Windows 11 Time Machine Equivalent: Full Guide

Is there a Windows 11 Time Machine? You can find the answer in this article! We recommend one of the best Time Machine equivalent for Windows 11 Please read carefully.


By Miya Updated on October 19, 2023

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What Is Time Machine?

Time Machine on Mac is an exceptional tool for disaster recovery and backup purposes. It is a standard feature included with every Mac computer. Time Machine diligently creates backups at regular intervals, ensuring the safety of your data. It retains hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the preceding month, and weekly backups for older data until the storage capacity is exhausted.

With Time Machine, effortlessly journey back in time to hours or days earlier and witness the appearance of files and documents at that specific moment. Its name, "Time Machine," aptly captures this capability. Utilizing an external hard drive or network attached storage (NAS), you can seamlessly perform all of these functions.

So, is there a Windows 11 Time Machine or Time Machine equivalent for Windows 11?

Time Machine backup

Is There a Windows 11 Time Machine Equivalent?

Time Machine, renowned for its excellence, is exclusively available for Apple's macOS. However, for Windows users running versions 7, 8, 10, or 11, having a Time Machine-like software is highly essential.

Does Windows have a Time Machine? Windows does provide two built-in backup tools: Backup and Restore, and File History. Nevertheless, the functionality of these native tools is limited, prompting many users to seek alternatives to Windows Backup and Restore and File History.

Consequently, the reliance on third-party backup utilities has become an inevitable trend. Now, let's delve into the discussion of which alternative available in the market can be considered the best Windows 11 Time Machine equivalent, examining the following aspects.

Best Alternative to Windows 11 Time Machine - AOMEI Backupper

To determine if the software resembles the one you previously utilized, simply verify if the highlighted features of the old software are present in this new software. We consider AOMEI Backupper Professional to be the ultimate Time Machine alternative for Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, 7, XP, and Vista, as it encompasses nearly all the exceptional features of Time Machine. Additionally, it offers several helpful features that Time Machine lacks.

AOMEI Backupper Professional provides six backup types to choose from: System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, File Backup, Cloud Backup, and Outlook Backup. We encourage you to download it now and explore the various useful functions offered by this software, allowing you to become acquainted with them one by one.

✍Here are some of the reasons why we think this is the best Time Machine equivalent:

✔Both Time Machine and AOMEI Backupper offer automated backups at various intervals, and AOMEI Backupper's Schedule feature allows users to switch between one-time and scheduled backups, with the added benefit of running missed backups after computer restarts.
✔Time Machine provides incremental backups with system and file restoration options, optimizing backup drive space and time. AOMEI Backupper offers full, incremental, and differential backup choices for comprehensive computer protection and efficient storage usage, with configurable backup intervals to prevent data loss.
✔Time Machine creates frequent backups at different intervals (hourly, daily, and weekly), and older backups are automatically deleted when the storage is full. Similarly, AOMEI Backupper's Scheme feature can delete old backups, even if there is sufficient space on the external backup disk.
✔Both Time Machine and AOMEI Backupper offer the option to encrypt backups, requiring a password for access. In AOMEI Backupper, you can set a password for the backup images in the Backup Options before initiating the backup process.

Download this software now and run it!

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I will provide you with a detailed graphic tutorial to show you how to use this program to perform Windows 11 backup like Time Machine.

Step 1. Open AOMEI Backupper and click on the Backup option. From there, you can choose the desired backup type, such as System Backup.

System Backup

Step 2. AOMEI Backupper's System Backup automatically selects the source partition. Your task is to choose a destination path where you want to store the complete data from the system drives.

Select Backup Destination

Step 3. You can customize your backup task by configuring options, schedule backup settings, and backup scheme. Once you have made the desired adjustments, simply click on Start Backup to initiate the backup process.

Start Backup

Unlike many backup tools that require restoring the entire backup image, Time Machine allows you to easily locate and restore specific deleted files by navigating to their original location within the Time Machine interface.
AOMEI Backupper Professional, as an alternative, offers selective file restore functionality, allowing you to preview and restore individual files from the backup images.

✍In addition to the aforementioned Time Machine-like features, AOMEI Backupper provides several useful functions:

  • VSS service enables backup without interrupting (hot backup).
  • Create Bootable Media for system recovery in case of a breakdown preventing normal booting.
  • Wide support for various storage devices, including NAS, network shares, USB flash drives, SSHD, external disks, and more.
  • Compatibility with different disk types and file systems, such as MBR and GPT, FAT/FAT32, and NTFS.


Although there isn't a native Time Machine for Windows 11, AOMEI Backupper Professional serves as a comprehensive backup utility and the best Windows equivalent for Windows 7/8/10/11. With features like disk-to-disk clone, system clone, and partition clone, AOMEI Backupper offers a satisfying alternative experience.

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