By Teresa / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Why sync two directories in Windows 10?

Keep two directories in sync in Windows has the same effect of backing up at some degree. Syncing files to another directory on external devices or shared network, once the files on local drive get damaged, you can find their duplications in those places. And you save the time of restoring at the same time. What’s more, more and more people take work out of office nowadays. Sometimes we need two folders to keep synchronized so that the work you completed at home won’t be affected.

When work in group, the modified or changed project should be informed to other colleagues or partners so that you can better finish that job. If sync two folders in real time in Windows, they will aware of the changes instantly. Except for the requirements in work, family members also want to sync two directories in Windows. For instance, you may want to sync photos or all-involved videos between different folders after a long journey. Surely, you probably have other reasons to do synchronization. Find out how to sync two directories in Windows 7, 10 or XP is the most urgent task.

How to sync two folders in Windows 10?

Windows has its built-in synchronize tool named SyncToy. It is a great tool which allows you to preview what going on during the process of synchronization, and absolutely this will change nothing. If you accidently delete some files by mistake, you can find them in Recycle Bin. Nevertheless, for users who are looking for synchronize software with advanced functions, SyncToy may not the best choice. For example, two practical sync modes Event triggers and Real-time sync are not supported, even schedule/automatic sync are missed. Therefore, it’s time to find more powerful sync tool for Windows XP or later.

AOMEI Backupper Professional has corresponding function called “File Sync” that can help you sync all contents between folders. Syncing multiple folders to one folder is also available. Most important, it offers five different sync modes for users. Apart from aforementioned Event triggers and Real-time sync modes, basic mode like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are embedded with. In addition, if two computers are in the same network segment, you can sync two network folders with this software. It has a user-friendly interface and simple wizards which make it the easiest one. Free download this reliable sync utility and learn the specific moves.

Sync two directories in Event trigger in Windows 10

If one of the directories is locates on external hard drive or the like, connect it to your Windows 10 in advance.

1. Install and run AOMEI Backupper. Click Backup at the main interface, roll-down your mouse and select File Sync.

File Sync

2. Click Add Folder to add the first directory you want to sync from. Then click the box behind “Step2” to select the second directory you want to sync to.

Add Folder

3. Noticed the Schedule option? Click it if you have selected the source and destination directories for sure.


4. Select Event triggers in the pull-down menu.

Event trigger

5. In this window, tick the one which suits your needs. This article will take System shutdown for example.

System shutdown

6. Click Start Sync to save this configuration, and it will sync directories for the first time right now.

Start Sync


*Sync Option: you can create comments of above task by clicking this option.

*If there is no folder on target path, you may want to create one first.

*AOMEI Backupper Professional supports Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista. Therefore, above method also applies to said Windows OS.

Without complex operating steps, you just finished syncing two directories in Windows 10. As you can see from step5, you can perform Windows backup at logoff with this same feature. AOMEI Backupper is not only a good sync tool but also a helpful backup & restore solution as well as cloning software in Windows. For example, you can deploy Windows 10 via WinPE USB disk using this utility when replacing computer. Of course, cloning hard drive in hard disk replacing is also supportable.