How to Recover iPhone without Losing Data

This post will with share you solutions to restore iPhone without losing data according to the problems you meet.


By Lora / Updated on June 25, 2023

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When do you need to restore your iPhone?


Can I restore without losing data? I don’t have my iPhone backed up on my computer. I need to get out of a boot loop, but I can’t update. Is there a way to restore it without losing any of my pictures, music, etc.?


- Question from Apple Communities


How to recover iPhone without losing data? To give an answer to this question, let's begin with some other ones.

Is your iPhone sluggish after months or years of use and freezing? Or it does not respond to everything you have been doing since you upgraded? Many customers decide to get their iPhones restored to speed up their work.

In addition, when the upgrade failed, the iPhone just get stuck on the Apple logo screen. It does not leave users any choices other than to restore or recover their iPhones.

But users need to restore their iPhones without losing any data, or they will have to recover data from restored iPhones.


probable reasons why iPhone has to be restored

In the circumstances above, we find that for various reasons, users need to restore their iOS devices.

♦ Unresponsive/Frozen/Sluggish/Overheating. The update speed of iOS products is very fast, and the use of a software version that matches the device model will enable users to get a better running experience. But if the device model is too old, your iPhone may get sluggish and overheat after upgrading.

♦ Stuck on the Apple logo. When starting or upgrading, your iPhone won't turn on and gets stuck on the apple logo where there is no progress bar that can be found.

♦ Restarting loop. When some firmware failure or upgrading error occurs, your iPhone may fail to enter the interface and keep restarting.

♦ Update failure. iOS update failures are the most common reason for a user to restore their iPhone. At this time, you may have run into a bug and the upgrading process crashed. You may see a warning pop-up that says “iPhone software update failed.”

♦ iPhone 0 bytes available. This may be a result of bugs or system crashes, implying that there is no more space for you to save more data. A force start or factory reset is in need.

To troubleshoot all these problems or failures, solutions are ready for users to adopt. Check them out in the second part.

How to recover iPhone without losing data

Troubleshooting ways vary among circumstances. Here two cases are offered with the specific solution to it, choose one to restore your iOS device with data intact.

Case 1. Frozen/Slow iPhone

If you are in need of a higher speed or a smoother device running, you will likely restore your iPhone to speed it up. At this time, your iPhone can still respond to your actions. Here, you can utilize iTunes or iCloud to create a backup, and then you can safely restore your device.

Method 1. Restore iPhone without erasing data after backup with iCloud

iCloud can automatically back up your data while using your device when connected to a network.

First you need to check if the iCloud Backup is turned on. Go to “Settings” > “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & APP Store” > “iCloud” > “iCloud Backup”.
If your “iCloud Backup” is on and there is a backup made already, you can safely restore your iPhone. If there is no one, follow the steps below to create a new one.
If iCloud cannot restore iPhone from backup, please seek help and fix it.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a network. Then go to “Settings” > “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & APP Store” > “iCloud”.


Step 2. Go to “iCloud Backup”. Tap “Back Up Now” to create a new backup version.


Step 3. Then go to “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings”. Input your passcode.


Step 4. After rebooting your iPhone, you will see “Set up your iPhone”. Click “Restore from iCloud Backup” > “Sign in with your iCloud Apple ID”. Choose a backup to recover from.


Then you will have successfully recovered your iPhone without losing data.

Method 2. Restore iPhone without erasing data after backup with iTunes

If your iCloud storage space runs out, you may also try to recover from the iTunes backup or create a backup with iTunes on the computer.

Tip: If it is the first time that your device is connected to the computer, you need to click “Trust” when the “Trust This Computer” prompt shows.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC.


Step 2. Tap the “iPhone” icon on the upper-left corner of this window.


Step 3. Then go to “Summary”, and then click “Restore Backup” if you possess one.


Step 4. If you don’t, click “Back Up Now” to make a new one. Then click “Restore Backup”.


Then you have safely restored iPhone without losing data. If restoring iPhone from iTunes backup not working, refer to the troubleshooting tutorial.

Case 2. Stuck on Apple logo/ Restarting loop /Update failure

How to recover iPhone without losing data when meeting update failure? f there is something wrong with your upgrading process, your device is prone to get inaccessible and you cannot restore your iPhone.

When encountering this, you will have to conduct a force start to your device first, and then recover your lost data.

Tip: To begin with, the latest version of iTunes is required.

Step 1. Run iTunes on your computer. Connect your device to the computer, follow the steps here to enter the Recovery Mode.



Step 2. Then click “Restore”.


Step 3. Then you will come to the “Set Up Your Device”. If you have an iCloud backup, click “Restore from iCloud Backup” > “Sign in with your iCloud Apple ID”. Choose a backup version to restore from.


To sum up

How to recover iPhone without losing data? No matter whether you restore your iPhone out of the need or desire to speed up your iPhone or fix the update failure, you can find a comprehensive guide in this article.

Restore iPhone without erasing data using iTunes/iCloud backup has been elaborated in detail. Users can choose the proper method that fits their needs and budget.

Backing up your iPhone regularly is the most feasible and easiest way to prevent any data loss. Use FoneTool to protect your precious data.

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