Top 3 Recommended iPhone Backup Browsers on Mac/Windows

This passage recommends you 3 iPhone backup browsers so you could browse iPhone backup on Mac or Windows computer for free.


By Dylan / Updated on June 1, 2023

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Need iPhone backup browser

You should backup your iPhone in case of any data loss. If you haven’t backed up the data, when you delete any app you could lose precious resources before you realize what would happen. In modern time, saving data would be increasingly understood by people because more and more data about us would be saved to mobile phone and computer. Your files like contacts, photos could be part of your fortune.

iTunes is the common tool that users use it make an iPhone backup to PC or Mac. You should know what iTunes backup includes. If you choose iTunes, your settings and important local data would be saved to computer, and iTunes would replace everything on your iPhone by the backup copy.

You could find your iPhone backup:
On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
On Windows: C:\Users\[PC Name]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\ MobileSync
or C:\Users\[PC Name]\Apple\MobileSync\Backup (if you download iTunes from Microsoft Store)

After you find them in the right location, you would only get a lot folder named by numbers and letters, you need iPhone backup browser to check what you have saved.

You might have created an iCloud backup on your iPhone. iCloud saves nearly the same thing as iTunes, but you still should know the difference between iCloud backup and iTunes backup. You could not view the whole iCloud backup online, but you could download iPhone backup to Mac/PC to browse what’s in it.

The following content would give you 3 free iPhone backup browsers to let you access your iPhone backup on Mac or PC. You would get to know how to use them and know their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one you like.

iTunes Backup Location Windows

1st Recommended iPhone Backup Browser: iMyFone iTransor

iTunes let you know nothing about your backup on computer. After creating a backup with iTunes, you need to use another tool to check whether the data you appreciate has been saved. iMyFone iTransor is the tool you need. It could not only be used to view your iPhone backup, but also make a backup of your iPhone. Use iMyFone iTransor iPhone Backup Browser by:

Step 1. Download and launch iMyFone iTransor iPhone Backup Browser on computer.

Step 2. Select Export from Device & Backup in the sidebar and then select Export from Backup.

Step 3. Select the backup you have got and then click Next.

Step 4. Click Scan to browse your backup.

iTransor Browse iTunes Backup

Pros & Cons:
● Preview iPhone data and make a backup of your iPhone to computer.
● View both iTunes and iCloud backup.
● Support both Mac and Windows PC.
● You could only view iTunes or iCloud backup with iMyFone iTransor for free. Exporting data or partly restoring iPhone need to be paid.

2nd Recommended iPhone Backup Browser: dr.fone-Data Recovery

You could find your iPhone backup on PC or Mac. You might be curious about what’s in it. Dr.fone Data Recovery could let you know everything about your iPhone backup. It is not only an iPhone backup browser, but also a tool kit for your iOS. Browse you iPhone backup by:

Step 1. Download and launch dr.fone-Data Recovery on computer.

Step 2. Select Backup & Restore and then selectRestore.

Step 3. Select Restore from iTunes backup.

Step 4. Select the right iTunes backup and click View to browse the data.

Dr.fone View iTunes Photos

Pros & Cons:
● Preview iPhone data and backup iPhone with dr.fone.
● View photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more files in iCloud/iTunes backup for free.
● Get a tool kit to repair iOS or other problems.
● Support both Mac and Windows PC.
● Exporting data from iPhone backup should be charged.

3rd. iPhone backup browser: PhoneRescue for iOS

Want to transfer data from your iPhone backup after wrongly deleting your files? You might retrieve them from your iTunes/iCloud backup. PhoneRescure would allow you to recover data. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Download and launch PhoneRescue to computer.

Step 2. Select Recover from Backup and click the Arrow icon in the lower-right corner.

Step 3. Select the right iTunes backup and click Next to browse it.

Phone Rescue Browse iTunes Backup

Pros & Cons:
● Extract up to 31+ different types of files from iTunes/iCloud backup.
● Fix iOS crash with PhoneRescue for iOS.
● Directly Transfer data between two iPhone.
● Support both Mac and Windows computer.
● Extracting data needs to be paid.


You may have used iTunes or iCloud to make a backup of your iPhone. If you want to know what’s on it or recover data from that backup, you need iPhone backup browser. This passage has recommended 3 brilliant iPhone backup browsers, iMyFone iTransor, dr.fone, and PhoneRescue, to you. You could view your iPhone backup on Mac or Windows computer for free. It is suggested to backup your iPhone via an easier way, so you could conveniently view your computer without other tools. If this passage solves your problem, you could share it to help more people.

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