By Jessie / Last update September 13, 2017

AboutInitial Backup

Initial backup is also a backup. Usually, it refers to the first backup to an operating system in a new machine before starting using the machine. That is to say, to back up the factory default settings of Windows.

Therefore, restore from initial backup image will reset machine back into factory settings. Usually, manufacturers will do initial backup Lenovo and save initial backup image Lenovo in Lenovo onekey recovery partition (usually hide at the end of the disk) for their users. So, when you first get your Lenovo products, there is already an initial backup system image on it, and you can make another one and store it in other location. Of course, you can make more system images after you starting using your machine, but these images are different form the one from initial backup for some changes have been made to os.

There are several other reasons to create initial backup:

You install system by yourself so there’s no factory recovery partition.

Initial Backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Step1. Open Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Just double-click its icon. If you install os yourself, you should install Lenovo OKR first. Find its installation file in Lenovo package.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8

Step2. Select “System Backup” and go on.

Step3. Select a destination to save the system image file.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0 Select System Backup Destination

Step4. Check for the settings and start backup.

Tip:In case of data loss in destination partition, please backup important data out in advance.

Initial Backup with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is an alternative third party software for Lenovo OneKey Recovery. To use it, first download and install it on your computer.

Step1. Open Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Choose “Onekey System Backup” in its main window.

OneKey System Backup

Step2. Keep the default “Backup system to AOMEI Onekey Recovery Partition (Recommend)”.

Backup System to AOMEI Onekey Recovery Partition


  • You can also save initial backup image Lenovo to other location by selecting “Backup system to other location”. However, the first one is recommended for it is convenient for restoration.
  • You can compress or encrypt initial backup Lenovo by Backup Options at the bottom.

Compress Encrypt System Image

Step3. Select an existing partition to spare free space for creating AOMEI Onekey Recovery Partition. The available partition which has enough free space is highlighted.

Select Partition to Create Recovery Partition on

Step4. If everything is right, click “Start Backup” and wait until it finishes.

Tip: You can specify settings about boot menu and one key recovery reminding message after backing up successfully.

Boot Menu Settings

Besides these personalized settings, AOMEI OneKey Recovery has two more prominent advantages over Lenovo OneKey Recovery:

  • It can be applied to nearly all brand machines, such as Asus, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.
  • The same version supports all Windows PC systems, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.