How to Airdrop Files from iPhone to Windows 10/11 Easily

Are you struggling with how to AirDrop files from iPhone to Windows PC, such as photos, videos, and emails? This post will introduce two methods for transferring files from iPhone to Windows 10.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Can I use Airdrop from iPhone to PC?

{Airdrop is really working well for transferring files. But I have dozens of pictures on my iPhone and I need to save these photos to my Windows 10 PC. So I just wonder if is it possible to use Airdrop from iPhone to PC. Or is there any tool helping to transfer my iPhone to Windows 10?

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Can You AirDrop from iPhone to Windows 10/11?

AirDrop is one of the important functions of the iOS system, which is used to share data with other Apple devices (iOS devices and Mac OS) that are nearby.  For example, you can easily airdrop photos from iPhone to iPhone/iPad/Macbook.

AirDrop from iPhone to Windows 10

Lots of users will wonder if it is possible to make files AirDrop from iPhone to Windows 10 PC or laptop. Unfortunately, PCs don't support AirDrop for Windows. Therefore, if you are trying to access Airdrop on your desktop to move files from iPhone to Windows 10 directly is not feasible, you can turn to better ways of transferring data

How to AirDrop Files from iPhone (iOS devices) to Windows 10 PC/Laptop

If you're wondering is there a way to AirDrop from iPhone to PC Windows 10/11? If you want to transfer iPhone data to computer, don't worry, this article provides two easy ways. Read on to know the ways on how to Airdrop from iPhone to PC.

Part 1. AirDrop from iPhone to Windows 10 by iTunes File Sharing

iTunes is a mobile device management utility, media library, and client app for the iTunes Store, developed by Apple Inc. It is used to transfer and manage digital multimedia files on personal computers running the macOS and Windows operating systems. Even though Airdrop to Windows 10 from iPhone is not possible, you can transfer files from iPhone to PC with the following steps.

✍Note: This method can be used to transfer documents created by Keynotes, Numbers, Pages, or other apps that work with File Sharing.

Step 1. Install the latest version of iTunes for Windows 10.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to Windows 10 using the iPhone USB cable. Click the iPhone button near the top left of the iTunes interface.

Device Icon Itunes

Step 3. Click “File Sharing” in the Settings category, select the file to be transferred in the list on the right, and click “Save”, and choose the location where you want to save the file in your Windows 10.

Files Sharing Kindle

Step 4. Click the “Apply” button to complete the transferring operation.

You may encounter the following situations when using iTunes:
The program is a bit complicated. Some people complain that they can't find the right steps when using an iPhone.   
Sometimes, iTunes does not work well with Windows 10, and you may get an error prompt leading to transfer failure. 
iTunes cannot completely meet the needs of users who want to Airdrop iOS to Windows 10/11, because iTunes can only transfer all files to PC at once, which is time-consuming and requires enough local space. 

Don't worry, for users who want to transfer files from iPhone Airdrop to Windows 10 PC, you can also transfer files to computer in another simpler, safe, and more comprehensive way.

Part 2. The Easiest Way of AirDrop Files from iPhone to Windows 10/11/8/7

If you start encountering iTunes errors and issues when transferring files from iPhone to Windows 10, we prefer to offer an alternative transfer software called FoneTool, which can transfer and back up photos, videos, messages, contacts, and other data from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to a Windows 11/10/8/7 computer.

Compared with iTunes and other similar tools, it comes with lots of advantages to meet different needs.

✌ Easy-to-use: It uses an intuitive interface. And anyone can easily handle transferring files from an iPhone to a computer.
✌ Fast and large-scale transfer: FoneTool can transfer a large number of items between iOS and PC with a fast speed. It saves your time.
✌ Selective and preview transfer: Select the data like photos/music/contacts/messages you need to transfer, and preview the files before transferring them to PC.
No data loss: Unlike iTunes, FoneTool will not sync data between your devices, so you won't lose your data on your iPhone/iPad.
✌ Great compatibility: It supports most iOS devices and models, including all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Now you can download the freeware phone tools - FoneTool in your Windows 10 and follow the steps to transfer files from your iPhone to Windows 10.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the Windows PC via a stable USB cable and make sure it is detected. And open the FoneTool. Then tap "Trust This Computer” on your iPhone.

✍Note:  FoneTool has been focusing on data security for more than 10 years and has professional technical support to ensure that all your data will not be lost and leaked.

Step 2. Click the "Phone Transfer" > Find "iPhone to PC" and click "Start Transfer".

Transfer To Computer

Step 3. Click the “+” icon to select files you want to AirDrop. Here take photos as an example. Then click the “OK” button. You can choose to transfer your different files based on your need.

choose files

Step 4. Then click the “Start Transfer” button to start the transfer process, you can change the storage path in your Windows 10 computer. The transferring time depends on the total size of the chosen files.


Step 5. Click "OK" when the transfer is completed.

Transfer Completed


That's all about how to AirDrop from iPhone to Windows 10. Now you know the answer to "can you use Airdrop photos, videos, contacts, and other files from iPhone to PC". You can't use airdrop to transfer data from iOS to a Windows 10/11/8/7 computer. Luckily, we can still use iTunes and FoneTool to share your data between iPhone and PC.

If you need to airdrop files for a Windows PC or send large files to your computer, FoneTool is the best alternative for you. In addition, FoneTool also performs many important and amazing features, for example, HEIC Converter, Erase iPhone. It can help you manage the data of your iOS device better.

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