How to Use Lenovo One Key Recovery?

July 30, 2019

Lenovo one key recovery is very useful, but to other branded computer, users can’t use Lenovo one key recovery. AOMEI OneKey Recovery makes up Lenovo’s shortcoming and make system backup easier.

Lenovo, according to the rating from institute in 2011, is second to HP computer and become the second largest computer sell company around the world. There is no doubt that the success of Lenovo Company results from market competition. But competition brings both good and bad effects. The good one is it can improve technique and product, which benefits customers at the same time. The bad effect is that new technology often needs user's habit change and more operating skills obtained. Lenovo OneKey Recovery is the product of improvement. You can use it to recover system to former state or factory point, yet you need to learn its usage.

About Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Nowadays, many computer manufacturers have designed backup and recovery programs or applications to better protect their machines. Lenovo OneKey Recovery is such a program that allows you to backup current system at a particular time point, and you can recover the system to that point within one click whenever you want. Lenovo OneKey Recovery is similar to other onekey recovery tools yet you cannot install it on other brands of computer. You can learn more in What is OneKey Recovery.

After knowing what Lenovo OneKey Recovery is, it is important to know how to operate it. There is no prompting word in the screen or shortcut icon on the desktop. How could you find it out?

How to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery function?

In Lenovo computer, there is a Novo button that used to start the recovery program. You may need to press it for seconds to start it. In general, this button is on the upper left corner of the Top nearby the Power button. If you’re running system, you can find this feature through Start > All programs > Lenovo > Lenovo OneKey Recovery as well. You’ll see following interface or the similar if you get into this program.

lenovo onekey recovery

1. Click on System Backup.

2. Select the backup destination and you can edit the task name for distinguish at the same time. Click Next.


3. In “Step2”, confirm the operation and click Start.

Tips: You can do the recovery with this feature in the future. Start the program and click System Restore this time. Select the backup image and start the restore.

It is quite easy to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Nevertheless, some users complained that the recovery process takes too much and is somehow troublesome. What’s more, it can be installed on Lenovo computer only, which cannot benefit other computers at home. For user who has other brands of computer, AOMEI OneKey Recovery, the alternative to Lenovo OneKey Recovery, can help him in the same way.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a free recovery tool that supports all brands of computers. In theory, it will create a factory recovery partition and hidden on system disk with System Backup feature. When you want to restore the hidden partition, just click on the shortcut (or press F11/A when power on) and you will enter the recovery environment.

How to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative?

Step 1: Download, install and launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Step 2: Click on OneKey System Backup.

OneKey System Backup

Step 3: Choose the first option – Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition (Recommended), and click Next.

the first option

Step 4: Click Advanced to preview backup effect. Click Start Backup after confirmation and it will start running.

Start Backup.jpg


*If you want to backup system to other locations, you need to upgrade to professional edition.

*After the process, a shortcut of recovery option will be generated. When encounter a system crush or something like that, you can click on the shortcut icon or keep tapping F11/A at startup to start the recovery.

Still thinking about how to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery? You may find answer in Lenovo OneKey Recovery Windows 10. Actually, the way of how to use OneKey Recovery programs is similar. If you know this recovery tool very well, it is easily for you to mange that one. Just obtain the theory.