By AOMEI / Last Updated June 28, 2019

Overview of Stuck on Getting Windows Ready

“My screen is stuck on Getting Windows ready don’t turn off your computer. What should I do to get rid of this? Any advice is appreciated”.

Stuck on Getting Windows Ready

Generally, many Windows 10/8 computer users have this issue with their Operating System after updating OS or turn on their computer. When this issue happens, it frequently stuck on a loading screen with a message saying: Getting Windows ready Don’t turn off your computer. When you come across this issue, don’t worry, you can try the following methods to solve it.

How to Fix “Getting Windows ready Don't turn off your computer” in Windows 10/8

Solution 1. Wait for Some Time

When your computer shows you the screen of “Getting Windows ready Don't turn off your computer”, your system may be downloading and installing files or dealing with some tasks in the background. It may take some time for your system to finish these jobs.

So if you want your computer to boot normally, the first thing you can try is to wait. We advise you to wait no more than 2-3 hours before taking actions.

Solution 2. Power Reset Your Computer

The Power reset can help clear all the information in the memory without damaging your data. This method is helpful for fixing corruption issues and get you out of the getting Windows ready stuck situation.

Step 1. Turn off your computer by pressing the power button.

Step 2. Disconnect all peripheral devices including USB flash drives, external hard drives, earphones, etc.

Step 3. Unplug the power cable from your computer. Unplug the battery (only if you are using a laptop and your laptop battery is removable).

Step 4. Press and hold the power button on your computer for 30 seconds.

Step 5. Insert the battery into your laptop or connect the power cable back to your PC.

Step 6. Turn on your computer by pressing the power button.

Solution 3. Uninstall Recently Installed Update

An erroneous recent update may lead to the Windows 10 getting Windows ready stuck error, so you can try to uninstall these updates to fix the problem.

Step 1. Go to Advanced options page and click Startup Settings. Press F4 to put computer in Safe Mode.

Step 2. Right­-click Start and choose Control Panel. Then go to Programs and Features.

Step 3. Click View installed update in the left panel. Choose the recently installed updates and uninstall them to fix the Windows 10 stuck in loop getting Windows ready issue.

Step 4. Restart your computer to have a check whether the issue has been solved.

Solution 4. Delete Problematic Files

Step 1. Restart your computer and then you will see the Windows Boot Options page. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.

Step 2. In the command line, type: C: cd Windows\System32\LogFiles\Srt. SrtTrail.txt and hit Enter.

Step 3. If you see words like this: Boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\vsock.sys is corrupt, navigate to the specified location using the Command Prompt and enter Del command to delete the problematic file.

Solution 5. Run System File Checker

Sometimes, the computer stuck on getting Windows ready every reboot because there are corrupted files on your computer. You can run System File Checker to disable Getting Windows ready error.

Step 1. You need a Windows installation media and boot from it.

Step 2. At Windows Setup screen, set up language and other preference and click Repair your computer. Then Go to Troubleshoot -> Command Prompt.

Step 3. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

System File Checker

Step 4. After the process completes, select turn off your PC. Then turn on your computer and check if the error disappeared.

Solution 6. Disable Automatic Updates

The Automatic Update is one of the reasons behind Windows 10/8/7 getting Windows ready stuck error. If your computer gets normal, you can disable Automatic Updates.

Step 1. Open the Run command (Win + R) and type: services.msc, then press Enter.

Step 2. Find the Windows Update service from the Services list and open it

Local Service

Step 3. In Startup Type under the General tab, change it to Disabled.

Step 4. Restart the computer.

Solution 7. Perform Windows 10 Startup Repair

It requires entering the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) using the Windows installation disc. In WinRE, navigate to Advanced options and choose Startup Repair.

Solution 8. Perform A System Restore

If you have created a system restore point or system image backup, you can try to restore Windows 10 to previous state before you meet the getting Windows ready stuck issue. In Windows Boot Options menu, choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > System Restore. Follow the wizard instruction and choose the restore point, and click Finish to start the restore.

Solution 9. Reinstall the Windows

If all the above methods can not help you fix the Windows 10/8/7 getting Windows ready stuck issue, you may need to reinstall your Windows. Your system may have got issues that can’t be fixed. Just put your Windows installation media into your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to make it.

Windows clean install will erase your data on the partition where you have put your operating system. To avoid data loss, please remember to make a backup in advance. AOMEI Backupper Standard, a comprehensive backup tool can help you backup your system, entire hard drive, individual partition or selected files.

Here are the steps to backup Windows 7/8/10 system:

Step 1. Download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard. Click Backup and here we choose System Backup as an example.

System Backup

Step 2. System drive and related drives have selected by default. You can name the task and choose the destination to save the backup > Click Start Backup to make it.

Start Backup


  • Backup Options: You can enable email notification, choose backup compress level, backup mode, etc here.

  • Schedule: You can set a scheduled backup and it will automatically perform the backup daily/weekly/monthly.

  • Scheme: It will delete old image files automatically so there is no need for you to delete them manually. You can upgrade to AOMEI Backupper Professional to explore it by yourself.

  • When you want to perform a system restore, just go to Home > find the backup image > click Restore.

With the image backup, it can also help restore your computer from stuck on Getting Windows ready issue or other issues like Windows 10 upgrade keeps restarting.


That’s all for how to fix “Getting Windows ready. Don’t turn off your computer” error in Windows 10/8. Hope one of these methods can help you get out of the trouble. Don’t forget to backup your computer with AOMEI Backupper to avoid data loss if you are planning to reinstall Windows to fix the problem.

Besides that, with the backup created by AOMEI Backupper, you can easily restore to the previous state if something bad happens to your computer next time. And you will not worry stuck on Getting Windows ready anymore. Even when you cannot boot your computer, you can make a bootable disk and restore from bootable disk.