Deploy/Restore System Image to Different Computer with AOMEI Backupper

October 14, 2019

Deploying or restoring Windows 7/8 or Server 2008/2012 system image to different computer can avoid reinstalling Windows and applications. AOMEI Backupper provides universal restore function for this task.

When Need to Deploy System Image to Different Computer?

As for an old computer, its performance and running speed may not be good and influence work efficiency. At this time, many users will think of purchasing a new computer, but you don’t want to reinstall system and applications which is a trouble. The common method is to move all the data in old computer to the new computer which save much time and also save much trouble. Under this situation, you need to backup system image, and then you can deploy system image to different computer for hardware upgrade.

In addition, as to a big company, if you are the administrator and want to deploy many client computers by a host computer, but only the host computer can boot and other computers cannot boot. This requires you install system and applications for these computers; however, this task makes you feel very upset. Many users will choose to backup the host computer system and restore it to these different computers without reinstalling system.

Generally speaking, when computer crashes and cannot boot, or buying new computers, or your computer can boot but need a more stable operating system. Under these circumstances, you can use universal restore system to ensure computer working well.

How to Deploy System Image to Different Computer?

As words above mentioned, some conditions about restoring system image to different computer. In a word, when your computer can boot, you only need to create a system image to store in external hard drive, then plug it in another computer to deploy system image to different computer. Besides, if computer cannot boot, you need to create a bootable disc, and then start up different computers for universal system restore. Here we focus on computer cannot boot condition.

Windows built-in backup utility has a function which can be used to create system backup image and restore system, but this one cannot be available to different computer with different hardware. Thus, backup and restore software is the one you want, like AOMEI Backupper. Its universal restore feature can help users do this task very well.

Note: No matter which situation you meet, the first thing is to create system image and store it to an external hard drive, a CD/DVD, a USB, NAS or network.

Step 1: Launch AOMEI Backupper to create a system backup and create a bootable USB. Connect the bootable USB to target computer and make it boot from USB.

Step 2: When AOMEI Backupper opens, click "Restore" tab and browse the path of your backup image file.

Step 3: Select a backup time point to restore.

Step 4: Select a destination location where you will deploy system backup image. And then click "Next".

Step 5: Operation summary. If hardware of the target computer is different from the computer on which you create the system backup image, the "Universal Restore" option will be ticked automatically. If the destination location is a SSD, you can tick "Align partition to optimize for SSD". Finally, click "Start Restore".