By AOMEI / Last Updated June 28, 2019

Overview of BackupPC

In today's fast-paced world, backing up computers is of the utmost importance. For this reason, BackupPC was born. BackupPC uses an entirely disk-based backup and restore system that permits you to backup computers to a server’s disk. Note that it only performs file level backups and therefore cannot be used to image disks and raw disk partitions.

BackupPC offers you a clever pooling scheme to minimize disk storage and disk I/O. That is, identical files across multiple backups of the same or different computers are stored only once. To further save disk space, you can even enable compression or incremental copy. Various schedules for backups will also greatly reduce your workload.


Need a BackupPC alternative

Although BackupPC provides basic backup solutions, you may sometimes be disappointed with its limitations. These restrictions are listed below:

1. Operation steps are complicated. For many non-technical people, it is a difficulty to operate BackupPC in Windows. Besides, a little careless will cause serious problems because of its complexity.

2. Open and locked files are not backed up. Since open or locked files cannot be read by smbclient, such files (for example, system registry files) cannot be backed up.

3. Incremental backups might not be accurate. Sometimes you may find that files that are deleted, renamed or extracted from an archive cannot be backed up when running an incremental backup.

If you are not satisfied with these limitations or you want a more flexible backup solution, then you can turn to a BackupPC alternative for Windows 10/8/7. Luckily, a reliable and powerful alternative will be shown below.

Best free alternative to BackupPC in Windows 10/8/7

AOMEI Backupper Standard can definitely replace BackupPC in backing up files to a server’s disk. It can be used for both file level backups and block level backups. With its VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) technology, even open or locked files can be easily backed up.

Apart from incremental backup, this program also comes with differential backup – both modes can accurately backup changes. Optional compression and splitting settings work well to reduce the storage space required for image files. Also, you can set up scheduling backups with flexible template.

This program has a simple but comprehensive interface, which makes it very easy to get started. Just download it on client computers. Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP are supported.

How to backup files with the BackupPC alternative?

Take file backup for example to see how this freeware works. Before you start, install and open this BackupPC alternative.


Step 1. Click Backup and File Backup subsequently.

File Backup

Step 2. Change the Task Name as you like. Click Add Folder in Step 1. Select the folder you need (Folder 1) by choosing Browse. Then click OK.

*Filter settings: choose it to backup files with a certain file extension. You can perform an edition upgrade to enjoy this feature.

Select Folder

Step 3. Click the inverted triangle in Step 2. Then press Select a network share or NAS.

Inverted Triangle

Step 4. Go Add share or NAS device > Share or NAS path to input the network path of the server computer. Then click OK.

Network Path

Step 5. Confirm your operations and then click Start Backup.

Start Backup

*Backup Options: you can comment, compress or split the image file here.

*Schedule: check this option to set up an auto backup based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, USB plug in or Real-time sync. The last three features are available in Pro edition.

*Scheme: it performs an automatic old backups' cleanup to save disk space for you. This feature is in paid version.


  • When unexpected events strike your files, you can visit Home > the file backup task > Restore to do a file restore.

  • File Sync also serves you well to backup files, but it won’t create any image files. Thus, you can view you contents at any time after backing up.


The best free BackupPC alternative – AOMEI Backupper Standard breaks the limitations of BackupPC and allows you to perform a file backup in a few simple steps. Except for file backup, it also has an array of backup modes: system backup, disk backup and partition backup. Additionally, it also works well as a Cobian Backup alternative.