10 Solutions: iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone

When you want to connect your iPhone to iTunes, you may get a message saying "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone." Don't worry, this post will explain why this problem occurs, and provide you with 10 ways. Also offer you an alternative tool to backup, transfer and manage iPhone easily.


By Kelsey / Updated on June 5, 2023

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Why iTunes could not connect to this iPhone and you do not have permission?

When I tried to sync my iPhone to iTunes, but failed. I just keep getting  ‘iTunes could not connect to this iPhone permission.’  How to fix it? How do I force iTunes to recognize my iPhone? 

- Question from Apple Community

iTunes is an ambivalent tool for Apple users. It provides convenience to manage, sync, and back up iPhone data for people. However, at the same time it also brings kinds of iTunes problems on Windows and Mac systems. For instance, you may fail to connect iPhone to iTunes on computer, and receive a message saying "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone".

And it usually comes along with other words like 

“You do not have permission.”

itunes could not connect to this iphone

 "Or "An unknown error occurred/Because an unknown occurred". 

icloud could not connect to this iphone an uknown error occured

Or something like that. 

No matter what message you got, when iTunes can't connect to your iPhone, you can refer to this post. We will explain why you get the message, and help you fix this problem. Also, we will introduce an easy-to-use alternative to iTunes to easily backup, transfer, and manage iPhone data.

Why does my computer say iTunes could not connect to this iPhone?

Various situations can lead to the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because you don’t have permission.”  issue. The top reasons are as follows.

Outdated iTunes version. Some minor software bugs can cause performance problems, not to mention the outdated iTunes version.
Connection problem between the iPhone and computer. If the Apple USB cable is broken, undoubtedly iTunes could not connect to this iPhone.
Low battery of iPhone. A low battery can cause iPhone to run slow and make some features unavailable.
Poor network connection. If the network is disabled or unstable, it will also lead to connecting to iTunes unsuccessfully.
Access restriction on iPhone. If you set up parental controls on your iPhone, this may lead to iPhone could not connect to iTunes.

10 ways to fix iTunes could not connect to this iPhone

If you wonder how to fix iTunes could not connect to this iPhone, please try the following ways one by one. Let's start with the first way.

Way 1: Update iTunes to the latest version

Updating iTunes to the latest version can be the first option you should consider, because wrong or old iTunes version can cause a lot of features to irregular operating.

Please click Help on the top menu bar and tap Check for Updates.

check for updates

Way 2: Check network connection

If the network is weak or in poor connection is one of the reasons for iTunes could not connect to iPhone. So please check whether your network connection is configured correctly. 

●If you are using the mobile data, you can turn it off and on again to check that your data is in an active state.

●If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, please make sure that your device is in the Wi-Fi range.

check the route

Way 3: Restart the computer

Sometimes, restarting the computer can solve many problems. So try to restart your computer and iTunes app first to see if the problem disappears. If not, try other methods in the following.

Way 4: Trust the computer

When you connect your iPhone to a computer, a message will ask you to “Trust This Computer?”  You should click the Trust button on the popup. Without doing so, your iPhone won't connect to computer successfully and then iTunes won't be able to get the related information.

trust the computer

Way 5: Update iOS

If iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because you don’t have permission, you can try to update the latest versions of iOS, this way might allow your iPhone to connect to iTunes again.

update ios

Way 6: Try another Apple USB cable

Try other USB ports to see if there is a problem with the port. If there is nothing wrong, you’d better try another Apple USB cable instead of the bad one to make iTunes connect to the iPhone work normally.

lightening cable

Way 7: Restart iPhone

If your iPhone is stuck, it may cause iTunes fail to connect to iPhone. And restarting your iPhone can fix several common problems. This is the easiest way to get rid of the issue.

1. Hold the iPhone's power button for a few seconds, then the power slider will appear on the screen.

2. Slide it to the edge of the screen and the device will turn off.

3. Then wait a few seconds. Next, hold the power button again to turn on iPhone.

restart iphone

Way 8: Disable the restrictions on iPhone

You may have default restriction settings on your iPhone, for example, parental controls. On account of these settings, you may receive “iTunes cannot connect to this phone and you have no permission” message.

Open Settings > choose Screen Time > click Content & Privacy Restrictions option > Disable it.

privacy restriction

Way 9: Update Apple USB driver

If the above methods still do not solve your problem, checking and updating the Apple USB driver on your computer may be able to help you.

1. Disconnect your iPhone to computer and open it.

2. Next, connect it again with the computer.

3. Then you need to visit the Device Manager on computer.

4. Choose Portable Devices > Apple iPhone > Update driver.

update driver

5. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

automatically for updated river software

6. After installation is finished, go to Windows update from the Settings and verify.

Way 10: Charge your iPhone

If your iPhone's battery is too low, there may be some errors in operation. Therefore, we suggest charging the iPhone to proper charge, at least 60%, and then unlocking it and connecting to iTunes.

Bonus tip: Try iTunes alternative to avoid errors

If your iTunes could not connect to this iPhone permission, there is an iTunes alternative that can help you avoid iTunes problems once and for all. FoneTool is a professional backup and transfer tool for Apple users that allows you easily and quickly backup your iPhone photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to computer.

You can enjoy these advantages in FoneTool:
★ A selective process. You don’t have to worry about backup unneeded files anymore with the help of FoneTool.
★A faster transfer speed. With FoneTool you can transfer data at superfast speed.  For example, FoneTool can transfer 100 photos in 2 seconds.
★ Flexible data restore. You can preview files before restoring and choose to recover backups to the original device or a new device.

Download FoneTool. And we will guide you how to use this tool.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Here we take transfer data from iPhone to PC as an example to show you how it works.

Step 1. Run FoneTool, and choose Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC.

transfer to computer

Step 2. Click Plus button. Select the data you want to transfer. 

choose photos

Step 3. Click "Start Transfer" button. Then you can have some settings when the "Transfer Settings" window prompt, like the transfer path. Then click "Transfer"

transfer settings

Tip: Other features of FoneTool

► Full Backup: You can go to Phone Backup >  choose Full Backup to create a full backup for iPhone.

►Selective Backup: Also choose Phone Backup on the FoneTool, and click "Selective Backup" to backup iPhone photos, videos, contacts, music, messages, etc. to computer.

►Transfer from PC to iPhone: Import data from computer to iPhone. You can choose "Phone Transfer" > "PC to iPhone".

►Transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone: One-click to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone. Choose "iPhone to iPhone“ from Phone Transfer window.


In this passage, you can learn about the reasons and solutions for iTunes could not connect to this iPhone and you do not have permission. If you don't want the problem to happen again, just try the free alternative of iTunes - FoneTool, which helps you backup and transfer iPhone data without a hitch.

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