By Ivy / Last update October 21, 2021

How do I automatically mirror a folder to network drive?

“I want to synchronise two folders in real time under Windows 7, and the sync should contain each changes, either new, changed, or deleted files.

It has to be in real time, so it gets synchronised instantly when a change happens. A one-direction synchronisation is enough. And it has to be a non-compressed files so I access and edit them anytime.

I tried Microsoft's SyncToy, but it does only syncing by hand or scheduled (thus not satisfying the "real-time" requirement). Can this be achieved with Windows 7 itself? If not, are there other methods of doing this?”

Mirror Folder to Network Drive

What is the easiest way to mirror folder to network drive?

Have you ever found that you often sync folder between two locations, such as, two folders, two drives, two computers, or from local folder to network drive etc. Just like the above user case. Do you want to mirror a folder automatically, preferably in real time? Here I will show you several methods in the following, including the simplest one. 

  • Mirror a folder using “Share” feature. This method is suitable to sync folders between drives and computer with the same network segment in Windows 7/8/10/11. You need to create a shared folder and it requires human intervention. That is, you need to manually add the files you want share in the shared folder. Schedule sync is not supported.

  • SyncToy schedule. SyncToy itself does not supports any schedule setting, so you need to make use of Task Scheduler. It has scheduled triggers, including daily/weekly/monthly, when the computer starts, when a specific event is logged etc, so you can schedule sync folder in Windows 7/8/10/11.

  • Robocopy automatic backup. Like SyncToy, Robocopy does not have any schedule setting. To realize Robocopy automatic backup, you need to save the command line in a text file and save as .bat file extention, similar to the method in my previous article schedule Windows 10 wake from sleep.   

  • Sync offline files with Sync Center. This method only works when you want to make network files or folders always available offline on Windows. You need to enable offline files first, then you will see the “Schedule” feature in Sync partnership details.

  • Real-time file sync software. So far, this is the easiest way I know, even a novice can get started quickly. Most file sync software supports schedule settings, both basic and advanced settings, including daily/weekly/monthly, event triggers, USB plug in, real-time sync etc. And then I’ll introduce this way in details.

Step by step guide: Real-time sync folder with network drive in Windows 10/11

To mirror or sync local folder with a network drive in real-time, you need a trust and reliable file sync software which can make things easier and more effective. I strongly recommend you AOMEI Backupper Professional, because it works well in real-time sync.

Also, you may be interested in its powerful compatibility. It supports Windows 7/8/10/11/XP/Vista and has a user graphic interface, so beginners can use this software effortlessly. It supports various sync storage, including network drive, NAS, cloud storage, external drive etc. Then, let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI Backupper Professional. Then, launch this software, click “Sync” and "Real-Time Sync" subsequently.

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Real Time Sync

Step 2. Click “+ Add Folder” to select folders need to be synced.

Add Folder

Step 3. Click where the arrow point and click Share/NAS > Add Network Location > type required information to add network drive. Then, select a shared folder on network drive.  After that, click "Start Sync".

Select Destination

Add Network Path

Notes ✎... 
◉ Real-time sync will sync all changes immediately when detected, including new, edited or deleted files.
◉ Please don’t modify the source folder name of the schedule sync task, otherwise the program cannot synchronize the selected folder anymore.
◉ AOMEI Backupper professional only supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista. To synchronize folders between Windows Servers, it's suggested to use AOMEI Backupper Server. 

◉ Only the shared folder can be access on network folder. If your folder is still not shared, you can use the built-in “Share” folder to set it up.
◉ If you want to always ensure that the files in the target directory are consistent with the source directory, you could mirror folder with another sync solutions - "Mirror Sync". In other words, if someone adds a new file in your target directory, it will be deleted during the next synchronization.

In the end

That’s all for how to mirror folder to network drive. In sum, you have 5 options, one requires intervention and four schedule sync. Among the four schedule sync options, file sync software is the easiest. It supports syncing files in real-time including the deleted files, so it's suitable for users who may edit files very frequently, even within a few minutes, or work with a team that need sharing files.

But if you just want to schedule sync folder with network drive regularly, “SyncToy”, “Sync Center”, or “Robocopy” is good enough. Please note “SyncToy” and “Robocopy” need the help of Task Scheduler.