Email Notification in AOMEI Cyber Backup

In unattended operations, you may wish to be advised about the results of backup plans. This function can be used to send a report of the execution result to an email address you provide.

To configure Email Notification

1. Select  "Settings" on the left bar, click "System Settings"-->"Email Notification".

2. Check the "Enable email notifications" option and you will see the settings screen.

Email Service

When you select Hotmail Server or Gmail Server, firstly you need to type in an email address which the program will send the execution result to, and then you need to input your Hotmail or Gmail account for the SMTP authentication. So, it will use Hotmail or Gmail server to send the email notification.

When you use Custom SMTP Server, you can specify your own email SMTP server to send the email notifications.

  • SMTP Server: Specify the email SMTP server depending on your mail service.
  • Port: Enter the port number of your email server, e.g. 465.
  • Encrypt: Support plain text, SSL and TLS.
  • SMTP server authentication: Input your account for the SMTP authentication.
  • Recipients: The email address for receiving email notifications.
  • Specify the conditions for sending email notification: Send email notification when task is abnormal or successful.

Custom SMTP Server

3. Click "Save" to save the settings.