By Lily / Last update December 13, 2021

Why create a system image backup for Windows Server 2011?

Windows Home Server (WHS) 2011 and Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 is very popular because of the good properties. People use Windows server 2011 and store many important data on the hard drive. However, people still worry about data’s safety. After all, system crashes will bring a lot of troubles like losing data, reinstalling system, and many other problems which can bring a damage to your home workstation or your small business. To protect the system from those trouble, the best way is creating a system image backup for Windows Server 2011.

How to create a system image backup for Windows Server 2011?

Both WHS 2011 and SBS 2011 built-in backup tool Windows Server Backup can create a system image backup. Open the Windows Server Backup, you can see there are two kinds of backup “Backup Schedule...” and “Backup Once...”.

Windows Server Backup

However, when you use the tool to create a system image backup for Windows Server 2011, you may fail with some error code, for example:

  • SBS 2011 backups failing- VSS Error 0x800423F3- Event ID 8230

  • WHS 2011- backup failed, unable to create a volume snapshot

What’s more, this tool cannot compress the system image. If the image is too big, it will occupy a large space on the destination place. If you want to fix those error and make a smaller image file with simple steps, here we highly recommend you a server backup software AOMEI Backupper Server, a backup software that can help you create a system image backup for Windows Server 2011 (both WHS 2011 and SBS 2011) with compression in a few clicks.

Step1. Install and launch this software, and you can see its deep-blue interface. Click Backup at the left pane, and select System Backup.

System Backup

Step2. Then, it will show you the page where you can create a system image backup for SBS 2011. The System Backup will select the system files in default, and all you have to do is clicking Step2, and select a destination partition to store your system image files. You can select another local partition, or an external hard drive, or share on NAS (network attach storage) according to your requirements. Here takes D:\ as the destination place.

Backup System

Tips: if you need to compress the system image to make a smaller one, clickSettings, select Compression. You can compress your system image file according to your requirements, but here we recommend you select Normal.


Step3. After all the settings, clickOK to back to the system backup page, and click Start Backup to launch the progress. Wait till it reaches 100%, click Finish to exit.

Comparing with Windows built-in backup tool, this software can fix almost all the backup problems for both Windows Home server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011. Besides creating a system image backup, you can use it to restore system for Windows server 2011, backup files/folders, sync files and many other things. It is worth to have one.