By Lora / Last update June 6, 2022

How do I get my pictures back on my iPhone after restoring?

Did you restore your iPhone and get all your precious pictures wiped? How to recover data from restored iPhone? It seems that users who suffered and were bothered by iPhone data loss like losing pictures after restoring are not seldom.


Sometimes they can’t stand their sluggish iPhones and decide to reset them to speed them up; some else users’ iPhones go something wrong and are forced to be restored.

However, the only goal for these users is to recover data from restored iPhone despite the different situations. Let’s check some real cases here.

My phone wouldn't turn on and had the iTunes symbol displayed and so after trying to resolve it myself I took it to an apple repair. They reset my phone and I've lost about 10,000 pictures :( I was sure my entire camera roll was backed up on iCloud but I've lost 6 months’ worth of photos. Is there anything I can do?

- Question from thestudentroom

Recover photos from Factory reset iPhone

Is there a way of recovering photos from Factory reset iPhone? It’s an iPhone 6, I didn’t use iCloud/iTunes at the time so need a bit of software. Thanks.

- Question from MoneySavingExpert

It can be noticed that the user in the first case faced some difficulty on his/her iPhone, after restoring the iPhone, all the pictures are gone. But thankfully he/she had activated iCloud backup.

The second user, he/she didn’t create any backups using iTunes or iCloud but still urgently need his/her photos.

So, is there a way to recover photos after restore? And how to recover data from reset iPhone?

Now, before coming to the solution part, it is a good choice for users to get a brief impression of “Restore” in advance.

What does “Restore iPhone” mean?

Some users may wonder, “Does erasing iPhone really delete everything?”, and the answer is YES. It is to say that all your photos, videos, apps, settings, etc. will be wiped. The details of “Restore” will be given as follows.

To give it a definition, “Restore” means returning to the original condition. Generally speaking, “Restore iPhone” is slightly different from “Reset”.

Reset” refers to a factory reset, which will erase ALL the content and settings on your iOS device, your iPhone version will go back to the version that the last time you upgraded.

While “Restore iPhone” will wipe your data, info, and settings, AND install the latest version of iPhone software on your device. At this time, your restored iPhone will only be equipped with the newest version of iPhone software, default apps, and settings.

To put it simpler, for example, if you have ever upgraded your iPhone to iOS 13.7, and one day you reset your iPhone, then it will be at iOS 13.7. In the contrast, if you restore it, then your iPhone will be upgraded to iOS 14.8.

Can you recover data from restored iPhone?

Is there any possibility to recover data from factory reset iPhone? To all our relief, the answer is yes, but with a prerequisite.

First, if you are equipped with a backup of your data, you can easily recover your pictures and all other items in the backup. Next, if you don’t, then it will be much more difficult to retrieve your photos and other data, especially when the phone model and software version are very late, the later it is, the more difficult it is.

Now, it is time to recover data from factory reset iPhone. The methods and steps below will guide you to do so.

How to get your pictures (or others) back on your iPhone after Restore?


Method 1. Recover data from restored iPhone from iCloud Backup

If users have activated iCloud Backup in advance, it will automatically back up their data, such as their accounts, documents, and settings. Then users could restore iPhone data from it.

By using this tool, you can get all your precious pictures back, as long as they are synced or backed up. What’s more, all other data including accounts, messages, calendars, etc can be retrieved.

Notes: If you have set up your iPhone after restoring it, you need to factory reset it one more time to get access to the “Apps & Data” screen. If you haven’t, then skip the first step.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings”. Input your passcode here to confirm.


Step 2. After rebooting, you will see “App & Data”. Click “Restore from iCloud Backup”, then sign in with your iCloud Apple ID. Select the latest backup history you have made.


Thus, you have restored data from iPhone after factory reset.

Method 2. Recover data from restored iPhone from iTunes Backup

Moreover, iTunes can be of some help also. The backup you made on iTunes is quite complete.


✐ If the backup you made is encrypted, you can get back your Health, Passcodes, Wi-Fi Settings, Call History, and Website History data. If not, all these data mentioned above cannot be recovered.

✐ During the process, please keep the connection between your iOS device and your computer.

✐ Since you have made backups with your computer, you must have trusted the computer, but if you have rebooted your phone, you may be asked “Trust This Computer?” again, please click “Yes”.

Step 1. Run iTunes and connect your iOS device properly to your PC via a compatible charging cable.


Step 2. Click the “iPhone” icon on the upper-left corner.


Step 3. Go to “Summary” > “Restore Backup”. Then choose a backup you need.


Thus, you can successfully recover data from factory reset iPhone.

Method 3. Recover data from restored iPhone without backup

It will be tough to recover data from restored iPhone without backup if unfortunately, you do not possess a backup. But it is worth a try to seek help from professional data recovery software.


✐ To improve the successful recovery rate, please stop using your iPhone to avoid overwriting your lost data.

✐ Please do not unplug your device while recovering.

Step 1. Install iMyPhone D-Back on your PC. Go to “Recover from iOS Device”, then click “Start”.


Step 2. Connect your iPhone properly. Then click “Next”. It may take a while to scan your data, please wait in patience.


Step 3. After that, all the detected data on your iOS device will be listed here. Then select the data you want to restore, and click “Recover”.


There can be a chance that this will work well to help you recover data from iPhone after factory reset.

Bonus tips: back up your data in time using a freeware

It is not difficult to notice the importance of backup. If there is no backup created in advance, and the pictures or other items are so important that you cannot afford to lose them, you may have to seek help from a data recovery service. And it may charge you an outrageous amount of money to get your data back.

So, to avoid a future loss of your iPhone and money, it is strongly recommended to back up your photos and data regularly.

To our awareness, the free storage that iCloud offers are so limited – only 5GB. So, here we recommend you use a freeware AOMEI MBackupper to back up your time smartly and designedly.

This tool can help users back up their data regularly, such as daily, weekly, and monthly with its powerful backup schemes, and protect your data firmly.

To sum up

In this article, you could find how to recover data from restored iPhone using iCloud backup and iTunes backup. What’s more, users could get aware of “Restore” in the second part.

Sincerely, it is sagacious of all users to back up your data regularly.