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I just migrate my 500 GB disk to 128GB SSD with a partition manager, then the MBR, boot and BCD is screwed up. So, I try to fix mbr, boot, and rebuild BCD using installation disc. However, there is another problem: Lenovo F11 can’t recover system. This function key disappears after SSD migration. how to solve it? Thanks.

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Why Lenovo F11 key not working?

For every problem, there are many reasons. “Lenovo recovery partition F11 not working ” in Windows 7/8/10 is not an exception. Here, I’ll list 3 common reasons for this problem in the following.

  • Different model may have different specific key to startup Lenovo one key recovery. It is no fault that pressing F11 to try to startup one key recovery function in Lenovo computer, but maybe your computer requires the other specific key.

  • If the recovery partition is deleted or lost by accident, unfortunately, it can’t work no matter how many times you press F11.

  • If other kind of one key recovery software is installed on Lenovo, it will affect Lenovo one key recovery function.

Solutions to Lenovo Factory Reset F11 Not Working

There are many accidents happening in computer. Fortunately, there are many solutions to cope with each accident. See below and I’ll show you how to solve Lenovo F11 factory reset not working in Windows. Here are 4 solutions, you could try them according to your situation.

Solution 1: Find the right key to start the one key recovery software. You could go to official website or search in Google. Usually, you can press F2, F11 when computer boots, even press the button besides startup button for a long time, you will see the screen shown the interface of one key recovery.

Solution 2: If recovery partition is deleted or lost by accident, you could consider sending your computer to be repaired or installing a partition recovery software such as AOMEI Partition Assistant. It could recover the deleted or lost partitions. Then, you could use the right key to start the onekey recovery software.

Solution 3: In some computers, the built-in recovery function and other third-party recovery software could create conflicts. If your computer is still bootable, you could choose to uninstall the third-party tool. If not, you have to send your computer to be repaired.

Solution 4: Besides one key recovery partition, Lenovo computer still has OEM recovery solutions. This works for Windows 8/8.1/10. Detailed steps: Hold the Shift key while click Restart, then Troubleshoot and OEM recovery solutions. After that, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to finish the rest of steps.

How to factory reset Lenovo without F11 key?

When Lenovo onekey recovery can’t work, turning to a third-party tool is a wise choice. But you need to choose a trust and reliable system reset software, such as, AOMEI OneKey Recovery. why?

  • It can be installed in any brand computer without conflicts.

  • It’s much easier than Lenovo onekey recovery software and other branded recovery software.

  • And it has more features, such as, backup system to other location, restore OS from other place and customize recovery key “A”.

Now, keep reading below to learn the detailed steps.

Step 1. Download one key recovery software: AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional, install and launch it. Then create a initial backup with OneKey System Backup.

Create Initial Backup

Note: After the operation is completed, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will be added as an boot option into your computer. And It won’t do anything bad to their computer.

Step 2. Launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery software and click OneKey System Recovery.

OKR Recovery

Step 3. Select where to restore your computer and click Next. It depends on where the backup image is stored.

Restore from

Step 4. Preview and click Start Restore to recover your system.

Factory Reset Lenovo F11


Lenovo F11 not working is no longer a problem if you just make use of AOMEI OneKey Recovery and use it to replace Lenovo built in system restoration function. Lenovo edge 11 not starting after recovery? Just choose to press recovery key (alternative to Lenovo factory reset F11) of AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It will help you recover crashed OS easily and safely.

This version could only protect limited computers within family. If you need to protect unlimited PCs or UI customization, you could consider using AOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician or Customization.