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How do I stop photos sharing between iPhone and iPad?

Hi, all! I come here because I find that when I take a picture with my iPhone X and it appears on my iPad Pro immediately, so I can make a little editing. These photos take really a lot of storage on iPad so I want to stop syncing photos from iPhone to iPad. Any useful tips?

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Taking photos to make your moments stay should be a pleasure but it would also be annoying to see them appearing at where you don’t want them to be.

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You might be sharing the iPad with your friends or family so that the data on your iPhone could be very private. You might have taken a lot of photos and videos during the journey but find that all of them are synced to iPad after returning home, and the iPad storage is going to be used up.

That’s why you need to stop sharing photos between iOS devices, to protect your privacy or rescue iPad storage. The following section will tell you how iCloud Photos works and how to unsync photos from iPhone to iPad.

How to stop syncing photos from iPhone to iPad

iCloud is the feature for Apple users to safely store iPhone data or backup to the cloud. It could also be used to sync data among devices that have been signed in with the same Apple ID. Without a paid plan, every Apple ID will be allocated with 5GB of free storage which is shared with all of your devices.

Although there are some limitations about iCloud, you still need to save iPhone photos somewhere because iOS update might cause data loss. Users reported that they lost photos after iOS 15 update.

Why are photos going from iPhone to iPad?
If you turn on iCloud Photos on your iPhone, all the photos will be uploaded to iCloud and the copy will still stay on your iPhone. When you turn on iCloud Photos on your iPad later, photos on iPad will be uploaded to iCloud, too, and merged with those iPhone photos in iCloud. Then, you find iPhone photos on iPad and iPad photos on iPhone.
In a word, it is because iPhone and iPad automatically download the same photos from iCloud.

If turn off iCloud Photos on iPhone now, all the photos you took before will be removed from iPhone but still saved in iCloud and on you iPad. If you really want to stop sending photos from iPhone to iPad, the first step is turning off iCloud Photos on iPad. It is usually automatically enabled after iPad is set up or update.

Steps to disable photos sharing:

1. Go to the Settings app on your iPad.

2. Tap [your name].

3. Select iCloud.

4. Find and select Photos.

5. Turn off iCloud Photos to stop sync photos from iCloud.

Turn on iCloud Photos

If want to use iCloud Photos on iPad later, but want to stop Apple devices syncing with each other, you need to prepare another Apple ID to completely separate iPhone and iPad data.

How to share photos between iPhone and iPad in a proper way

iCloud is a good way but not the best way to save and sync photos. You can save only 5G of pictures to iCloud because of the limited storage and even if you paid for extra storage, too many pictures will eat most of iPhone storage.

In fact, you need AOMEI MBackupper to manage your iPhone photos. It is the best iOS photo backup software and transfer and is far more convenient then iCloud photos to sync photos between iPhone and iPad. It would also be a perfect plan when you have problem syncing photos between iOS devices.

What can AOMEI MBackupper do for you?
● Backup and transfer unlimited photos for free.
● Preview photos to save or transfer.
● Support incremental backup to save new photos.
● Support exporting photos to external HDD.
● Support all iOS devices, including iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, 2021 iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch.

Steps to share photos on different iPhone:

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper and then connect iPhone to computer with a lightning cable.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Run AOMEI MBackupper, and click "Transfer to Computer" on the main interface.

transfer to computer

Step 2. Click the "+" icon, and click the photos to select items you need. Click "OK".

choose photos

Step 4. The selected photos will be listed here. You can choose a storage path, and click "Transfer" to save them on your computer.


Step 5. Unplug the source iPhone and connect the target iPad with the computer. Click "Transfer to iPhone" on the main interface. Then choose the pictures you just saved on the PC, and click "Transfer" to import them on the target device.



Tips: How to transfer photos from one iCloud to another iCloud

If you follow the suggestion to register a new Apple ID for your iPad, you might want to know the way to share photos between different accounts of iPhone and iPad. You just need a computer to do that.

Steps to save photos to different iCloud accounts:

1. Upload iPhone photos to iCloud in Settings.

2. Open the browser on computer and go to Sign in the Apple ID of iPhone.

3. Select Photos. Then select the photos you want to transfer to iPad and download them to computer.

4. Sign out this Apple ID and sign in the Apple ID of iPad.

5. Select Photos and upload the photos you just download.

View Photos on iCloud

If you want to use iTunes to import iPhone photos to iPad, you need to know that photos synced from iTunes will be removed when you enable iCloud Photos on iPad.


iCloud is convenient for Apple users but sometimes it works not the way you like. If you want to know how to stop syncing photos from iPhone to iPad, you can follow the suggestions in section 2. And this way can be used to stop syncing photos between other Apple devices.

AOMEI MBackupper would be a better choice for you to share iPhone photos to iPad, because it won’t merge iPhone photos and iPad photos. You can also use it to transfer files from PC to iPhone.