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Does iTunes backup include photos?

I’d like to save my iPhone with iTunes but I have a question. Whether my photos will be included in iTunes backup? I have many photos on my iPhone so I care about this very much. Any help?

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Mobile phone does not only be used for calling or sending messages now. You could use it to take photos to preserve memory.

Camera is one of the most promoted features on iPhone. You could take beautiful pictures by yourself without post-process. When you backup iPhone with iTunes in order to save the pictures, you might wonder if iTunes would backup photos?

Maybe you are preparing to backup photos with iTunes or have backed up iPhone and want to retrieve photos from that backup. This following content would tell you whether iTunes backup includes photos, how iTunes backs up photos, and how to easily backup iPhone photos to computer.

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Does iTunes backup include photos?

The answer would be yes if you haven’t upload iPhone photos to iCloud. The way that iTunes works is complicated. You should know what iTunes backup includes before using it.

iTunes would not back up the contents that you have already saved to iCloud. It would consume your iCloud space as less as possible. If you care whether your photos would be saved to iTunes backup, you should check in iCloud settings whether you have enabled iCloud Photos.

If you are sure that you have saved photos to iCloud before using iTunes to back up your phone, you could download iCloud backup to PC from the website or the client.

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Does an iTunes backup include photos? iTunes would back up the photos that you take with the camera, download from browser like wallpapers or pictures like Messenger. You could find them in Photos app after restoration.

You might have synced photos from computer to iPhone with iTunes, but you need to know that iTunes would not backup photos synced with iTunes. iTunes would just backup the necessary files to help you completely restore iPhone. If these photos are from your computer, it means you could find your photos somewhere else. You should backup iPhone to PC with another software if you want to save that part of photos.

Where does iTunes backup photos on computer? In fact, even if you have successfully saved photos with iTunes. You are not allowed to view them on your computer for iTunes want to protect your privacy. If you insist, use professional tools to view photos in iTunes backup.

In addition, you could not export just photos to your iPhone when restoring iPhone from that backup. Using iTunes to restore iPhone would totally replace the existing data. If you want to only restore your photos later, try backing up iPhone photos with professional application.

Easily backup iPhone photos with professional software

Does iTunes backup photos? You would be confronted with many limitations when using iTunes to backup iPhone photos. If you want to preview all the photos on your iPhone and select the photos you want, you need the professional backup software (iTunes is a professional software for managing music and videos, rather than a professional backup software).

AOMEI MBackupper is a free professional iPhone backup software. You could use it to backup the photos and videos from iPhone to computer as you wish. When restoring iPhone photos, you could also select the ones you want. You could save important information like contacts and messages at the same time if you like.

Super Speed: AOMEI MBackupper would transfer every 100 photos to computer in 2 seconds.

One-Click View: You could easily view or locate your photos backup on omputer by one click.

Widely Compatible: It would be perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 13.

Backup iPhone photos to computer in 3 steps

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper for free. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and tap “Trust” on it.

Step 2. Click Photos Backup. You could preview photos by clicking the icon. After selecting the needed Photos, click OK to return.

Select Pictures

Step 3. Click the path in the lower-left corner to change it. Click Start Backup and the selected photos would be transferred to computer in seconds.

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● Tips: Click the eye icon or pin icon in Backup Management to view or locate your backup. If you wish, you could backup iPhone photos to external drive with AOMEI MBackupper.


Does iTunes backup include photos? Now you should know whether iTunes backup include photos. Tunes backup could save your photos if you haven’t uploaded them to iCloud. Photos synced with iTunes would also not be included. If you want to quickly and safely transfer photos to computer, you could try AOMEI MBackupper to decide your backup.

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