Introduction of Backup

If the hardware of the system or storage media meets failure, backup tool can help you protect data against accidental data loss. For example, use the backup software to create a copy of data in hard disk, and then store the data to other storage devices. If the original data on the hard drive is accidentally deleted or covered or the hard disk failure will not have access to this data, you can very easily restore data from the archive copy.

The backup can be divided into two system backup and data backup. The disk injury or damage, computer virus and system files missing cause the computer operating system can't normal boot, so users maybe backup system to restore system in the future. Data backup refers to that users store data including files, database, and application procedure for data recovery.

What’s Clone?

Clone contains disk clone and partition or volume clone. Disk clone is also called disk copy. It refers to the process of copying the complete content of a hard drive to another hard disk by computer software or hardware for the next recovery. Partition clone is a part of disk which includes many partitions, such as C:, D:, E:, F: etc.

Hard disk cloning technology can be used to process of the recovery system and clear original content of hard disk and then recover computer’s original content from main image file.

Backup and Clone with AOMEI Backupper

When compared backup and clone, you will find that backup refers to typically selective files on the disk. Disk cloning is a copy of the disk. For backup you can restore selected files. When you backup data which contains files, folders and applications, you only backup the selected files into an image to any supported storage device. For a clone, you have to replace the entire disk. During disk clone, you only can copy the whole disk to another disk which is empty. If the disk has data, it will be covered and lost.

Although there are many differences between backup and clone, sometimes you need to backup data; sometimes you also need to clone disk or partition. Like this, choosing a software to protect data is very urgent. AOMEI Backupper supports backup and clone. You can backup files, folders, system, partition and disk, but you can only create disk clone and partition clone, create schedule backup, full backup, incremental or differential backup. Besides, you can also increase comment to backup, split, compress and encrypt backup. You can use the software to upgrade disk. When buying a new hard back, you can copy the old content of the hardware to the new hard drive without reinstalling. Or sometimes there are some important files or folders in partition, and you need to backup all the partition, partition clone will help to solve the problem. And it is more convenient.


In summary, whether backup or clone, you can use AOMEI Backupper to meet your needs and ensure data safety.