Windows 7 System Image Backup and Restore with Professional

October 23, 2019

As for the task of Windows 7 system backup and restore, an excellent and free tool of AOMEI can complete it excellently with its specially designed functions.

Windows 7 System Image Backup and Restore

Introduction of Backup and Restore

In computing technology, backup refers to copy data, files, partition, volume, disk to an image file so that it can be used to restore to the original state when it is necessary. System backup and restore is the process, during which all the system files would be backed up to an image file so as to be used to restore operating system without reinstalling OS.

Since the Windows Vista, a backup and restore utility has been added as a Windows built-in tool. It can make simple system backup of Windows 7 under certain conditions. However, there are not any assisting features, such as, image file compression, encryption, and so on.

Why Need Windows 7 System Image Backup and Restore?

With the development of science and technology, the computer users have benefited a lot. Since the release of Windows 7, there are more and more users who have employed this operating system. However, there are as well some frequently happened disk problems that have disturbed the users, for example, the problem concerning about the operating system. There is no more serious problem than system crash. This problem can result from many known and unknown reasons. For instance, virus and hacker attack, hardware and software failures, wrong operations and so on.

Backup and Restore Windows System Image with AOMEI Backupper

The imaging software of AOMEI is a professional and free utility for Windows 7 system image backup and restore. In addition, it can work with all Windows editions since Windows 2000. The picture below is the main interface of this powerful tool.

Apart from the function of system backup and restore, it also supports partition/volume/disk backup and restore. Moreover, it possesses many other assisting functions as well. For example, incremental and differential backup, image file splitting, encryption, compression, etc.

All in all, if you want to do the Windows 7 system image backup and restore safely and easily, just download this freeware to have a try at once.