By Ivy / Last Updated December 25, 2019

About Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Security is very important for every user who use laptop or desktop, so Lenovo, the world’s 2nd largest computer selling company, upgrade the Lenovo One Key recovery. It’s a backup and recovery tool preinstalled in Lenovo computer, such as, Ideapad 110, and used to factory reset your system within one click. You just need to press F11 key after restarting and you will go to the hidden recovery partition.

To be honest, Lenovo one key recovery is very useful, especially when your computer is in the event of disaster. However, it still has some disadvantages you cannot ignore.

  • Like other branded computer, Lenovo Onekey recovery could only be used on the Lenovo. For example: You cannot use Lenovo OneKey recovery software on Dell computer.

  • The recovery partition will be unavailable, especially after reinstalling system, resizing disk space, etc.

  • The latest backup will override your previous backup. That’s to say, if you use Lenovo one key recovery to create a backup image when you get your computer, the factory image backup on the disk will be removed.

  • It only keeps the most basic utility and applications during the restoration. That's to say, the installed programs and personal data on the system partition will be lost.

  • Besides, this recovery tool will not work as usual sometimes. And it will throw you an error message, such as, current system cannot support backup, driver initialization failed, f11 key not working, etc.

After knowing what Lenovo OneKey Recovery is, you may want to learn how to use Lenovo one key recovery in Windows 7/8/8.1/10. And here comes another question: Where is the OneKey recovery button or partition?

How to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery function?

In Lenovo computer, you could find this feature through "Start" > "All programs" > "Lenovo" > "Lenovo OneKey Recovery" if you are running system. But if your computer is unbootable, you need to use OneKey recovery in Lenovo laptop or desktop with "Novo" button. Then, you’ll see following interface when you get into this program. To create initial backup, just click "System Backup". To factory reset Lenovo, click "System Recovery". The detailed steps are below.

lenovo onekey recovery

Note: The Novo button is used to boot your computer in recovery mode and start the recovery program. In general, this button is on the upper left corner of the Top nearby the Power button.

How to create a system backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery?

To create an intial backup with one key recovery:

1. In Windows, double-click the OneKey Recovey icon to start lenovo OneKey Recovery system. Then, click on "System Backup" in the main page.

2. Select the backup destination and type backup notes for distinguish, then click "Next".


How to use "Novo" button to restore Lenovo laptop or desktop?

To restore your backup with "Novo" button, use the following steps:

1. Power off PC, press the "Novo" button to start the Lenovo OneKey system.

2. In the Novo Button Menu, select "System Recovery".

System Recovery

3. Select “Restore from initial backup” or “Restore from user’s backup” , then click "Next".

Restore from Initial Backup

4. Click "Start" and wait until the process is finished. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to configure the settings.

Note: To use Lenovo OneKey recovery without losing data, you need to backup files on the system drive Before clicking the "Start" button.

Need Lenovo OneKey recovery alternative

Users report that Lenovo OneKey recovery is not working all the time and want a trust and reliable recovery software. Here are requirements for a great recovery software. If you don’t know how to choose a one key recovery software, you could consider the following points.

  • Make a bootable recovery partition in all the operating system, including Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista, server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 and its R2 version.

  • Suitable for all branded computers, such as, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.

  • Support changing the disk space of system drive and making full use of the unallocated space. And these operations will not affect the recovery partition.

  • Support compression and encryption backup image.

  • Be user-friendly. For example: the software has a clear interface, or offer different users with different version.

  • Support quick system recovery. This software has a special keyboard key, F11 or A, which is used to boot your computer when something goes wrong.

  • Support restoring all the installed programs and data on the system drive.

Based on the above standards, I’d like to recommend you AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It fully meets the requirements and could help you backup and recovery system without extra effort.

How to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative?

Like all the branded OneKey recovery tool, you need to create a system backup first, and then restore your computer with the bootable backup.

To create a bootable backup, use Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative:

1. Download, install and launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

2. Click on "OneKey System Backup".

OKR Backup

3. Choose the first option – "Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition (Recommended)", and click "Next".

Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition

Note: If you want to backup system to other locations, please tick the second option.

4. Click "Advanced" to preview backup effect. Click "Start Backup" after confirmation and it will start running.

Backup with Lenovo One Key Recovery Alternative

After the process, a shortcut of recovery option will be generated. When encounter a system crush or something like that, you can click on the shortcut icon or keep tapping "F11"/ "A" at startup to start the recovery.


  • To recover Lenovo system, you just need to press F11 or A key and click OneKey System Recovery, then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • If you want to protect unlimited PCs or customize UI, you need to upgrade to Technician or Customization edition.


Reading here, you may already know how to use Lenovo OneKey recovery in Ideapad 110 or other versions and its alternative AOMEI OneKey Recovery. By comparison, the third-party tool is better.

Unlike Lenovo system recovery, AOMEI OneKey Recovery could backup Lenovo and other branded computers without effort. And you could backup system to external hard drive if your local disk is very small. More so, adjusting the partition size of system disk or using unallocated space does not affect the recovery partition. It’s amazing.

Download the free-trial and enjoy your new journey.