By AOMEI / Last Updated May 26, 2020

It is necessary to backup your laptop in Windows 10

Almost all of the Lenovo laptops come with a factory recovery partition that allows you to restore your laptop to factory settings. Many users have used this feature to restore their system when it is unable to boot. However, if you upgrade your laptop to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, the recovery partition will not be available any more, which has been confirmed by Microsoft. In this case, it is more important to backup Lenovo laptop in Windows 10 than ever before. In Windows 10, you can use the Windows built in backup utility Backup and Restore or third party backup software to backup your PC.

Backup windows 10 laptop with Backup and Restore

In Windows 10, Microsoft has brought back the “Backup and Restore (Windows 7) “, which has been required by many users. It has the same look and feature as that in Windows 7. To open Backup and Restore in Windows 10, you can also ask Cortana to launch it for you.

To set up a backup:

1. Open Backup and Restore. You can find it in Windows 10's Settings.

2. Click “Set up backup”.

Set up Backup

3. Select your backup drive or click on the “Save on a network” to backup to a network share. Windows backup does not allow to backup to critical volume which is why some of the partitions will not be listed.

Save Backup on

4. If you select “Let Windows choose”, it will create a system image backup with the files on your desktop, user folder, and libraries included. You can also select “Let me choose” to create a custom backup.

Let Windows Choose

5. By default, it will enable a schedule to run the backup every sundae at 7:00 PM. You can cancel or reschedule it by clicking the “Change schedule” option. If it is good for you, click the “Save settings and run backup” button to perform the first backup.

Run Backup

Then Windows 10 Lenovo laptop backup, and you can view it in process. However, Windows Backup and Restore only supports NTFS file system. If you want to backup computer without such restrictions, you can use free backup software AOMEI Backupper Standard.

How to backup Lenovo laptop with less restrictions

As professional backup software, AOMEI Backupper Standard provides more options and features regarding backup and restore. Besides NTFS, AOMEI Backupper Standard supports FAT32, FAT16, EXT2, and EXT3. When setting up a scheduled backup, you can configure it to perform full/incremental/differential backup. Backups created with AOMEI Backupper can be restore to another hard drive or even dissimilar hardware. What’s more, you can easily do such operations with a few clicks.

To backup laptop with AOMEI Backupper:

1. Download this freeware, install and open it.

2. Click “Backup” and then “System Backup”. You can also use “Disk Backup” if you want to include the entire hard drive in the backup.

System Backup

3. Choose the destination location to save the image backup as the system boot related partitions will automatically be included in the backup.

Select Destination

4. Before starting the backup, you can click “Schedule” option to set up a schedule to run the backup automatically or click “Options” to see more options. After that, click “Start Backup” to start the backup.

Schedule Settings General

When the backup is done, you can also create a bootable media to restore your laptop in the event of system crash. All in all, it is important to backup Lenovo laptop in Windows 10. With free AOMEI Backupper Standard, you can also clone laptop hard drive instead of creating image backups. In addition, the paid AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition supports working in command line, and once there are multiple incremental backup images, you can use the paid edition to merge images.