Fixed: Import Photos from iPhone to PC Something Went Wrong

This post will show you 8 different but useful solutions to the “importing photos from iPhone to PC something went wrong” error. You can read on to get them.


By Zoey / Updated on June 18, 2024

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Why can’t I import photos from iPhone to PC?


Importing photos from iPhone to PC keeps failing

Anyone else experiencing issues with importing photos from iPhone to PC ‘Something went wrong’? I am experiencing this problem on my Windows computer. Out of over 100 photos, only a few were imported before the problem occurred. Tried again, tried a new cable, restart both devices, and did it all. I have never had this problem before, even in the previous beta version."

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Something went wrong message

Users sometimes need to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, perhaps to edit them and view them on the computer, or to free up storage space on their iPhone. However, the “ import iPhone photos to PC something went wrong” problem has become a common problem that affected users. But you don't have to worry too much, this article has prepared six different but effective ways to help you solve this problem.

8 solutions to importing photos from iPhone to PC “Something Went Wrong”

To fix the “something went wrong importing photos from iPhone to PC” error, there are different solutions on both your iPhone and computer. You can try them until you fix the issue successfully.

There are some details some people don't know. Before we get down to the solutions, you can check the tips below.
1. Please make sure your Photos app is open and your iPhone is not in Batter Saving Mode during the process.
2. Go to iPhones "Settings" > Tap "Photos" > and scroll down to Transfer to PC or Mac. Select "Keeps Originals" option. 

Solution 1. Keep your iPhone unlocked

If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 but meet the “import photos from iPhone to Windows 10 something went wrong” error, you need to check if your iPhone is unlocked during the importing process. This method is also suitable for other versions of Windows systems.

Locked mode and Sleep mode will lead to interruptions or issues because Apple devices cannot do any data transfer task with the state. So you need to tap on the screen of your iPhone to make sure it is unlocked all the time.

Solution 2. Check iPhone photo settings

The second solution is provided by some users. They said checking your iPhone photo settings may solve the “something went wrong importing photos to Windows 10 from iPhone” issue and it can also work on other versions of Windows devices. If you want to try this method, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings and select Photos on your iPhone.

2. Choose Keep Originals in the TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC section.

3. After the above, try importing photos from your iPhone to PC again.

Solution 3. Stop hardware acceleration of Microsoft Photos

Hardware acceleration in Microsoft Photos may also cause such a problem because of incompatibility between Windows and iPhone. Thus, you can consider stopping the hardware acceleration of Microsoft Photos to fix the error. Follow the easy steps to do it:

1. Run Microsoft Photos, and press the three dots icon to select Setting.

Microsoft Photos Settings

2. Turn off Use hardware-accelerated video encoding when available.

Hardware Accelerated

Solution 4. Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes

You can choose to use the Home Sharing feature in iTunes. It can enable different system sharing aspects and permissions. Just follow the guide to use it:

1. Open iTunes and sign in to your Apple ID.

2. Click File > Home Sharing, then choose Turn On Home Sharing.

Turn On Home Sharing

Solution 5. Make sure the picture folder has full control permission

Another important thing is that you can check the control permission of the Picture folder. If the Picture folder does not have full control permission, you may receive “something went wrong” during the photos importing process. The contents below will tell you how to give the Picture folder full control permission:

1. Press the Windows and E keys at the same time. Right-click on the Picture folder and choose Properties.

2. Click on Security and choose Edit.

Pictures Folder Permission

3. Choose your username in the Group or user names section, then tick all the boxes under Allow to give the Picture folder full permissions.

Pictures Folder Permission Edit

Solution 6. Repair or reset Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos errors can also lead to iPhone cannot import photos. Try repairing or resetting Microsoft Photos on your PC to fix such a problem. Here are the simple steps to do so:

1. Choose Settings in the Windows menu, then go to Apps & features > Microsoft Photos, and click Advanced options under it.

Photos Advanced Options

2. Click on Repair and see if you can import photos properly. If not, click Reset to try again.

Solution 7. Turn off antivirus software and firewall temporarily 

Antivirus software and firewall protect your computer from viruses and malware. But sometimes they will stop program that access, move, add files on your computer. It can be the reason why you failed to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

You can turn off your antivirus software and disable Windows Firewall temporarily. And try to import your photos again to see if the problem is still here.

Solution 8. Update iPhone system and Windows

A system glitch can lead to photo-transferring failure. And it can be fixed by the latest system version. you can follow the steps below to check and update your iOS and Windows version.

To update iOS: Go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone. In most conditions, you will be noted if there is any newer version. And also you can go to "General" on Settings > "Software Update" to check iOS version. Then follow the prompt to update your iOS. Please make sure your iPhone has at least 50% battery life when updating the system.

Ios Software Update

To Update Windows: Click the Start button. Choose the Settings icon. > Select "Update & Security", and click the Windows Update to check and update your Windows version.

Easy Way to importing photos from iPhone to PC no more error

It is common to encounter this “something went wrong” problem in transferring photos and if you don't want to spend time and effort fixing it every time, then you can try a new tool to transfer your iPhone photos to your computer.

We highly recommend a professional tool for importing photos - FoneTool. You can use it to import not only photos but also messages, contacts, videos from iPhone to PC directly for free.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
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What’s more, you can enjoy the benefits FoneTool brings to you as below;

Simple and intuitive interface: There is nothing extra on the interface. It is quite easy for you to follow the instructions to use it.
Support many types of data transfer: You can choose to transfer your photos, videos, contact, messages, music, and so on via it.
Import data quickly: Your data transfer tasks will be completed at a high speed and will not get stuck.
High transfer success rate: It is easy for you to import photos successfully without any error.
Many choices for transfer destination: You can transfer photos from iPhone to USB flash drive, external drive, PC, or NAS.

Let’s see how to use FoneTool to import photos from iPhone to PC easily:

1. Run FoneTool, and connect your iPhone to the computer.

2. Choose Phone Transfer on the main page. Go to choose iPhone to PC.

Transfer To Computer

3. Click the Photos icon to select the photos you want to transfer.

Choose Photos

4. Choose a storage path for your photos, and click on Start Transfer.

transfer photos

Written in the end

We believe you have known how to fix the “importing photos from iPhone to PC something went wrong” error already. If you still cannot import photos from iPhone to PC properly, you can consider switching to a better tool like FoneTool. It can help you transfer data including photos, videos, messages, music, and contacts from iPhone to PC without effort.

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