How to Restore Lenovo G50 to Factory Settings (2 Ways)

Restore Lenovo g50 to factory settings with recovery partition under the help of Lenovo OneKey Recovery or AOMEI OneKey Recovery.


by Delia Updated on December 5, 2022

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Why Rebuild Lenovo G50 to Factory Settings

Accident happens unexpectedly and it usually bring disasters like system crash and data loss. In the condition of unable to boot into Windows, users are in dire need to factory reset computer. Luckily, one key recovery software like Lenovo OneKey Recovery or third party tool AOMEI OneKey Recovery can help.

Then, how to format Lenovo G50-70 laptop to its default settings? Keep reading below and learn 2 useful methods.

#1: Factory Reset Lenovo G50 via Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Before starting, if there is important data on system c drive, move them out or make a backup of them for items on it. Since all will be overwritten after restoring to original condition. If you can't boot into current system anymore, it requires a bootable USB to boot the computer up.

1. Open Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

>> If computer is open, select “System Recovery” in Lenovo OneKey Recovery to reboot into boot menu.

>> If not, power on computer and press F12 continuously before system starts up, or just press onekey recovery button (usually next to power port). When it shows boot menu, choose “System Recovery” and press Enter to boot into a recovery environment where you can restore the system to factory settings.

Novo Button System Recovery

Note: If you have set a password to onekey recovery, you have to enter the password to enter OneKey Recovery environment. If you failed to type in correct password for three times, it will give up and try to boot into normal operating system.

2. In Lenovo OneKey Recovery step 1, select "Restore from initial backup".

Lenovo Onekey Recovey Select Task

3. In Lenovo OneKey Recovery step 2, confirm operation and click “Start” to start Lenovo g50 restore factory settings.


  • Keep power supply during this operation, or restoration will fail.
  • After Lenovo g50 hard reset, you are asked to set language and regional options, user account and password etc. Please do as instructed.

#2: Restore Lenovo G50 to Factory Settings with Powerful Alternative

Besides Lenovo OneKey Recovery, you can also use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to reset Lenovo g50 laptop to factory settings. The premise is you make a recovery partition when you get your computer at the first time or later. If you happen to have a backup created before your computer stop working, you can get everything back as it is, including OS, drivers, system reserved partition or EFI system partition, installed programs or data you put in on the system partition. 

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To restore Lenovo G50 to factory settings, you can directly open this software. Also, you can access it via F11 or A key or boot menu at system startup. And you can choose to restore system to original location or other location, depending on where you backup it to.

1. In AOMEI OneKey Recovery main interface, choose “OneKey System Recovery”.

OKR Recovery

2. Select the first option if you backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition (on system disk). Conversely, select the second option. Here, take the first one as an example.

Restore from

3. Confirm the operation and click “Start Restore” to reset Lenovo G50 laptop to factory settings. 

Confirm Restore

Compare and Conclusion

Both Lenovo OneKey Recovery and AOMEI OneKey Recovery are excellent programs to restore Lenovo g50 to factory settings. Yet, in different situations, you should make a different choice:

  • For Lenovo computer, you can first choose Lenovo OneKey Recovery. But for different Windows, you should select different version of Lenovo OKR, Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0 for Windows 7 and Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0 for Win 8/8.1/10. If factory built-in Lenovo OKR is unavailable for some reason, then, you can choose AOMEI OneKey Recovery as alternative.
  • For other brand of computer, like Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, etc. Lenovo OneKey Recovery is of course unavailable. You can either use their snap in one key recovery software, or use AOMEI OneKey Recovery.
  • To schedule backup lenovo computer and restore without losing data, the best option is to use AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It supports Daily, Weekly, Monthly scheduler. 

AOMEI OneKey Recovery can be applied to nearly all brand computers and Window PC & Server systems. No matter which tool you choose, you won't lose your Windows operating system after reset, just get a fresh new one. For data security, the third-party tool will be the best choice.

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