5 Solutions to That iTunes Can’t Sync Photos to the iPhone

If your iTunes cannot sync photos to iPhone, this passage would explain why you can’t sync photos to iPhone and give 5 solutions for you solve that problem.


By Dylan / Updated on June 1, 2023

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iTunes cannot sync photos to iPhone

“My iTunes cannot sync photos to iPhone and it says my Photos Library is not yet available. Can you give me some solutions?”

If you want to import a lot of photos from computer to iPhone, iTunes could help you do that. With iPhone connected to computer with a USB cable, you could transfer photos as many as you wish to iPhone. Except photos, you could also transfer other files from PC to iPhone using iTunes.

iTunes Cannot Sync Photos To iPhone

Apple would not always let you satisfied. You would find it is not so easy to import or export data with iTunes. If you cannot sync photos to iPhone, it might because:

● The newest iOS is not supported by the old iTunes.
● System glitches block the transfer.
● Non-standard photos could not be displayed on iPhone.
● The folder on computer is not readable.

Solution 1. Unlock Photos Library on Mac

If you use a Mac, sometimes some folders cannot be found by iTunes because iOS cares about your privacy very much. You might need to manually unlock the folder to allow iTunes to read that folder and sync photos to iPhone.

Step 1. Go to Finder > Pictures > Photos Library.

Step 2. Right Click Photo Library > select Get Info.

Step 3. Click the lock icon in the lower-left corner to unlock the folder.

Photo Library Info Lock

Solution 2. Fix the problem by restarting iPhone

If this problem is caused by iPhone, you could restart iPhone to solve it. Restarting really works in many situations.

● For iPhone 8, 7, 6, SE, 5, or earlier: Hold the button as you turn off iPhone > Drag the slider for about 30 seconds until iPhone automatically turns off itself > start your iPhone as usual.

● For iPhone X or 11: Hold one volume button and the side button > Drag the slider for about 30 seconds > start your iPhone as usual.

Restart iPhone

Solution 3. Turn off iCloud Photos on iPhone

If you have enabled iCloud photos on computer, you could not use iTunes to sync photos from computer. Usually, it is automatically switched on after you set up iPhone. You need to go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos to turn off iCloud photos.

Turn On iCloud Photos

Note: Turn off iCloud photos would remove all the iCloud photos on iPhone. If you turn on iCloud Photos again after syncing photos from computer with iTunes, those photos from computer would be replaced with iCloud photos. To avoid any loss of photos, you’d better backup iPhone photos to computer.

Solution 4. Delete the iPhone photos and clear wrong photos

The wrong photos on iPhone or computer would block the transfer.

Method 1: If you have used iTunes to sync photos from computer before, you should delete them on iPhone or using iTunes. To delete them using iTunes, you should connect iPhone to iTunes uncheck Sync Photos, and click Apply.

Method 2: The photos that you plan to sync to iPhone should be right. Make sure there are the standard photos that could be displayed in Photos app on iPhone.

Delete iCloud Photo

Solution 5. Keep the software and system up to date

If you have just updated iOS, your iTunes might be not as up-to-date as that. Compatibility is very important. You need to keep both the system and software up to date. Before you updating iPhone, you should backup iPhone, too. Updating means change and it might cause data loss. Some users find photos missing after upgrading iOS 15/14. You should always save data before you change something on iPhone.

ios software update


Protect iPhone and easily sync photos to another device

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Transfer To Computer

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choose photos

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If iTunes can’t sync photos to iPhone, you might need to check your iPhone, computer or the photos you are preparing to sync. Follow the 5 solutions in this passage to troubleshoot and solve this problem. If this passage solves your problem, you should share it to help more people.

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