How to factory reset lenovo g50-70 notebook

September 29, 2017

Lenovo g50-70 restore with factory reset app or factory reset button or with Windows.

What Is Factory Reset?

Factory reset means to return computer to factory default settings where there is only operating system and some snap in applications, including factory reset app like Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

What happens when you do a factory reset? All the data and programs added when you start using your machine will be wiped out. It may sounds like a damage but sometimes a benefit. The benefits of factory reset are to get access to normal system again after system failure due to some accidents; to erase all the unnecessary items to spare free space for usage and to wipe out viruses by the way.

Lenovo G50-70 Factory Reset App

Except for built-in Lenovo OneKey Recovery, there are a few such factory reset applications. One of them is AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It is just an alternative to the Lenovo OKR.

Next, let’s see how to do a factory reset with it.

First of all, download and install AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Before reset to factory settings, you should have a recovery partition created from initial backup. So, create a recovery partition first. Then, begin Lenovo g50-70 recovery.

Step1. Open AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

  • If current os still works, double-click its icon or follow "Start"->"All apps"->"AOMEI OneKey Recovery".
  • If current os not works, power on the machine and continuously press “F11” or “A” (according to your settings when you make the system image) until it enter AOMEI recovery environment.

Step2. In its main interface, click “OneKey System Recovery”.

Onekey System Recovery

Step3. Choose “Restore system by using the image file in AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition” or “Restore system by selecting a system image file”. It depends on where you store the system image.

Restore System from AOMEI Onekey Recovery Partition

Step4. Keep default destination selection – current system location.

Restore and Confirm

Step5. Make sure everything in control and “Start Restore”.

Lenovo G50-70 Factory Reset Button

To make use of Lenovo OneKey Recovery, in most cases you will need factory reset button (usually called Novo Button. Novo Button helps you enter recovery environment. Press Novo Button to first enter Novo Button Menu. Then, choose “System Recovery” to enter system recovery environment.

If current system is still in good condition, you can directly double-click Lenovo OKR icon or follow "Start"->"All apps" -> "Lenovo" -> "Lenovo OneKey Recovery" to open it while the machine is on. Then, choose “System Recovery” to reboot into system recovery environment. Or, use Novo Button when the power is off.

If current os does not work, you can only rely on Novo Button to get access to recovery environment.

Step1. In Lenovo OKR recovery environment, keep the default choice “Restore from initial backup” and continue.

Lenovo OneKey Recovey 8 Select Task

Step2. Confirm the recovery and start restoration.

Lenovo G50-70 Factory Reset with Windows

Here, let’s take Windows 10 for example.

Step1. Click Start and select Settings.
Step2. Choose Update and security_> Recovery, and then Get started.

Step3. Choose Keep my files or Remove everythingto continue until it finishes.

Reset Win10