By Ivy / Last update December 30, 2021

What is Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a one key backup and recovery application built-in Lenovo products. It comes along with a factory image created by Lenovo OneKey Recovery if this software is preinstalled with your computer. And you can use it to backup system to new hard drive or on the current disk.

Then, you can use it to restore system to factory status or previously backed up status, if your operating system crashes or runs slowly. And if you want to use Lenovo OneKey recovery without losing data, restoring from user backup is the best choice. 

How perform Lenovo system restore via Lenovo System Recovery

To use Lenovo System Recovery, you need to get access to it first. Here are two ways in the following you can refer to:

Way 1: In Lenovo computer, double click Lenovo OneKey Recovery icon to open it and choose System Recovery.

Way 2.  Turn off the computer and press Novo button (usually next to power port), then choose System Recovery after Novo Button Menu appears.

System Recovery

After that, you will enter the OneKey Recovery window. Follow the steps below to start Lenovo System Recovery.

1. In the Step 1 section, select Restore Restore from initial backup if you want to do lenovo factory reset. But if you want to use Lenovo OneKey recovery without losing data, select Restore from user’s backup that all the items on the system partition when you backed it up.

Restore from Initial Backup

Note: If you don't have a user backup, please backup important files in the system drive beforehand. Otherwise, all the data will be deleted finally.

3. Then, you can confirm the operation and click Start button to factory reset Lenovo desktop or laptop.

Lenove System Recovery not working - how to fix it 

As described above, Lenovo OneKey Recovery is very useful in restoring system. But you can encounter Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working issue and you can’t do system recovery with it when one of these events listed below happens:

  • Resize system partition or use all the unallocated space on it. 

  • Recovery Partition is damaged or deleted. 

  • Windows operating system has been upgraded or reinstalled.

Then, how to fix Lenove System Recovery not working in Windows 10 or other system? Try the following solutions.

Lenove System Recovery not working - how to protect your system 

You cannot rely entirely on Lenovo OneKey Recovery, because there are unavoidable reasons why Lenovo System Recovery may not work. For example, you need to extend system partition size with unallocated partition if you receive "low disk space" warning. Also, if your system crashes, you have to reinstall it for future use.

But if you use third-party reliable one key recovery software like AOMEI OneKey Recovery, you can easily avoid mistaken deletion by storing it to a hidden recovery partition, here is AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition. And you can still factory reset Lenovo desktop or laptop without recovery partition, even after system reinstallation or upgrade, if you backup system to external devices, such as,new hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.

Besides, it allows you to schedule backup in daily, weekly, monthly to keep changes from factory image or previous backup. And it still applies to other brandy computer, such as, HP, Asus, Acer, etc. Also, all the Windows PCs and servers are supported. Just download it on your computer before you use it to protect system!

Download DemoWin PCs & Servers
Secure Download

Step 1. In the main console, choose OneKey System Backup.

OKR Backup

Step 2. Two options are offered: Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition and Backup system to other location. The first one is recommended due to data security.

Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition


  • If you are worried about backup image will be damaged or disappear due to reinstall or upgrade, try the second option. It will will save backup image on the device you prepare and let recovery partition on the system drive for faster boot.
  • You can click Backup Options to compress or encrypt system image.
  • You can enable Scheduler to backup system at a regular time, for example, daily. 

Step 3. Choose a partition to create AOMEI Recovery Partition and store backup image on it.  Then, press Start Backup.

Select Recovery Partition

PS: The free space of the partition which is selected to store the AOMEI Recovery Partition should be larger than the used space of partition C.

Step 4. When the whole process is complete, you can set up the shortcut (F11 or A key) to enter AOMEI recovery environment by clicking the Setting icon at the upper right corner.

Then, you can perform Lenovo system restore at any time when your computer run into issues. Note the system partition will be overwritten after recovery, thus, it is advised to copy important data on it to other place in advance. If the computer is unbootable, you can create a bootable USB with AOMEI Backupper to boot it up and backup data.

OKR Recovery


You can easily perform Lenovo System Recovery with Lenovo OneKey Recovery. But if it's not working, you can follow the solutions above to fix it.

Since corruption of the recovery partition is unavoidable in some cases, for example, system partition resize, system reinstall or upgarde, it's suggested to backup system with a reliable third party recovery software like AOMEI OneKey Recovery. To protect unlimited PCs or customize UI, try  AOMEI OneKey Recovery Techician or Customization edition.