How to Download and Use Acer Erecovery Management Software

You will get a brief introduction to Acer eRecovery Management software and how to use it. Best alternative is also included.


by Clytze Updated on October 26, 2022

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What Is Acer eRecovery Management Software?

Acer eRecovery Management, also called Acer eRecovery Manager, is a software provided by the company to help users restore their Acer computers to default factory settings. All Acer desktops and notebooks come preloaded with a recovery partition to allow you to restore the operating system on your computer.

What Can Acer eRecovery Manager Do?

You can use Acer eRecovery Management software to create recovery media, reinstall Windows without using CDs or DVDs, or just reinstall drivers and applications.

And it can be used to restore a system to its last known good configuration which is saved as an image in a hidden partition in the hard disk of the computer system. Besides, recovering the image of the good configuration from a secondary partition or an optical disk is supported.

Stepwise Guide: Download and Use Acer eRecovery Management Application for Protection

Before backing up or restoring your Acer computer, you need to go to its official site and download Acer eRecovery Management Application.  Then, follow the steps below to create a backup for it.

Step 1. Open Acer eRecovery Management. Then, click Click Backup and select Create Factory Default Disc

Acer eRecovery Management Windows 7

Step 2. Afterward, confirm the number of disk required for this task and click Start to backup your Acer system. Then, click OK and insert the next disc if you are asked. 

If you want to restore Acer to its default settings, try the following steps. 

Step 1. In the Acer recovery Management window, click Restore and then Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults

Acer eRecovery Management V7 Restore

Step 2. Confirm you want to restore system and click Yes > Start

Step 3. Then, click OK to confirm the data will be overwirtten.

Step 4. Afterward, your computer will restart, just do as instructed. The entire process will take a while, please wait patiently.

Best Alternative to Acer eRecovery Management Software

Besides Acer eRecovery Manager, you can also make use of AOMEI OneKey Recovery to backup and restore your Acer computer back to factory default settings or a previous good state. And if you backup your Acer computer after install programs and store data on it, it will include all of them after recovery. Thus, you don't need to worry about data loss.

With it, you can backup os to a hidden recovery partition on system disk, or to other local disks like external hard drive, USB flash device, Thumb drive, SanDisk, Pen Drive, etc. 

Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition

And you can compress and encrypt them before saving them to the destination. Besides, you can keep changes made on your computer regularly with its daily, weekly, monthly scheduler.


Vice versa, you can restore your system from recovery partition or other devices you store the backup image on. Moreover, you can also choose to recover operating system to original place or other location according to your own special needs.

Restore from

And you may be surprised by its great compatibility. It applies to all the Windows systems (Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista) and different computer brands, such as, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Asus, etc. Download it to have a try if you need a reliable software to protect your computer!

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Acer eRecovery Management software is very helpful when you want to backup and restore Acer laptop, but you cannot search any information on its official site but eRecovery media. Thus, it's suggested to use the best free Acer eRecovery manager - AOMEI OneKey Recovery for help. It's safer, compatible and feature-rich. 

Besides, its advanced version still allows you to provide technical services to your clients, whether it's companies  or individuals, or UI customize tool. To learn more, go to the edition comparison page. 

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