How to Use Asus One Key System Recovery for Reset

You will factory Asus to default settings with Asus One Key System Recovery in 2 steps. And one data lossless method.


by Delia Updated on December 16, 2022

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What Is Asus One-Key System Recovery

Like Lenovo OneKey Recovery, Asus One-key System Recovery is a built-in program in Asus computer for system backup and restore. And it's stored in the recovery partition and it comes along with a factory image to let you factory reset Asus computer to default settings.

If your computer is off, you can restore from a USB key. Also, some users use recovery CD/DVD to do system recovery since they don't have such recovery partition. And the Recovery CD/DVD is able to be purchased.

How to Factory Reset with Asus System Recovery

Asus recovery system enable the Boost Booster option by default, but it will remove the BIOS screen of the computer at startup. Thus, to perform Asus System recovery smoothly, the first thing is to disable it.

Step 1. Disable Boot Booster

1. Turn on your machine and press the F2 key before logging into the current operating system, until you reach the Setup Utility, which allows you to get access to the BIOS options, including Boost Booster.

2. Using the arrow keys, move to the Boot tab, click the Boot Booster option and turn it to Disable by pressing the Enter key.

Disable Boot Booster

3. Go to the last tab, exit and save changes.

Step 2. Perform Asus One Key System Recovery

After disabling, you can continue to do Asus one key system recovery with the following steps:

1. Power on the computer and press F9 until you see a loading screen.

2. A message will warn about data loss and ask if you want to perform the operation. Click “Recovery” to start restoration.

Asus System Recovery

3. When the recovery finishes, your computer will restart and make configurations. Afterward, start it again and you will be required to do Windows settings, just the same as the first boot after buying the computer.

How to Perform Asus onekey recovery without losing data 

Asus one key system recovery can help you resolve all the problems no matter how serious it is, but if you don't have Asus recovery partition or USB/CD/DVD, or it's damaged, you can only choose to purchase one from Asus. And you will lose your data during system recovery. 

In fact, except for purchasing recovery media from Asus, you can use a powerful one key recovery software to protect your system, AOMEI OneKey Recovery, for example. And you can enjoy more advanced feature in it:

Factory image: It allows you to create a factory image when you get your computer at the first time.
Automatic backup: Its Scheduler feature help you backup system automatically and keep all the changes made after factory image or previous backup.
Flexible backup path: It provides you with 2 options, to AOMEI OneKey recovery partition or other locations (eg: external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc).
Fast recovery key or boot menu: It allows you to enable F11 or A key in the Settings option after backup. So do boot menu.
All brand computers and Windows systems compatible: You can use it to do Asus one key system recovery, Lenovo OneKey Recovery to new hard drive, Acer system recovery, etc. And it applies to Windows 11/10/8/7 and server 2022/2019/2016/2012, etc.

Download to make Asus one key system recovery easy!

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Step 1. Click OneKey System Recovery after launching AOMEI OneKey Recovery. 

OKR Recovery

Step 2. Tick the first option if you backup to AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition. Then, click Next.

Restore from

Tip: If you create recovery partition to new hard drive or other external devices, you need to tick the second option. Please remember to connect the disk containing the image to your computer in advance.

Step 3. Confirm the system will be overwritten and then click Start Restore to execute Asus onekey recovery.

Confirm Restore

 To sum up

You can easily perform Asus one key system recovery with the help of built-in one key recovery software. But you need to know that this process will delete all the data on the disk. You may not want to do so if there are other ways to ensure data security.

In this case, you can try Asus onekey recovery alternative - AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It will contain all the items on the system partition at the time of your backup and it stays as it is after recovery. And you can choose to backup once or continuously with help of its Scheduler feature. To protect unlimited PCs and servers, try its Technician or Customization edition.

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