Fix Windows 10 Reset Stuck at 1% , 34%, 64%, 99% (6 Solutions)

You will learn 6 solutions to Windows 10 reset stuck at 1%, 44%, 64%, 74%, 99%, and one preventive measure to avoid data loss.


by Ivy Updated on February 27, 2024

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Overview for Windows 10 reset stuck issue


"Reset this PC" is a useful feature in Windows 10 to help users factory reset their computer to default settings when it isn’t running well. However, this operation is not always working properly, you may see Windows 10 reset stuck at a certain point, for example, 1%, 8%, 24%, 62%, 64%, 66%, 99%, etc.

Windows 10 Reset Stuck

Then, the problem is how to fix Windows 10 reset stuck error. Do not be panic, try to find the causes of this error, and then how do I fix a stuck Windows 10 reset using corresponding solutions. Here we summarize the common reasons below:

  • Hardware failure.
  • Driver problem.
  • Messed up Windows installation.
Prevent Data Loss from PC Reset

If you don't want to loss your personal data or applications from PC reset, it is strongly recommended to create a Windows backup in advance using best free backup software.

How to fix Windows 10 reset stuck: 6 simple methods

You probably know the causes of Windows 10 reset stuck on spinning circle, and what the most important thing is to fix the reset failed error. You can choose to force shut down the computer and restart it to see if it goes to the same stuck screen. If yes, you can continue to try the 6 following solutions. Note that these solutions also work to resolve resetting this PC stuck on Windows 11.

👉 Solution 1. Wait for a couple of hours🔥
👉 Solution 2. Disable the Internet connection
👉 Solution 3. Change the BIOS settings
👉 Solution 4. Run Startup Repair🔥
👉 Solution 5. Restore from image backup🔥
👉 Solution 6. Clean install Windows 10

Solution 1. Wait for a couple of hours🔥

When Windows 10/11 resetting this PC stuck at 1% , 34%, 99%, there are various possible causes. But if the hard drive LED indicator is still blinking, it means at least one thing - the reset process is still running.

Some users have reported that the whole rest process takes several hours. So instead of rushing into action, you can also leave your computer running overnight to ensure the reset process finishes completely.

Solution 2. Disable the Internet connection

Your PC can get stuck while downloading certain updates after the reset. You can disable the Internet connection to fix the Windows 10/11 factory reset stuck issue.

Just unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer or turn off your wireless router to have a try.

Solution 3. Change the BIOS settings

Sometimes certain BIOS features can interfere the system and lead to Windows 10 system reset stuck problem. You can go to BIOS and do the following:

1. Disable Secure Boot.

2. Enable Legacy Boot.

3. Enable CSM if the option is available.

4. Enable USB boot.

5. Set bootable disc/USB drive as the first boot drive.

6. Save the changes and try to perform a factory reset again.

Solution 4. Run Startup Repair🔥

Startup Repair is recovery tools provided by Microsoft installation disc and it allows you to fix certain system problems that might prevent Windows from booting successfully. Thus, it is also a good way to have a try.

1. Download Windows 10 installation files on a DVD or USB drive.

2. Enter BIOS and put the DVD or USB drive on the top of the boot order.

3. Once you get the chance to boot into Windows installation interface, choose Repair your Computer.

4. Then click Troubleshoot > click Advanced Options and then click Startup Repair.

Startup Repair

Then you can follow the onscreen instructions and fix the Windows 10/11 reset stuck error then.

Solution 5. Restore from image backup🔥

Other than resetting, when your computer have system issue, you can restore your computer to earlier date by performing system restore from an image backup. Also, this applies to Windows 10 reset stuck error. 

Step 1. Boot your computer from an installation disc.

Step 2. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > System Image Recovery in the Windows recovery environment. Then follow the instructions to perform the recovery.

Select a Backup

Solution 6. Clean install Windows 10 

If cannot fix the resetting this PC stuck at 1, or other percentages, or do not have an image backup, you can only choose to clean install Windows 10 to get a fresh version of it. It requires an installation of all your program later. Thus, it's suggested to backup Windows 10 PC to USB drive in advance to avoid data loss.

Step 1. Download Windows Media Creation Tool to create an installation media.

Step 2. Once you complete creating media. Insert the Windows installation DVD/USB in the DVD ROM and restart your computer.

Step 3. Press a specified key (usually F2 or F12) when the computer starts up to boot into BIOS and modify the boot order so that your computer will boot from the installation disk.

Clean Install

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions until you are asked to select Windows 10 installation type, click Custom: Install Windows only.

How to protect your computer from system failure

The "Reset this PC" feature is very useful when your computer stops working or does not respond, but it requires an installation of all of your programs and you will lose important data permanently if you don't have a copy of it. Thus, you may not want to use it if there are any other ways to recover your computer - creating a system image backup with a free backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard

Then, you can easily restore Windows 10 system images to get your computer back in simple clicks. To avoid computer boot failure, it's also suggested to create a bootale USB drive and then you can start your computer from it and perform the restore process. Below are some advantages of it:

Avoid data loss risks due to system failure. A system image backup will include everything on the system partition, including the operating system, drivers, installed program, personal files, etc.
Save disk space while backing up system continuously. It provides a feature called Schedule Backup, which allows you to backup system daily, weekly, monthly. By default, it will back up only changed files (using Incremental Backup), thereby greatly reducing the disk space it will use.
Multiple backup destination: You can choose to backup system to multiple destination, such as,  internal or external hard drive, USB drive, network drive, cloud drive, etc. Thus, even if one backup is damaged or deleted, you still can use the other one.

Next, we will show you how to create a system image backup. Download the freeware to get started:

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard. Click Backup, and then select System Backup.

System Backup

Step 2. It will automatically choose source partition for you. Choose another location to store your backup. You’d better not to backup to the same hard drive as the source one, otherwise the backup image will be damaged due to system failure.

Select Destination

Step 3. You can click Schedule Backup to automatic backup Windows 10 . After the setup, click Start Backup to execute the task.

Schedule Settings

The created system backup can be located via task or image file under Restore tab.  Just follow the wizard to perform a full system recovery intuitively if your computer runs into issues.

system restore

You can configure Options to encrypt, compress, split the backup, enable email notification, etc. or use Backup Scheme (supported by AOMEI Backupper Professional) to create a rule for auto deleting old backups
If your computer is already unable to access Windows due to system failure and you don't have any advance preparation, you can also make system image and bootable media on other working computers and then use them to recover the problematic computer with Universal Restore function (required Professional edition).
Besides Backup and Restore feature, you can easily get your computer back by transferring system image to new hard drive with System Clone feature in advance.

FAQs about "Resetting this PC" Stuck

What happens if you shut down PC while resetting?


If you shut down your PC while it is in the process of resetting, it can lead to various issues and potentially cause data corruption. The reset process involves making significant changes to the operating system and system files. If the shutdown occurs abruptly during this process, it may result in an incomplete reset or leave your system in an unstable state.
How long should resetting this PC take?


The time it takes to reset a PC varies based on factors like system specifications and the amount of data to be processed. It can range from a few minutes to several hours. If it's stuck for an unusually long time, there might be an issue.
Can I cancel Windows reset?


If the PC reset is stuck, it's generally not advisable to cancel it abruptly. Instead, wait for a reasonable amount of time, and if there's no progress, try restarting the process. Canceling abruptly may lead to data corruption.
Will resetting my PC delete all my files?


Yes, a reset typically removes all installed applications and settings. You may have the option to keep your personal files, but it's essential to back up important data before initiating a reset.
How can I fix a stuck reset without losing my data?


If you're experiencing a stuck reset, try restarting the process first. If that doesn't work, consider booting into Safe Mode or using system restore options. Backup your important data before attempting any fix.


That’s all for how to fix the Windows 10 reset stuck problem. Please remember to make a backup for your PC before doing any operation to ensure the data safety.

To take preventive measure, you can create system image. With the image backup created by AOMEI Backupper, you can restore your computer to the good state whenever disaster happens, or even restore to dissimilar hardware with the Professional edition.

If you want to perform system backup & restore on multiple Windows PCs, you could also upgrade to Techinician or Technician Plus edition, and create a portable version of this powerful software on removable device.

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