How to Recover Data from iPhone after Factory Reset? [2023]

Your iPhone stopped working, and you had no choice but to factory reset it? Call down, in this how-to guide, you will get help to recover data from reset phone.


By Lora / Updated on July 19, 2023

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"Can I recover my data after factory reset?"

The insurance company Protect Your Bubble has ever released a report saying that about 40% of iPhone devices were damaged or discarded due to cracked screens.

Besides, some other failures both at the hardware level and software level will lead to a damaged iPhone. For example, if your iOS device is unable to boot up, gets stuck while booting, or meets some iOS update issues, you may have to reset your iPhone.

But then it will warn you that your data will be wiped off. Numerous users have run into this situation and experienced data loss. Some cases of data loss on iPhones after factory reset have been presented here.


Hi, I am wondering how to recover data from iPhone 7 after a factory reset. For some reason, I did a factory reset on my iPhone 7, and some precious photos, text messages, WhatsApp messages, etc. are gone. How to recover them?


- Question from IFIXIT


The black screen of death, malfunction, or frozen iOS device may force you to reset your device. Then your iOS device will be refreshed and shown as a new device, but the precious data may get lost for good.

No one wants to lose the photos saved for years and important data or files spent weeks or months on it.  The priority is to find an iPhone data recovery solution. Then how to recover data from reset iPhone?


How to recover data from iPhone after factory reset?

With things going like this, you may need to do some remedies. Generally, you could restore iTunes backups to iPhone to recover data.

Method 1. Recover data from reset phone with iCloud backup

iCloud storage service offers all iPhone users with 5 GB of free storage space to sync or save their data.

If you have purchased a storage plan, you could back up your iPhone data to the iCloud space, also, you could recover data from iCloud to iPhone.

If restoring from the iCloud backup failed, refer to the tutorial and fix it. 
Restoring from a backup will wipe your current data.

Step 1. Start Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.


Step 2. Hello Screen > Set up iPhone > connect to a WiFi > Apps & Data > Restore from iCloud Backup > sign in > choose the latest backup.


Step 3. When the Notes app is downloaded > switch to airplane mode > Settings > Notes > switch on the "On My iPhone" Account > Default Account > On My iPhone.


Step 4. Start Notes > menu > Select Notes > Move All > move your recovered notes to ON MY IPHONE.


Thus the recovered notes won't disappear again due to the data sync.

Method 2. Recover data from reset phone with iTunes backup

Also, if you haven't changed any iCloud storage plan, there is free backup software offered by Apple. With the help of iTunes, you could back up iPhone completely on your PC.

But this is also the shortcoming of iTunes: it does not support selective data backup and restore.

If iTunes cannot restore iPhone from backup, the tutorial will help you fix it.

 Step 1. Run iTunes > connect your iPhone 6 to the PC > click the iPhone button.


Step 2. Go to Summary > Restore Backup.


Related suggestions

Data loss on iPhone is a tough issue to deal with by users themselves. By utilizing iCloud and iTunes, users can recover data from reset iPhone. But, to prevent a future risk from generating, here are some sincere suggestions for iPhone maintenance.

♦ Use phone cases and screen protectors.

♦ Switch on the “Low Power Mode” and “Optimize Battery Charging” to protect your battery. Do not use an incredible third-party battery.

♦ Keep your iOS device from high heat and extremely low heat.

♦ Keep your iPhone from a timid environment.

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