About AOMEI File Sync

File Sync, is the short for File synchronization. It is an utility that has the ability to synchronize multiple pairs of folders or files, and has been designed to be easy to use and quick to update two folders in two different places. AOMEI File Sync, is a new function of AOMEI Backupper, also, is a free utility to synchronize and back up files which are stored in laptop, desktop or external storage device. Whatever email, digital photos, MP3, etc, they can be synchronized and backed up to the other place easily.

The advantage of AOMEI File Sync

Comparing with other sync software, AOMEI File Sync has its own advantage:

  • Powerful one-way sync function: it supports to synchronize all files from one folder to the other folder. It can be used combing with other functions, such as schedule, and file sync service will monitor relevant folders.

  • It supports schedule sync: scheduled sync can help you synchronize folders at the fixed time. You can set month, week and day in schedule. When it reach the specific time point, AOMEI File Sync will synchronize folder automatically.

  • It can synchronize folders to cloud storage drive indirectly: you can download a client of cloud storage drive, and it will create installment directory. You just need synchronize your folders to corresponding directory, and client will upload your folders to cloud.

  • Network sync: AOMEI File Sync can not only synchronize folder to local disk or removable device, but also to other computers within LAN, and NAS. It is good for sharing files with others.

How to use AOMEI File Sync?

Step 1. Please download and install AOMEI Backupper, and select "Backup". Choose "Basic Sync" in "Sync" Option.

File Sync

Step 2. First add the folders that you want to synchronize, and then choose the destination path. After adding, you can click "Start Sync".

Tips: There are two options at the lower left, in case you have other demands on file sync.

  • Options: it contains comments and notification. You can comment on file to distinguish from others, and set up email configuration information to remind you regularly to synchronize relevant folders.

  • Schedule: it can set up schedule to synchronize file, and the schedule task contains monthly, weekly and daily.

Start Sync

With only two steps, you can finish file sync. If you want to manage the folders that are applied with Basic Sync, you can find the task in Home. You can do some operations through the button under the task.

  • Restore: it can restore all files in the target folder to the source folder or other folder.

  • Sync Now: it can synchronize all files in source folder to target folder. Usually, it is used on task that is not applied with schedule. In other word, it is manual sync.

  • You can also set schedule sync, and edit sync. If you want check folder, you can select "Locate Sync", or if you want to give up this task, you choose "Delete". All information can be read in "Properties".



  • File or folder can’t be synchronized to CD-ROM/DVD/Blue-Ray.

  • The single file whose space volume is more than 4GB can’t be synchronized to FAT/FAT32 partition, because the FAT32/FAT only supports file whose space volume up to 4GB.

  • It only support one-way file sync currently. In other word, it only support to synchronize folder A to folder B currently, but can’t do it from folder B to Folder A.

  • For more matters needing attention about File Sync, please visit FAQ about AOMEI File Sync.