By Jessie / Last update September 23, 2020

Introduction to Lenovo G50-30 Onekey Recovery

The snapped in onekey recovery tool in Lenovo g50-30 is version 8.0, like in other types of Lenovo idea pads. For Microsoft has upgraded Windows os to version 10, so, if you buy a new Lenovo idea pad now, it is equipped with Win10 and Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8 in default unless you have special requirements. 8.0 is the newest version of Lenovo OneKey Recovery and it supports Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems. And, its very former version is 7.0. OneKey Recovery 7 only applies in Windows 7.

Manufacturer include lenovo g50-30 onekey recovery into the machine to let it help their users to do system backup and restoration, especially to restore os back into work after accident happens. And, in default, when lenovo g50-30 is published, there is already a recovery partition created by Lenovo OneKey Recovery and you cannot see it in Disk Management for it is hidden. Of course, you can continue make more system backups using lenovo g50 onekey recovery by yourself.

Lenovo G50-30 Onekey Recovery Backup System

Step1. Open Lenovo G50-30 Onekey Recovery. Just double-click its icon or follow "Start"->"All programs" -> "Lenovo" -> "Lenovo OneKey Recovery". Then, select “System Backup”.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8

Step2. Select a destination to save system image file.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0 Select System Backup Destination

Step3. Confirm the operation and start backup.

Tip:If you store system image to a USB flash drive, you’d better move the import data out or make a backup of the files in advance.

Lenovo G50-30 Onekey Recovery Factory Reset

Step1. Open Lenovo g50-30 recovery.

  • If the machine is off, press Lenovo g50-30 recovery key (Novo Button) to enter Novo Button Menu. Then choose “System Recovery” to enter Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

  • If the machine is on, just double-click its icon or follow "Start"->"All programs" -> "Lenovo" -> "Lenovo OneKey Recovery". Then, select “System Recovery” to reboot into recovery screen.

Lenovo OneKey Recovey 8.0 Reboot to Recovery Environment

Step2. Select “Restore from initial backup” and go on.

Lenovo OneKey Recovey 8.0 select task

Step3. Confirm the operation and start restoration.

Lenovo G50-30 Onekey Recovery Alternative

If your Lenovo Onekey Recovery is unavailable due to some errors, such as lenovo g50-30 recovery disk has been damaged or deleted by accident, there is an alternative for you to ask help from. That is AOMEI Onekey Recovery.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI Onekey Recovery is very similar to Lenovo Onekey Recovery. And, it still has some advantages over the latter. It can applied to other brand computers (Asus, Dell, HP, Sony, etc.) and all Windows PC OSs.