By Ivy / Last update October 8, 2019

Restore system via Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a one key recovery application built-in Lenovo products. In Lenovo computer, you can use it to restore system to factory status or previously backed up status, if your operating system crashes or runs slowly. For detailed process, refer to the following steps:

1. In Lenovo computer, double click Lenovo OneKey Recovery icon to open it and choose System Recovery, if computer is open. Or turn off the computer and press Novo button (usually next to power port) and choose System Recovery after Novo Button Menu appears.

2. Between two options, choose on your demand and click Next. If you need to factory reset Lenovo laptop, choose Restore Restore from initial backup; if you want to restore operating system to the previous status that you have backed up, choose Restore from user’s backup.

3. Then, you can confirm operation and click Start button to commit operation.

Note: You’d better back up important files in system drive before this operation.

Can’t do Lenovo system recovery with OneKey Recovery

As what described above, Lenovo OneKey Recovery is very useful in restoring system. But you can encounter Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working issue and you can’t do system recovery with it, when one of these events listed below happens:

  • Windows operating system has been upgraded or reinstalled.

  • Partition C is resized.

  • Recovery Partition is damaged or deleted.

Employ a 3rd party tool to restore system on Lenovo PC

When it is not available to recover system via Lenovo OneKey Recovery, you can turn to this outstanding and reliable third party one key recovery software – AOMEI OneKey Recovery Pro. It not only can be used on Lenovo computer to make Lenovo system recovery, but can be used in computers belonging to other brands like HP, Del, etc. Now, let’s see how it works.

Install and fire up AOMEI OneKey Recovery on your Lenovo laptop that running Windows and do as the steps given below.

Backup System via AOMEI OneKey Recovery

Firstly, you should apply AOMEI OneKey Recovery to back up system and create AOMEI recovery partition. The recovery partition contains the system you are using right now.

Step 1. In the main console, choose OneKey System Recovery.

OneKey System Backup

Step 2. Two options are offered: Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition and Backup system to other location. The first one is recommended.

First Option

PS.: You can click Backup Options to compress or encrypt system image.


Step 3. Choose a partition to save the AOMEI Recovery Partition that will be created afterward. Then, press Start Backup to backup Windows operating system and other settings.

Choose a Partition

PS.: The free space of the partition which is selected to store the AOMEI Recovery Partition should be larger than the used space of partition C.

Step 4. When the whole process is complete, you can set up the shortcut (F11 or A key) to enter AOMEI recovery environment by clicking Setting icon at the upper right corner.


A or F11

Restore system via AOMEI OneKey Recovery

When you want to restore operating system with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, you can choose one way to enter AOMEI OneKey Recovery based on your situation:

☞ If you can boot up computer normally, you can run AOMEI OneKey Recovery by clicking the icon of it.
☞ If you operating Windows boot failure occur, you can turn on computer, keep pressing F11 or A until it enter AOMEI OneKey Recovery environment.

Step 1. If current OS is working, click on the icon of AOMEI OneKey Recovery to run it; if not, power on computer and continuously press F11 or A until it enters AOMEI OneKey Recovery environment. Then, choose OneKey System Recovery.

OneKey System Restore

Step 2. Choose a way to restore system for Lenovo computer according to which way you have selected to backup system.

Restore System

Step 3. The current OS location has been chosen as the recovery destination by default. After confirmation, click Start Restore to execute restoring.

Start Restore


  • After recovery, system partition will be overwritten, thus it is advised to copy important data on it to other place in advance. If the computer is unbootable, you can create a bootable USB with AOMEI Backupper to boot it up and backup data.

  • To create customized recovery partition for company and enterprise, you can turn to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Customized edition.