Restore System to Factory Default Settings with Acer Recovery Management

You will learn how to easily restore system to factory default setting with the help of Acer Recovery Management. And this article also include one lossless data method.


by Clytze Updated on October 26, 2022

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What is recovery management for Acer?

Recovery Management is an application provided by Acer Care Center to help you backup and restore Acer computer. For Acer restore system to factory default settings, you have two options, Reset your PC and Refresh your PC. 

The first option will delete all the data on the C: drive while the second one only restore operating system to its default settings. And it will not remove the persistent viruses or malware if you use the second one. 

Acer Care Center Recovery Management

Then, how to restore system to factory default with Acer Recovery Management? You can keep reading below to learn the steps. 

Stepwise guide: completely restore system to factory default settings with Acer Recovery Management

Step 1. Open Acer Recovery Management software. You have two ways in the following:

>> Type “acer recovery in the search box and click “Acer Recovery Management”  to open Acer Recovery Management.

>> Just follows Start” > “All Apps” > “Acerfolder > “Acer Recovery Management” to access Acer Recovery Management in Acer Care Center.

Step 2. In the Recovery Management window, click “Get started” to the right of Reset your PC and then “Remove everything”.


Remove Everything Win10

Step 3. Click “Just remove my files”.

Just Remove My Files

Step 4. Confirm what will be removed and click “Reset”.

Reset PC Win10

It will take about 20 minutes depends on your mode to finish the restoration. It will take another 20 minutes to prepare your pc and it will restart several times during the process. When it finishes, it will restart one last time and ask you to make some settings just as the first time you get your machine.

Another way to restore Acer operating system to factory defaults (No data loss)

The Reset your PC feature helps when your computer does not work properly or is infected by viruses etc. However, as you can see from the reset process, it will remove all the personal files, user accounts, apps, and any changes made to settings, etc. If there is any other way, you surely don't want to do this. 

Here I'll introduce you such way to protect your Acer computer, it's to use a reliable backup and restore software - AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It does not come with a factory image, but you can use it to make a recovery partition when you get your computer first. And it's also able to backup system regularly with daily, weekly, monthly scheduler.

Thus, if it's scheduled backup and the last backup was just before the disaster happened, you can restore Acer operating system without losing data. Since it will include all the items you backed up. Then, learn the steps in the following. 

Step 1. Launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery into its main window and choose “OneKey System Recovery”.

OKR Recovery

Step 2. Specify a way to restore your system, from AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition or image file in other location.

Restore from

Step 3. Specify where to recover factory defaults to, original system partition or other place. Note that the operating system and data on it will be overwritten, please backup files first and then click "Start Restore". 

Confirm Restore

When it finishes, the machine will restart several times and requires initial setups.

Except for Acer computer, AOMEI OneKey Recovery can also be applied to Lenovo, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, etc.


You can easily restore system to factory default with the help of Acer Recovery Management software. But if you don't want to lose any data or reinstall all the programs that does not come along with this PC, it is a wise choice to create a system backup and schedule it in daily, weekly or monthly. Thus, you still have an exact copy of your system and can restore your computer to previous good state instead of factory default settings.

For advanced users, try AOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician or Customization edition. It allows you to provide technical services to clients or customize UI. 

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