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Best way to transfer photos from PC to iPad Pro

I bought the iPad Pro 2021. I tried iTunes to transfer photos from PC to iPad Pro, but it does not work. So I’m looking for an easy way to transfer my photos from a Windows 10 computer to my iPad Pro so that I can access them to do a little editing work on my iPad. Thanks.”

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Ipad Pro 2021

Each iPad pro version comes with much-improved performance making it to be more adaptable for complex work and study. For instance, the 2021 iPad Pro uses the M1 chipset attracting a good number of fans, including lots of businessmen, photographers, video editors, directors.

Based on various work and study needs, Some users will need to transfer photos between their PCs and their iPad, just like the scenario. Then this article will demonstrate 3 common methods in 2021 of how to move photos from a Windows computer to an iPad Pro.

How to transfer photos from PC to iPad Pro 2021, 2020?

Method 1. Best way to transfer photos from PC to iPad Pro

AOMEI MBackupper is a versatile transfer software that helps you to quickly move photos from a Windows 10, 8, 7 computer to iPad Pro. It is easy-to-use software. It provides an intuitive interface that makes the operation can be finished in a few clicks. Apart from this, AOMEI MBackupper owns several advantages making it to be the best way to perform iPad transferring operations.

● Fast transfer speed. AOMEI MBackupper spends less time than other tools for transferring the same amount of data. It is tested that 1000 photos can be transferred to an iPad in 1 minute.
Fully compatible with iOS devices. This tool fully supports on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and always works well with the latest iOS.
Various file type support. Besides transferring photos, this app also helps you to move videos, contacts, messages, and other data between PC and iPad.
High transfer success rate. Have you ever encounter problems like “iTunes can’t sync photos” “iPad not receive photos” when transferring? You can try AOMEI MBackupper that gives you a higher success rate when other methods fail.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch AOMEI MBackupper. Click “Transfer to iPhone” on the interface.

Step 2. Click the “+” button icon to select all photos you want to transfer. Then click “Open”.

Step 3. Confirm the photos and click “Transfer”.

Method 2. Sync photos from PC to iPad Pro with iTunes

iTunes is a media file manager for Apple users. This tool can help you to transfer photos from computer to iPad wirelessly. Here are the steps.

✍Note: It is worth mentioning that iTunes will sync photos to your iPad, which means you may lose the previous data when you have a change on your photos.

Step 1. Connect iPad with a Windows 10/ 8/ 7 computer, and install iTunes for Windows.

Step 2. Click the device icon on the top of the interface and click the “Photos” under settings.

Step 3. Check the “Sync Photos” and choose all the folders that contain all photos you want to transfer. and click “Apply”.

Wait for the process is complete.

Method 3. Import photos from PC to iPad Pro with iCloud

iCloud is an officially cloud-based backup service. Users can enable photos iCloud on their iPad, and upload photos on the iCloud site and it will sync all added photos to their iPad with the same Apple ID.

Preparation: make sure the iCloud service is enabled.

1. Go “Settings” iPad.

2. Tap [Your Name] and choose “iCloud” > “Photos

3. Make sure the iCloud Photos is turned on.

Step 1. Open your Internet browser, and go

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Choose the “Photos” option.

Icloud Site

Step 4. You can view all iCloud backup photos here. Then click “Upload” and choose all your pictures.

Then the pictures will be added to your iCloud storage. And open your iPad “Photos” app to see the newly added photos.

✍Note: iCloud provides 5GB of storage space for each Apple ID. If your iCloud storage is full, you may need to buy more space or turn to other transfer methods in this article.


Now you have known how to transfer photos from PC to iPad. These methods can also work for importing photos from Windows 10, 8, 7 computer to an iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro.

You can choose the 3 methods according to your need, but the first method is more recommended because it provides a much faster speed to copy photos from computer to iPad, and it will not delete any existing data. Besides, AOMEI MBackupper is also a professional iOS backup software allowing you to backup iPad to external drive or a computer.