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Why can't I transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 comptuer?

I connected my iPhone 13 to my Windows 10 PC to save my photos. The PC detected my iPhone. But once I started to import pictures, I got "Something Went Wrong" error. Then I try iTunes to sync, still failed. It seems that iTunes can't perform this process. So how to easily transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer without iTunes?

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Microsoft Photos

Need to import photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC?

iPhone is a good device to take photos with great quality. You may love to take selfies or record your life via photos. But soon, you will find your iPhone is running out of space and need to send your photos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer. Then free up storage space on your iPhone. 

Besides, having a copy of important photos on PC is a good way to avoid data loss. Once your iPhone has an issue causing data loss, you can still restore the backup to your iPhone to keep the photos. In addition, when you buy a new iPhone, the photo backup quickly helps you transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone.

In this post, we provide 4 ways to save your pictures to a Windows 10 computer/laptop easily. 

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC

There are 4 methods to send iPhone photos. You can choose one as you like.

Method 1. Best software to transfer iPhone photos to Windows 10 computer

To easily and quickly copy photos from an iPhone to Windows computer, you can turn to FoneTool. It is a professional and powerful iOS data transfer and management software. With a few clicks, you can share photos, and other data between your iPhone/iPad and a Windows 10, 11, 8, 7 PC/laptop.

Here are some main features and advantages of FoneTool.

✓ Fast transfer speed: A test shows that FoneTool transfers 1000+ HEIC photos to computer in 10minutes. If you have lots of pictures and files to transfer, it is the best way.
 No photos compress: FoneTool transfers photos from iPhone to PC without losing quality.
 Selective and preview: You can preview your photos, and select an album and specific pictures to Windows 10.
 Full compatibilty with iPhone/iPad: FoneTool support all mainstream iPhone models, including iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7, and well as all iPad/iPad Mini/Air/Pro.

Next, you can download FoneTool and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. We will guide you on how to use this tool to move your pictures from iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8 to Windows 10.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool, and select Phone Transfer on the left pane. Move the mouse to iPhone to PC. Click Start Transfer.

Transfer to Computer

Step 3. Click the "+" icon to add photos from iPhone.

Select Files

Step 4. Click the Photos. Then you can preview and select your photos from iPhone and click OK.

Choose Photos

Step 5. Click the Start Transfer button > You can set transfer storage on the Transfer Settings > Click Transfer.



Method 2. Import photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC via Photos app

 Microsoft Photos or Windows photos app, which is a Windows built-in software, helps you to transfer photos from external devices. You can connect your iPhone with your PC and use as a USB external storage device. Windows photos app will move photos to your PC. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone computer with USB cable. Usually the Windows photos app will be automatically opened. 

Tips: How to manually open Microsoft Photos?
If it does not appear, you can click the Windows start button to look for it on the right, or you could also type Photos in Windows search bar. If you open the application, but cannot transfer photos, the next section would give you the fix.

Step 2. Click Import in Microsoft Photos and then select From a USB device.

From a Usb Device

Step 3. Preview and select the photos on your iPhone and click Import Selected.

Import Selected

After the process is completed, you can find your iPhone photos in File Explorer > Photos on your computer.

Bonus tip: If Photos app is unable to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10

Some users reported that they got some errors like "Import photos something went wrong" when using the photos application. When Windows/Microsoft photos can't work, you can try the following solutions.

Solution 1. Rebooting your computer is always the first thing you should do to fix Windows system issue. The problem might be solved with one click.

Solution 2. You should always keep iPhone screen unlocked or you could not see your device in Microsoft Photos.

Solution 3. you cannot see your device in Microsoft Photos after waiting for a long time, the connection might not be built. You need to check the USB cable and USB port. Installing or reinstalling the latest iTunes could help your repair the driver. It helps especially when Apple Mobile Device USB driver is missing.

Solution 4. If you see the prompt “Something went wrong. Your files might not have been imported.” In Microsoft Photos, disable the antivirus when you transfer photos.

Solution 5. Your photo probably is not on your iPhone but save in your iCloud. You need to download them to your iPhone. Go to Settings on iPhone > tap your avatar > iCloud > Photos > tick Download and Keep Originals.

Solution 6. Related settings need to be changed to help transfer iPhone photos to Windows. Go to Settings on iPhone > locate and tap Photos > in the section TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC, tick Keep Originals.

If you still find that iPhone not importing photos to computer with Microsoft Photos, there is another way to transfer your iPhone photos.

Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 Not Working

 Method 3. Copy iPhone photos to Windows 10 PC using File Explorer

Windows Files Explorer is a Windows tool helping you to easily and quickly access your files and transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer. File Explorer can detect your iPhone as an external device, and you can copy and paste your iPhone photos to your Windows local folder. 

Follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Connect your iPhone to your computer. Double-click "This PC" or Press the "Win" + "e" keys to open Windows File Explorer.

Step 2. Open "Apple iPhone" under Devices and drives. And find the "DCIM" folder.

Step 3. In DCIM folder, you can copy and paste or drag and drop the photos your need to a location on your local destination.

file explorer

Method 4. Download photos from iPhone to windows 10 via iCloud

If you don't have a USB cable, iCloud is another way to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows 10/11/8/7 PC wirelessly. It is a cloud storage service provided by Apple. You can upload your iPhone to iCloud, and visit iCloud site to download photos to your Windows computer.

Part 1. Upload iPhone photos to computer.

Please make sure your iCloud has enough space and enable iCloud Photos. Then your photos will be automatically uploaded to your iCloud.

Step 1. Open "Settings" app on your computer. Scroll down and tap "Photos".

Step 2. Toggle on the "iCloud Photos" / "iCloud Photo Library".


turn on iCloud photos

Part 2. Download iPhone photos from iCloud to PC

Step 1. Go to the iCloud site on your Windows 10 PC. Sign in with your Apple account. Click Photos icon.

icloud site


Step 2. Here you can view the photos that have been uploaded to your iCloud. Choose the photos you need and download to your computer.


This is how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer/laptop. You can perform this operation with FoneTool, File Explorer, Photos app, and iCloud.

If you have a USB cable, FoneTool is the best choice. You can easily and quickly transfer photos from iPhone to Windows computer with a USB cable. If you don't have one, you can use iCloud to transfer iPhone photos to PC wirelessly without USB.

Besides photos, you can also let it help you transfer videos, music, messages and more. And FoneTool is also a photos duplicate cleaner for PC. You may have some duplicate photos after transferring, you can use FoneTool to delete duplicate photos from PC.

It can always help you put your data in the right place. Go download FoneTool.

FoneTool Runs Perfectly on

iOS Versions
  • iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11 and former
  • iPadOS 16/15/14/13/12/11 and former
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