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Will iPhone ever support Bluetooth file transfer?

I know there are many ways to transfer files (Photos, Contacts, etc.) but do you think we will ever be able to do so over Bluetooth on Apple devices? Do you see any benefit?

- Question from Eskemo 30

Bluetooth, a short-range wireless connection, is used to exchange data between fixed and mobile devices over short distance. So how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with Bluetooth? An Android user may answer like this: Turn on the Bluetooth on both phones and connect each other, then you can send songs between phones via Bluetooth. It’s alright but just for Android phones.


But how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone using Bluetooth? In fact, for copyright reasons, it’s not accessible for iPhone users to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth. For iPhone users, the tool for transferring music from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth is called AirDrop.

Part 1. How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with AirDrop?

Based on a Bluetooth connection and a stable Wi-Fi, AirDrop provides you an easy and fast process to send music from one iPhone to a nearby iPhone. However, AirDrop can only allow you to transfer songs one by one. If you want to transfer music in bulk quickly, the alternative mentioned in part 2 is a good choice. Here are tutorials for how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop.

Step 1. Slide up from the screens of both iPhones to go to Control Center > light Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop > Choose Contacts Only or Everyone.

Tip: Choosing contacts only or Everyone depends on whether the target iPhone is in the contact of the source iPhone. If it does, choose Contacts only. If not, choose Everyone.

Step 2. On the source iPhone, open Apple Music to opt for your desired songs or albums and hit Share > touch three-dot item and tap Share Song.

Airdrop Music On Iphone

Step 3. Hit the contact who you want to transfer music to > Click iPhone to send songs.

Step 4. On the target iPhone, press Accept to transfer music as the screen pops up iPhone would like to share.......

Tip: If you have other music to transfer, repeat the steps. And AirDrop only sends the link of music instead of music files.

Part 2. A Bluetooth alternative for iPhone to batch transfer faster

Indeed, Apple offers AirDrop to its users to share files easily. But there are many restrictions that trouble people, like just transferring one piece of music at a time. If you want to transfer a large amount of music, it cannot be a wise choice to use AirDrop.

AOMEI MBackupper, a good AirDrop alternative with multiple functions, is recommended to you. It is professional backup and transfer software for iPhone users. You will feel free to transfer multiple music from one iPhone and restore to another iPhone at once.

What you can also benefit from AOMEI MBackupper:
A clear interface and user-friendly design: It’s easy for a beginner to handle.
A selective transfer process: You can preview and select music which you’d like to transfer during the process.
A fast transfer speed: For example, it can transfer 1000 songs in 9 mins 13 s.
No data loss: There is no harm to your existing music or other data during the process.
A wide compatibility: It works well with iPhone 4, 6, 7, 8, SE, 12, iPod Touch 5, 6, 7, 8, iPad, iPad pro, iPad mini. Besides, it is also compatible with the latest iOS, like iOS14.

Now, follow the instruction below to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone with the help of this application.

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper and connect the source iPhone to computer with a USB cable. Remember to tap Trust This Computer on your iPhone.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Custom Backup > Click Music and start to select the music you want to transfer to > Click on the orange button OK.


Step 3. Choose a storage path as you like > Click on Start Backup in the lower-right corner. Now, the selected music would be transferred to your computer.

Check Music

Step 4. Disconnect the source iPhone and plug in your target iPhone. Tap Trust This Computer on the target iPhone.

Step 5. Choose the task in Backup Management and click the Arrow Restore > Preview and select music you like > Click on Start Restore. Now, the selected songs would be imported to the target iPhone.


The process is pretty easy, isn’t it? All you need to prepare for is a stable USB cable to connect iPhone to computer, so you won’t be confused that how to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using Bluetooth.

As you can see in Step 2, you can also backup iPhone photos to PC as well as other types of files. Once you have backed up, you can share the files with your friends or families in one-click. Besides, the security of your data can also be guaranteed if you backup your iPhone regularly.


Now, you have a clear idea about how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with Bluetooth. Apparently, if you try to transfer multiple music from one iPhone to another, AOMEI MBackupper outweighs its counterpart. Still have any questions? You can leave your comment or contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.