By Cherry / Last Updated September 22, 2020


One friend said that he was trying to install a Windows 7 x64 system image from his old computer to another new one, when he use the system repair disc he created before to boot his computer, he found the backup , but the restore fails with an error: Windows did not find a disk which it can use for recreating volumes present in backup. Offline disks, cluster shared disks or disk explicated excluded by user will not be used by Windows. Ensure that disks are online and no disks are excluded by mistake. Code with 0x80042412.

How to fix Windows 7 x64 system image restore fails with 0x80042412?

The error will be caused by many reasons. 1). The system disk may have been excluded by mistake; 2). The external hard drive may have been assigned as a system disk; 3). An invalid disk may have been assigned as system disk. To fix the error, you can do as follows:

  1. 1). Change to legacy boot from UEFI;

  2. 2). Loaded Intel RAID drivers after booting from the system repair disc;

  3. 3). Formatted the target partition.

Restore Windows 7 x64 system image successfully

There is another way for you to restore Windows 7 x64 system image so that you can avoid the problem Windows 7 x64 system image restore fails with 0x80042412. That is restore Windows 7 x64 system image with the third party software AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI Backupper Standard edition is free for Windows users including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It is a powerful backup software for Windows that can create system image and restore Windows from it. If you want to use it to restore your Windows 7 x64 system image, it could be easier and simpler. But before you do, you need prepare for it.

  1. ● Use this freeware to create a Windows 7 system image backup, and create a bootable media to help you boot your computer successfully.

  2. ● Plug the external hard drive which stored your system image into the computer.

Step1.If your computer can boot normally, boot it and open the AOMEI Backupper Standard. If your computer cannot boot, boot it from the bootable media you created before. Click Restore to start. Then, click Path to choose the Windows 7 x64 system image you created before to restore.


Step2. Then, select the backup time point to restore.

Restore Point

Step3.Here you will move to the Operation Summary page. Confirm it and click Start Restore to launch the progress.

Start Restore


● TheSector by sector restore option will restore every byte to your system drive from system backup image, which will cost more time and more space.

● TheEnable Universal Restorewill be ticked by default once it detects that you are doing a universal restore.

Fix Windows 7 x64 system image restore fails with 0x80042412 may be complex for most users. But if you using AOMEI Backupper to restore Windows 7 x64 sytem image, the easy-to-use interface could make things simple and easy that even a computer idiot can operate it alone. You can even use it to restore Windows 8 system image, deploy Windows 10 system image to new hard drive. Besides, you can use it to clone disk, check image, and much more to secure your data. You can download it free to know more.