[Solved] iTunes Movie Won’t Download on iPad/PC

If you fail to download iTunes movies to iPad or PC, try the seven useful solutions to fix iTunes movie won’t download on iPad or PC. You can also get best alternative way to get movies from computer to iOS devices.


By Demi / Updated on June 7, 2023

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iTunes movies won't download on iPad

I purchased some movies on iTunes for my iPad yesterday but they won’t download. I really don’t know why or what to do. I’m pretty green about it. Can somebody help me out, please?

- Question from Apple Community


Can't download iTunes movies

I’m not able to download my purchased movies from iTunes onto my computer. I’ve tried signing out and in again iTunes but nothing happens. Can anybody help me?

- Question from Apple Community

iTunes is a powerful tool to manage and purchase media files for iOS devices. After you purchase movies or music videos from iTunes, you may plan to download them to your computer or iPad so that you can enjoy them offline. What a pity that iTunes doesn’t work well from time to time. You may find iTunes movies won’t download on iPad or PC.

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It’s frustrating if you are in the same situation. Here comes this guide to help you get out of it.

Possible reasons why iTunes movie won’t download

Before fixing the problem, it’s necessary to figure out the reason why iTunes movie won’t download so that you can fix it as soon as possible.

• Internet condition. Whether you can download iTunes movie successfully or not is directly influenced by Internet condition.
• Issues related to iTunes. Any iTunes issue or an outdated iTunes on your iPad or PC may cause that your iTunes app quits before the downloading task finishes.
• Errors related to Apple Account. You need to use your Apple ID that is used to purchase movies to access iTunes and download the movie. If there is something wrong with your Apple ID, iTunes won’t let you download movie.

Besides, if your iPad or computer doesn’t have enough free space or installed third-party security software, you cannot download movie from iTunes, either.

Solutions to iTunes movie won’t download on iPad/PC

Don’t be panic if you fail to download iTunes movie on iPad or PC. Here are seven solutions you can try one by one. Hopefully, your issue iTunes movie won’t download on iPad/PC can be fixed.

Solution 1. Check Internet connection

The first thing you need to do is to check the Internet connection. You can open a web browser on your iPad or computer to check if it works properly. If necessary, try resetting network settings or forgetting and rejoining your Wi-Fi. Just in case, you can reset network settings by following the steps below.

For iPad: Go to Settings > General > (Transfer or Reset iPad for iOS 15 and later) Reset > Reset Network Settings. Enter your password to make it.

Reset Network Settings

For Windows PC, go to Start menu > Settings > Select Network and Internet >Select Status from the left pane > Network Reset.

If the Internet issue still exists, you may need to contact your Internet service provider for more help.

Solution 2. Update iTunes to the latest version

An outdated iTunes always contains errors. If your Internet connection is fast and reliable, then you may need to check for iTunes updates. If there is a new version available, update iTunes to the latest version.

Update iTunes Store on iPad: Go to the App Store > Tap your account icon in the upper right corner > Tap Update if an update of iTunes Store is available.

Update iTunes on PC: Open your iTunes > Help > Check for Update to make it.

iTunes Check For Updates

Solution 3. Retry downloading the movie

Just as the error prompt says, you can try to clear the stuck downloads and download the movie again.

On your iPad:
Step 1. Go to the iTunes Store app > Tap More to go to the Downloads page.

Step 2. Locate the movie and swipe it to the left > Tap Delete to delete the stuck downloads. Now, you can download the movie again.

On your PC:
Open the iTunes on your PC > Go to the Download task list > Click Pause All to pause them. Press the same button to download them again.

Solution 4. Check for available downloads

Sometimes, if the iTunes movie is unable to be downloaded, you may need to check if it is available to be downloaded and then download it again.

On your PC:
Step 1. Go to iTunes on your computer> Account > Check for Available Downloads...

iTunes Check For Available Downloads

Step 2. When asked, enter your Apple ID and password > Click View Account. Then, your downloads should automatically restart.

Solution 5. Reset iTunes warnings and cache

If you still have trouble downloading iTunes movie on PC, you can reset iTunes dialog warnings and cache to have a try.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your PC > Select Edit > Preferences > Open the Advanced tab.

Step 2. Click Reset Warnings and Reset Cache > Click OK to save the changes.

iTunes Reset Warnings Cache

Now, restart your computer, run iTunes, and try to download movie again.

Solution 6. Log out & in Apple account

You can refresh the iTunes Store on iPad or iTunes on PC by logging out and in again Apple account. It can update your purchases information and make iTunes movie available to download.

Just tap your account in iTunes Store or iTunes to sign out your Apple ID then sign in again with the Apple account you purchased movies with.

Solution 7. Disable third-party security software

You need to be noted that any third-party security software like anti-virus, malware, or a firewall, may stop you from downloading iTunes movie. Hence, during the downloading process, please quit them. If necessary, you can also uninstall them from your iPad and PC.

Extra tip: Alternative way to get movie from computer to iDevices

To get a movie on your iPad, you can also choose to transfer video from computer to iPad to avoid iTunes errors. A professional transfer tool - FoneTool is recommended to you.

You can rely on it to transfer large videos at superfast transfer speed in three steps from iPad to iPhone, iPad to computer, and vice versa. Besides, both purchased and non-purchased videos are allowed to transfer using it.

Download it to your computer and transfer movie from computer to iPad in three simple steps.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer > Launch FoneTool and click Phone TransferPC to iPhone. Click Start Transfer.

Transfer To iPhone

Step 2. Click + icon to choose videos from computer > Click Open to continue.

Choose Videos

Step 3.  Click Start Transfer to start.

Transfer To Photos

Besides iPad, FoneTool also works well with iPhone and iPod. You can also rely on it to backup iPad to computer.


That’s all for iTunes movie won’t download on iPad/PC. Hope the seven solutions in this guide can help you out. Besides, if needed, you can transfer iTunes videos like movies to your iPad using FoneTool.

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