By Teresa / Last Updated February 25, 2020

Why need to clone Windows Server 2011 to new disk?

It is advisable to clone Windows Server 2011 to new hard drive to make good use of the operating system. Windows Small Business Server 2011 is commonly used in small and medium-sized business and plays a vital role in computer management. Normally, it contains data and information of the entire company and some important files of clients which require a lot of room.

As for Windows Home Server 2011 users, the Server includes the valuable pictures of families and wonderful shared videos and music. As time goes by, you may find a lack of space on the hard drive because you can hardly install new applications or store some large size files. Even worse, the running speed of the computer is getting slower and slower.

In another situation, say upgrading the hard drive, you can clone hard drive of Windows Server 2011. The OEM offered a disk with large a size, HDD (Hard Disk Drive) when the computer was produced. Yet the performance and stability of this kind of disk are nowhere near as good as the SSD (Solid State Drive), and you discovered it. Therefore, it is a wise move to clone hard drive to SSD to experience a better experience.

The high-tech brings convenience to our daily life. The risk of losing data and the attack of virus, meanwhile, were followed by. Then you may need to make a duplication of your computer as the disaster recovery plan.

How to clone Windows 2011 to new hard drive?

Windows Server 2011 built-in utility, Windows Server Backup, supports making a local backup of your hard drive. Nevertheless, it doesn’t support clone or migrate the operating system to new hard drive. The difference between backup system and clone system is you can run the system directly after clone while you have to restore the backup image first before you use it after your backup. Thus, disk clone or system clone is a better choice.

When considering clone Windows Server, you’d better take security and efficiency into consideration. AOMEI Backupper Sever version is a full-featured and enterprise-level backup solution that allows you to clone Server 2011 to new HDD. This software is embedded with a technology that enables you to clone system/disk without interrupting or shutting down the Windows and other running applications.

You can realize clone Windows Server 2011 in two methods with AOMEI Backupper: System Clone and Disk Clone. If the new destination hard drive is an external one, please insert it in advance. Download AOMEI Backupper Server (30-day free trial) and have a try. Install and launch it first. Note that the destination disk will be overwritten, so back up important files in advance.

Method 1: Clone only Windows Server 2011 system drive(s) to new hard drive

Step 1. Select System Clone under the Clone tab.

Choose System Clone

Step 2. Choose Destination lcoation. The source partitions (C drive and System Reserved Partition) are selected by default.

Choose Destination Partitioned SSD

Step 3. Check the Operation Summary.

System Clone Preview Align Checked

This is the best feature to clone Windows Home Server 2011 system drive. If you want to migrate not only the OS but also other data on the hard drive, then the second solution is designed for you.

Method 2: Clone entire hard drive in Windows Server 2011 to new disk

Step 1. Select Disk Clone under the Clone tab.

Choose Disk Clone

Step 2. Choose the Source Disk.

Choose Source Disk 1

Step 3. Select the Destination Disk.

Choose Destination Partitioned Hdd

Step 4. Confirm the Operation Summary.

Disk Clone Preview


  • Edit partitions on the destination disk: you are allowed to specify partitions on the new hard drive.

  • Sector by sector clone: this method will clone every sector on the source disk, whether it is used or not.

  • Align partitions to optimize for SSD: if you clone Windows Server 2011 to SSD, chech this option to improve performance.

  • If the destination hard drive is a dynamic disk, you have to convert it to basic disk in advance.

  • Another embedded feature of this software, Dissimilar Hardware Restore, allows you to migrate Windows Server to new hardware and keep everything intact.

Cloning Windows Server 2011 to new hard drive is kind of easy with the help of AOMEI Backupper Server. Also, you can use these two ways to clone WHS (Windows Home Server) 2011 to new hard drive. The Server edition supports to clone Server 2003 hard drive as well as hard drive in Server 2008/2012. Except for clone, it can do multiple backups such as Full Backup, Incremental Backup, Differential Backup, Schedule Backup and restoration like System Restore, Disk Restore, Universal Restore, Create Bootable Media etc.