Transfer Photos from PC to iPad with/Without iTunes: 5 Ways

How to transfer photos from PC to iPad/Pro/Air/Mini? This guide will show you 5 ways that can help you transfer photos from computer to iPad: with or without iTunes.


By Lena / Updated on May 31, 2024

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How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad.

Need some help to sync pics from my PC to my iPad. Running Windows 11 and got an iPad Air. USB connection seems chill, but what's the next move to make the photo transfer magic happen?

- Question from Apple Community

Why Do You Want to Transfer Photos to iPad?

There are different answers for this question. Maybe you want to transfer some pictures to new iPad Pro as wallpaper; maybe you want to edit photos when you are away from the computer; maybe you want to show them to others by using the iPad.

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Well, regardless of the reason, the point is how to transfer the photos. To better illustrate, we provide 5 methods in the next content. These methods basically cover all the transmission conditions (using cable or wirelessly, using iTunes/iCloud or not) and you definitely can find one that suits you most.

enlightened Which is the best way to transfer photos from PC to iPad?


?Pros: Fast process, easy to use, no file size limit

?Cons: Requires third-party software installation

?Google Photos

?Pros:  Easy to use

?Cons: Need stable internet connection


?Pros: Moderate transfer speed

?Cons: File size limit, need Email account


?Pros: Complete sync on the PC

?Cons: Slower, especially with large files


?Pros: No PC connection

?Cons: Limited free storage space (5 GB), unstable

Way 1. How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPad with USB Cable (Fastest)

iTunes indeed can help you transfer pictures from computer to iPad, however, it will erase the existing pictures on your device. And iCloud only offers 5 GB free storage and needs a stable network connection. If you prefer a no-data-loss way to add pictures to iPad, FoneTool is a good choice.

The easiest, fastest, and safest way to transfer photos from PC to iPad without syncing is using FoneTool. It’s one professional iOS data management tool that provides both backup and transfer functions, which helps you always keep data safe & put data in the right place.

Free PC to iPad Data Transfer Tool
  • Free Transfer lets you quickly transfer photos from PC to iPad and vice versa.
  • User-friendly interface makes it possible to complete the transfer in only a few clicks.
  • Pictures will be kept in original quality without any damage.
  • It will only put pictures on your iPad and doesn't occur any data loss.

FoneTool supports all iPhone, iPad models, including the newly released iPad 10th generation and iPad Pro M2. Get the tool on your PC and follow the steps to import photos to your iPad.

How to Share Photos from Computer to iPad with FoneTool

1. Launch FoneTool > Connect your iPad to computer via USB cable > Enter the passcode on iPad so that the software can access your device.

2. On the Home screen, click the Phone Transfer option > Move the cursor to PC to iPhone > Click Get Started.

transfer to iphone

3. Click the “+” button > Choose the photos you want to transfer to iPad or drag them directly to the box.

add photos

4. Confirm the photos that will be transferred to your iPad > Finally, click Start Transfer.

start transfr

In addition, with the help of FoneTool, you easily transfer photos from iPhone 15 to PC.

Way 2. How to Copy Photos from PC to iPad via Google Photos

Cloud storage services allow users to save all kinds of files and also allow you to access them on any computer and mobile device. That’s to say, if you upload photos to cloud storage services on your computer, then you can check those photos on your iPad.

Here we take Google Photos for example. You can learn how to transfer images from PC to iPad by the following guide.

1. On your computer, open a browser and visit Google Photos website > Sign in with your account.

2. Choose Albums > Click Create album > Name the album and click Add photos to upload photos from your PC.

google photo create album

3. On your iPad, download Google Photos app from App Store > Sign in with the same account > Go to find the download pictures you need.

Way 3. How to Move Pictures from Computer to iPad via Email

If you just want to transfer one or two pictures, then you can simply send yourself an email with a picture attachment.

1. On your Computer, compose your email.

2. Add the photos you need as an attachment > Send it to yourself.

3. On your iPad, check the email and download the picture attachment.

Way 4. How to Move Photos from PC to iPad with iTunes

If you have a brand-new iPad and there is no important data on it, you can choose to transfer photos from computer to iPad with iTunes. To make things simple, you can first put all photos in a folder first.

1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on computer.

2. Connect iPad to computer via USB cable.

3. Click the Device tab > Choose Photos > Check Sync Photos > Select the folder that contains your pictures > Click Apply and it will start transferring photos to iPad.

sync photos using itunes

If you want to transfer selected photos from computer to iPad without data loss, then Way 1 is the best choice.

Way 5. How to Sync Photo Files from PC to iPad Using iCloud

iCloud is another official utility provided by Apple to help users manage iOS data. It’s a good way to share files wirelessly. However, it only offers 5 GB free storage, and it will run out of soon if you want to transfer lots of photos.

If your iCloud storage is full, you need to upgrade the storage plan or free up more space, or turn to other transfer methods in this article.

1. On your iPad, Go to Settings.

2. Tap  [your name] > Select iCloud > Choose Photos to enable iCloud Photos.

3.  On your Computer, open a browser and go to > Sign with your Apple ID and passcode.

4.  Click Photos option > Click Upload photos to choose the photos you want to add to iPad.

view photos on icloud

The photos will be synced to iPad when Wi-Fi is connected, and you can check them in Photos app.

If there are too many pictures need to be moved to your iCloud, you can also use the professional FoneTool to help you efficiently upload photos to iCloud on Windows PC (My iCloud > Manage iCloud).

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

manage icloud

FAQs on Transferring Files from PC to iPad

After reading, you may also want to know:

1. Will transferring photos to my iPad affect the quality of the images?

With FoneTool, transferring photos to your iPad doesn't affect the image quality. The original quality is maintained during the transfer process. And it also supports you to transfer videos without losing quality.

2. How do I organize transferred photos into albums on my iPad?

After transferring photos, open the Photos app on your iPad, select the photos you want to organize, tap "Add to," and create a new album or add them to an existing one.

3. Can I transfer photos from my computer to my iPad using a USB flash drive?

Yes, you can transfer photos from a USB flash drive to your iPad using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Connect the adapter to your iPad, plug in the flash drive, and use the Files app to copy the photos.


That’s all for how to transfer photos from computer to iPad Pro, Air, Mini. If you want to make it without iTunes or iCloud, you can let FoneTool transfer photos using a cable, let cloud storage services like Google Photos transfer photos wirelessly.

Besides, FoneTool is also a professional iOS backup software that allows you to back up iPad to external drive, computer or iPhone.

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