By Jessie / Last update July 29, 2016

What Is “Acer Boot Recovery”?

The term “Acer boot recovery” we usually say is the short expression for Acer system recovery when boot up the computer. People who make use of this method is because that their original OS failed to boot up and they can’t enter into Windows to carry out recovery operation. And, if a user can enter into Windows, it proves that his current operating system is working; he do not need to restore system then.

Then, why recover OS the moment the machine boots up? It is that only when boot up the computer, the shortcut key (Alt + F10) to enter recovery environment, where system recovery tool – Acer eRecovery Management is available, is available.

How to Do Acer Boot recovery?

As it implies above, Acer boot recovery is just to recover system when computer boots up. For Acer system recovery when the machine is off, just follow the steps below.

1. Get into Acer one recovery environment. Power on the computer and continuously press “Alt + F10” when its logo shows up until it response to your pressing. Then, it will turn into Acer PC recovery environment and eRecovery Management will pop up automatically. This is the start of Acer boot recovery.

2. In its main interface, on the left side, choose “Restore”. And, there are three options for you to choose from:

  • Restore Factory Settings: This will erase all the data on system C Partition and make it looks like the first time you get your computer.
  • Customized Restore (Retain User Data): This will only recover your OS while transfer your account data to c\backup file. It sounds better than the first one but it will also keep persistent viruses or malware. That is to say, your new recovered system may be attacked again by these kept viruses or malware.
  • Reinstall Drivers or Applications: This will only reinstall factory default drivers or applications.

Acer eRecovery Management Windows 8

3. Select the one which suits you most. Here, I will take customized restore for example for I have written many articles about restore factory settings.

4. After choose “Customized Restore”, a message will pop up informing you what will be removed and what will be kept. Click “Next” to continue.

Acer Refresh PC

5. Then, a confirmation message will show itself up; just select “Refresh”.

Acer Refresh PC Confirm

6. It will start to refresh the computer. After a few minutes, when it finishes, it will restart and you will see a refreshed operating system. Until then, Acer boot recovery finishes completely.

Do Acer Boot Recovery in another Way

Besides Acer eRecovery Management, there is a third party tool which can help users do Acer system recovery and it is AOMEI OneKey Recovery, a professional OS backup and restore program aimed at replace brand computers’ built in system restoration tools when they are unavailable due to some accidents including Lenovo OneKey Recovery, Dell Backup and Recovery, Toshiba recovery tool, Samsung system recovery, Sony snap in recovery, HP Recovery Manager, Asus Backup & Recovery as well as Acer eRecovery Management.

To do Acer boot recovery with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, you should first build a backup and recovery organization based on the program before system crash like Recovery Management creates recovery partition and recovery set of discs before starting to use the new computer. Then, when system stops working, you can rely on it to do Acer system recovery.

1. Get into AOMEI recovery environment. Power on the computer and continuously press “A” or “F11” (it depends on your settings when you create backup) when its logo shows up until it responses to your pressing. Then, it will enter AOMEI recovery environment and OneKey Recovery will pop up automatically.

2. In its main window, choose “OneKey System Recovery” to go on.

OneKey System Recovery

3. Select from where to restore system, AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition or a system image file, depending on where you have stored the system backup you have created or your personal preference. Here, take the first one for example.

Restore System from AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition

4. It will inform you about overwritten of restoration destination. Confirm it and click “Start Restore”.

Restore and Confirm

5. The process will take a few minutes. During the process, the computer will restart several times. Finally, you will get a new recovered operating system just like the moment you create the system backup.

In nowadays network environment, there are many threats which might damage your system in the next moment. Thus, to protect your OS, you’d better have your own measures. Firstly, you can rely on computer built in tool. Yet, when the snap in program is unavailable, don’t forger there is a third party program which can help!

All we want is that everyone can enjoy their experience with their computers! Thank you for your time and have a good day!