updates

Solution 2: Clear old backup or encrypt this backup

Your old backups might cause iTunes backup session failed, because iTunes would refer to some data from those backups, like whether the backup is encrypted. If you have checked “Encrypt local backup” last time, you need to check it this time as well to avoid that iTunes thinks your privacy being violated. You could also find old backups on computer to delete them.

Find iTunes backup location on computer:
● If you installed iTunes from Microsoft Store, you could find it at C:\Users\YourUserName\Apple\MobileSync\Backup.
●If you downloaded iTunes from Apple’s site, it should be at C:\Users\YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.

iTunes backup location

Tip: There might be useful data, you could use iTunes backup browser to see what’s in it.

iTunes Encrypt Local Backup

Solution 3: Reset lockdown folder

Most issues about iTunes backup are caused by incompatibility and violating privacy. You could reset the lockdown folder to solve the privacy issues. The lockdown folder on the computer saves the certificate from your device to let iTunes read your iPhone. Resetting the iTunes Lockdown Folder would grant permission to this PC again.

1. Quit iTunes and disconnect iPhone from computer.
2. Find iTunes lockdown folder at C:\ProgramData\Apple\Lockdown.The folder of ProgramData should be hidden by system. You should click View in the top menu bar and then check Hidden items to show the folder.
3.Delete everything in this folder and close the window.
4. Launch iTunes, connect iPhone to computer with USB cable, and tap “Trust” on it.
5. Now you could try using iTunes to backup your iPhone again.

iTunes Lockdown Folder

Solution 4: Disable antivirus on computer

Some users have reported the issue of Malwarebytes blocking iTunes and causing iPhone backup failed on computer. Sometimes it makes users not able to restore iPhone, too. Therefore, if iPhone not backing up to computer, you need to disable the antirust on your computer for a while until you finish the backup with iTunes.


Solution 5: Repair iTunes by third party software

Apple doesn’t give any advice or give any tools to help repair iTunes issues. If you need to immediately backup your iPhone with iTunes, you could get the professional fix tool from other suppliers. Tenorshare TunesCare is a simple but useful iTunes pal. You could quickly repair iTunes with it. If you use the trial version, you could only select Fix iTunes Sync Problems. If it doesn’t solve the issue, you need to pay for the pro version to select Fix All iTunes Issues.

Tenorshare Tunes Care

Solution 6: Extract iTunes backup data via third-party software

You might need to fix corrupt iPhone backup if you keep receiving the warning that iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup session failed. To extract data from that broken folder, you need a professional tool. dr.fone could help you view your iTunes backup and restore that backup to iPhone. You don’t have to wipe any data on iPhone but select data from in that backup to transfer to iPhone. It is very powerful but not free.

dr.fone View iTunes backup

Bonus Tip: Use iTunes alternative when backup session failed

If you are not satisfied with iTunes, you can try a better plan for iPhone backup. FoneTool is a simple-to-use iPhone backup software. It's free and professional. You could use it to backup iPhone to computer and transfer data to any other iDevice, like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, without the incompatibility issues. It would be worth trying this brilliant software. It would be worth trying this brilliant software.

● Easy-to-use software: The interface is very intuitive, you can backup an iPhone/iPad within a few clicks.
● Fast Transfer speed: FoneTool gives you a much fast backup speed than iTunes.
● Different backup methods: You can backup all iPhone data and selectively backup photos, music, videos, messages, contacts, etc. to computer and external disk.
Widely Compatible: It fully supports iOS 16/15 and all iOS devices, like iPhone 14/13/12/11, iPad 8/Air 4.

Step 1. Download FoneTool and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Phone Backup on the home screen > Select Selective Backup and click Get Started.

Custom Backup iPhone

Step 3. Click the icon of the features to view iPhone data.

Select Features

Step 4. Preview the specific items on iPhone and select the what you need. Click OK.

Select iPhone Data

Step 5. Click Start Backup to quickly create iPhone backup.

Click Start Backup


You might have problems when you backup or restore iPhone because iTunes backup session failed. The above content offers the solutions to you. You could fix the iTunes issue by yourself or with the help of other professional tools.

If iPhone backup keeps failing with iTunes, you can turn to to brilliant iPhone backup software FoneTool to easily create iPhone backup.

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