Restore from Initial Backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery (2 Steps)

You can learn how to restore from initial backup using Lenovo OneKey Recovery easily. Also, you can use another powerful software.


by Clytze Updated on October 26, 2022

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About Lenovo OneKey Recovery

For Lenovo products, desktops (IdeaCenter, Lenovo series desktop, ThinkCenter), notebooks & tablets (IdeaPad, lenovo series notebook & tablets, ThinkPad) and workstations, most of them are embedded with a system backup and restore tool – Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

In general, together with Lenovo OneKey Recovery, there is a hidden system recovery partition created when published by manufacturer. And it contains an initial backup created by Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

When something unpleasant and unexpected happens, for example, system crash due to virus/hijack attack, software error or wrong operation, Lenovo users can reset from initial backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

How to Restore from Initial Backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Just as mentioned above, when accidents happen, you can use Lenovo OneKey Recovery factory default (default recovery partition and default recovery method - restore from initial backup) to restore Lenovo to factory defaults.

Here, take the latest Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0 for example.

Step 1. Open Lenovo OneKey Recovery by double-clicking its icon. Or you can follow "Start"->"All apps" -> "Lenovo" -> "Lenovo OneKey Recovery" to launch it.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0

Then, choose “System Recovery” in the main page. Afterward, you will be asked to reboot into system recovery environment and click Yes.

Lenovo OneKey Recovey 8.0 Reboot to Recovery Environment

Note: If the machine is off, you can directly press Novo Button, usually on the upper left of the top near power button, to first enter Novo Button Menu. Then, select “System Recovery” to enter recovery environment.

Novo Button Menu

Step 2. In the restoration environment, keep the default choice “Restore from initial backup” checkedand continue.

Lenovo OneKey Recovey 8.0 Select Task


  • The other choice “Restore from user’s backup” will help you recover your system back to a healthy previous state from where you created the backup image. This image file is not the factory image saved in default recovery partition, but an image of system created by you after you start using the machine.
  • After restoration, all the data on current C Partition will be erased. Therefore, if there are import data on it, incase of data loss, please transfer them to another place or make a copy of those files.

Step 3. Confirm the recovery and click Start to restore from initial backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery. 

Another Powerful Way to Restore from Initial Backup 

Lenovo OneKey Recovery comes along with factory image, which can help you restore from initial backup when your computer stop working or have problemes. But many users do not have this software, since their computers are DIY. In this case, they many choose one more powerful software to protect their computer.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a great alternative to Lenovo OneKey Recovery. It does not come with an initial backup, but you can create one after you configure your computer well. Also, it supports creating a system backup automatically to keep changes between the initial backup and the next one,  and so on. 

And you can choose to restore from initial backup or the latest backup containing everything on the system partition. The latter minimizes data loss after system recovery. If you don't have a backup, download and create one now!

Download DemoWin PCs & servers
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Then, let's start factory restore with AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Step 1. Open AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Double-click its icon or follow "Start"->"All apps"->"AOMEI OneKey Recovery" to launch it.

Step 2. In its main interface, click “OneKey System Recovery”.

OKR Recovery

Step 3. Keep default “Restore system by using the image file in AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition” checked. Then, click Next.

Restore from

Tip: The other choice “Restore system by selecting a system image file” can rebuild your os through system images stored in other locations.

Step 4. In default, the current os location will be chosen as the recovery destination. Just let it as it is and click “Start Restore” to restore from initial backup.

Confirm Restore


  • Similarly, the destination will be overwritten. So, move out or back up important data on it.
  • You can also revert factory settings to other location by ticking the box on lower left corner.

If your machine is not working, you can restart your computer and press s “F11” or “A” (according to your settings when you make the system image)until it enters AOMEI recovery environment. Then, act like steps above to finish the task.

Note: You CAN'T format system using AOMEI OneKey Recovery through the recovery partition created by Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Generally, different recovery partition is for different recovery tool.

To Sum up

You can easily perform Lenovo OneKey Recovery restore from initial backup if it stops working or does not respond. But some Lenovo computer does not have this tool preinstalled. In this case, you can rely on a powerful backup software - AOMEI OneKey Recovery to do system recovery.

It allows you to customize backup with everything on it and schedule this task in daily, weekly, monthly.  Thus, you don't need to worry about data loss any more. And it applies to all brands of computer and Windows system. To protect unlimited PCs and servers, try it Technician or Customization edition. 

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