Wipe iPad/iPhone Data Before Selling

  • Wipe iPad/iPhone Data Before Selling

    An iPhone stores a lots of personal data like contacts, call history, photos, etc. When you got a new iPhone, it is vital to completely erase the old iPhone before trading it.

  • Reset iDevice to Troubleshoot Problem

    If you are experiencing some troublesome issues like iPhone frozen, the most common solution is to quickly delete personal data and settings to reset the device.

  • Free Up Storage Space

    As years of use, your iPhone/iPad stores much data eating up the storage space, you can delete some data, like messages, contacts, photos to free up storage space.

Why Choose FoneTool?

Transfer Complete Contacts

FoneTool transfers not only the phone numbers of your contacts, but also other information including avatars, emails, sites, etc.

Flexibly Transfer iPhone Contacts

Transfer contacts from one iPhone to another in every way you like. Selectively transfer necessary contacts, and support multiple destination devices.

Erase All Data Type

This tool allows you to delete messages, contacts, search history, Apple ID, Photos, App data, etc on your iPhone/iPad.

Easy-to-use Software

The iPhone data eraser comes with user-friendly interface, anyone can securely wipe iPhone data in a few steps.

Warning:Backup Your Device Before Wiping

Erase iPhone will completely and permanently wipe your device. You can fully backup your iPhone data and settings to your computer firstly to avoid data loss.

How to Erase iPhone with Ease

  • Click Erase iPhone on FoneTool.
  • Select the data you want to backup and click OK.
  • Select the storage path and click Erase iPhone.

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